November 23, 2009

GEt involved in the GOP as a Delegate/ Electoral College Grassroots Patriots

 As a delegate in the precinct, you are the representative of the area at the County Convention. Form the County convention, delegates are chosen to the District, which is normally when the State GOP holds Conventions. At a State Convention, the delegate in each district is chosen to represent the District at the Nation Convention.
The rules that apply to a delegate are somewhere in the U.S. Code of Justice. Parties make sidebar rules, but in the end, it is the delegate who determines who will be what. Being a Delegate is suppose to be where all the power of the Party is at. What the Delegates say, the Party does. We are however, infected at the top, which dictates to the bottom.
Read the National GOP Bi-Laws. You will find where they are empowered over the party, regardless of the delegates will. It is hard to break the administrative dam. We need the grassroots to do an audit of all GOP Bi-Laws. While at it, HucksArmy uses a very good discussion Board. Go there and get a debate started.
By the way, with Global Warming a Fraud, we have a lot of legislation that needs reversed and Federal Court cases dismissed.  The fastest way is for the inspector General to file a Complaint with the appropriate Court for the fastest conclusion by the Supreme Court.
Here is a great website:  The plan to take America 
R. George Dunn
We need to pro-active on the offense cleaning up the mess by lies and opening the view of the character of the Left.  Start with Coal Plants and the EPA

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