November 23, 2009

Are you offended by the Left lying to you about Global Warming? Read this~

This day started out with a giddiness I have not felt in a long time.  Evidence has been heroically been brought forward to expose the Global Warming as a false theory, advocated by Fraud. Now we have opened one of the windows to the Liberals Soul.  They, knowing it's false science, intended on taxing carbon, life itself. 
Folks, this tin foil hat warning of a World dominance coming, is Truth.  Just look at the size our Federal Government has gotten in the past year?  Now they want your Healthcare dollars.  The UN wants to step one, eliminate private Property.
The Constitution was made to not allow the Federal Government be Sovereign over the States.  What has happened, we allowed Men to re-interpret the value of words made Law by Republic Vote to not mean the fundamental value, but change it without a vote.  Since their are 9 Justices, that would make it an Oligarchy.  All that to say, we must follow the Constitution by the letter of each fundamental word.  This will remove the huge decay we now have and put social networking back to within each State, each Township, each Church, each Home, each School.
One other need, jobs.  How about jobs enough to make it so that the employer will be contacting you with a wage offer to draw you away from the employment you already have.  It is in place ready to go.  Your paycheck becomes gross, used items are tax free and we the People will have an indirect control of the Government by having the legal means to not pay the tax.  FairTax is the Plan, now in both the Senate and the House, identical, that when passed, will become Law immediately if by supermajority vote in both the House and Senate.
We can have this happen , if not by repentant Politicians, then by the 2010 election, which will provide for such a majority if we the People unite on the Constitution and on FairTax.
  • To learn about the FairTax, go to this site:
  • To learn more of the Constitution, go to this site:  Constitution Society Home Page
  • If you want to see the meaning of being Constitutional, go to this site and take the vetting Questionnaire.  The questions will open your mind.  I remind you, that the Government conduct is not what you are testing, it is the Constitution.   I suggest everyone read it before the test.  This site is free and Caucus membership encouraged:                        Independence Caucus
  • If you would like to debate the Constitution, go to this site:
I support anyone who is a Federalist, for Constitutional Government and for the FairTax.  The rest will cure itself if we but get our Nation back. 
To you who are in unions.  We all need to be in unions of one sort or another.  Point to ponder is, if we are under control from the Federal Government as one union, what will happen to your union?
To you who live in subsistence, want a good paying job for you or your kids?  FairTax will make it happen.
To you who are secularist and are fighting against the once own Cast System, note that will of God is in every being, of Faith or not.  Would you prefer anarchy or a good paying job with the freedom to know the difference.
Glenn Beck is educating in brilliant form.  Don't let the Liberal Media con you nor his True Patriot Passion scare you.  When you finally figure out the truth, you too will be as Passionate.  There will be a march on August 28, 2010 at the feet of Abraham Lincoln.
This political battle is for the youth of this Country, who need to kee up and help by getting involved reaching other to vote in 2010 and to challenge the current Representatives, including the Senate, to do Constitutionally right.
It will take in some cases 10 years to make the transition to Constitutionality for some issues.  Point is, we need to take on Big Step Back to move America Forward. 
To here words of Oration on this, go to this Blogg and read thru it all:  Northern Light
God Bless and Guide the United States of America
R. George Dunn

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