November 13, 2009

Pew Center on the States compiled its list by scoring all 50 states

Scoring the States

The Pew Center on the States compiled its list by scoring all 50 states according to six measurable factors that contributed to California's ongoing fiscal woes, using the best available data as of July 31, 2009. The state profiles in this report go beyond the data to give a fuller picture of the recession's deep and pervasive effects on states' financial and economic well-being. 

Six Factors   Revenue change Budget gap    Unemployment rate change    Foreclosure rate    Need supermajority?          GPP "money" grade    Score
United States   -11.70%   17.7%5   4.4   1.37%   17 yes, 33 no   B-   17
California   -16.20%   49.30%   4.6   2.02%   Yes     D+   30
Arizona   -16.50%   41.10%   3   2.42%   Yes     C+   28
Rhode Island   -12.50%   19.20%   4.5   1.50%   Yes     D+   28
Michigan   -16.50%   12.00%   6   1.47%   Yes     C+   27
Oregon   -19.00%   14.50%   6.4   0.86%   Yes     C+   26
Nevada   1.50%   37.80%   5.2   3.12%   Yes     C+   26
Florida   -11.50%   22.80%   4.4   2.72%   Yes     B-   25
New Jersey   -15.80%   29.90%   3.7   1.18%   No     C-   23
Illinois   -10.90%   47.30%   3.5   1.44%   No     C-   22
Wisconsin   -11.20%   23.20%   4.4   0.96%   No     C+   22

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November 11, 2009 -
Beyond California full report (Adobe PDF)

Cher ry says Michigan can't do it ||| HUh!!! try this Mr. Cher ry

Posted by rgeorgedunn
November 13, 2009, 7:26PM
Governor Cherry is very wrong. There is a plan in place ready to go. This plan will provide for what we have seen as a favoritism scheme on tax exempt. Look how industry would flock to Michigan, to it's education and talent pool. There is a plan ready right now to make it so business is not handicapped by increased production cost to pay for tax. Let the buyer pay the tax. Freedom comes to those who trust and we need that more then ever. Trust in the fact that if you stop taxing production, jobs will flood back into the USA and have world wide effect, stabilizing all their investment in Michigan, in us.
While at it, think what would happen on the National Level.
FairTax PLEASE!!!
R. George Dunn

Lt. Gov. John Cherry says Michigan is unprepared to make necessary tax changes to bail out state; Pew study agrees

By Jeff Cranson | The Grand Rapids Press

November 12, 2009, 1:30PM
Are Michigan lawmakers even capable of making the changes necessary to save the state?
Probably not, says Lt. Gov. John Cherry, Democratic front-runner for governor in 2010, reported the Detroit News.
Cherry's observation came a day after release of a sweeping study by the Pew Center on the States that concluded Michigan's state government ranks only behind Arizona and Rhode Island as most likely to follow California over a financial cliff....
(go to MIive and read about Michigans future if we don't change)
..."I'm not convinced the Legislature is capable of dealing with it," Cherry told MIRS, answering a question about whether legislators could achieve tax reform.