March 15, 2009

KUHNER: The conservative civil war

KUHNER: The conservative civil war

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beltway conservatives are turning against Rush Limbaugh. The most recent assassin is David Frum. ...
...Mr. Frum is part of a growing number of elitist conservatives seeking to revamp and redefine the political right. Others include David Brooks, Ross Douthat, Reihan Salam, Ramesh Ponnuru and Newt Gingrich. ..
...Mr. Frum now wants to create a progressive conservatism characterized by expanding health-care coverage, environmentalism and hostility - or at least indifference - to traditional values. This is not adapting conservative principles to current realities, but diluting them to the point that they morph into liberalism. He is not saving conservatism; he is destroying it....
...Elitist conservatives, like Mr. Frum, are consumed by power. They are not genuine, independent public intellectuals. Rather, they serve as the communications arm of the GOP. Ideas are simply pieces on a chessboard in which to checkmate the Democratic opposition. Principles, truth, morality - they are all expendable in the grand game of politics. They are deracinated narcissists who live in a policy bubble and are detached from the values and interests of Middle America.

What Mr. Frum and his ilk don't understand is that most voters don't care about free-market health-care reform - or other boutique policy issues, such as hybrid cars, health savings accounts or partially privatizing Social Security. These will not revive the GOP. ...

...Conservatives are in a state of civil war. The ultimate target of the attacks on talk radio is a populist conservatism that fuses patriotism, free-market capitalism and social traditionalism. First, it Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was disparaged by the elitist right. Now, it Mr. Limbaugh is the target. Mrs. Palin energized activists across the country and Mr. Limbaugh and talk radio mobilizes and gets the message out to tens of millions of listeners.

By contrast, elitist conservatives sit in their ivory towers building castles in the sky as their country burns.

Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at The Washington Times and president of the Edmund Burke Institute, a Washington policy institute.

My comment:
The beltway Republicans are free to slam the conservatives of the party all they want.  Fact is, they are the ones who are on the carpet.  We of American grassroots are not tolerating any more the government leadership.  Bush snowed us and so are a lot of those leaders.  The people who tout the conspiracy have been saying that the one world order people are controlling everything.  Guess what, after that bailout dance in September, with the full intention of putting another big government set in the Whitehouse, we now know how fooled we have been and are seeing right through their smoke, right Romney?  There are a couple of leaders right now that are on the list of suspicion and will flame out on first evidence.
This reporter made this statement:  Mr. Frum says 'Mr. Limbaugh is caught in a time warp, championing small government and tax cuts when economic realities have changed.'  Now if that is not evident of how Frum acted during the campaign, pushing Romney and big government.  Guess what Frum, you have done us a favor and cleared the smoke.  Thank you.  Also note, that all your recommendations are right out of the one world order goal, domination of the people from on high ivory towers.  Tea parties, Glen Becks 9/12 day , the anger of Americans is rising up to a boil.
Conservatives are taking back their party and the people who have been blindsided by Obama and the Beltway gangsters will flock to the Constitutional conservatives with liberty and freedom from the tyranny of the Federal Government and the one world crowd.  Youth are coming across in groves and they are passionate and will be voting.  I hope you Washington elites keep your nose way up.  It is easy for us to see you now.
Jeffrey Kuhner has called it correctly in this article and being as the fear of Sarah Palin as the VP was enough for the one world order crowd to pull the rug out from under McCain while we were all watching is evident of the shadow government we have in Washington.  When our representatives in Washington do not have the opportunity to read Bills before voting, how much more corruption is there in that stinking Capital.  Maybe we should move our Federal Government to under the Arches in the center of America and start over.
We want change cutting taxes or spending like madmen in the intent of destroying the U.S. Dollar is not the change we need.  We need our tax structure overhauled and manufacturing brought back to America.  Fair Tax Plan PLEASE!!!