October 10, 2013

CNN host trashes Obamacare


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October 10, 2013
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CNN host trashes Obamacare: Wolf Blitzer admits Obamacare should have been delayed 
During a segment on CNN's Situation Room yesterday afternoon, Wolf Blitzer threw his support behind Republicans in Congress who are calling for a delay of the Obamacare rollout. Speaking with Brian Todd, Blitzer suggested a one-year delay in the implementation of the individual mandate in order to get the exchanges functioning properly. Glenn reacted to Blitzer's surprising remarks HERE.

The final two semifinalists competed in last night's Pursuit of the Truth
Last night, Pursuit of the Truth followed 2 more semi-finalists as they raced to produce, direct, and edit a 2-minute tease for their documentary feature. Kelvin Owens started production on his documentary about how the U.S. economy works and what needs to be changed to fix it. Chris Bell interviewed former athletes about their experiences with prescription drugs for his film about the prescription drug epidemic in America. Get a full recap of the episode HERE. TheBlaze TV subscribers can watch Pursuit of the Truth on demand HERE.

Glenn explains why we are the 'board of directors' that 'can change the path' of the GOP 
After sharing the story of the GOP's attempted hostile takeover of FreedomWorks on last night's Glenn Beck Program, Glenn elaborated on why now was the time to tell this story on radio today. When you look at the in-fighting and corruption within the GOP between the establishment Republicans and the more conservative members of the party, a situation very similar to what happened at FreedomWorks last year begins to unfold. Get Glenn's complete analysis HERE.

For The Record investigates U.S. ties to the Muslim Brotherhood 
The Muslim Brotherhood has been banned in Egypt and branded as ruthless terrorists. So why are these dangerous radicals and extremists embraced by the U.S. government? Last night, For The Record took an in depth look at the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in America. Get a full recap of For The Record: Civilization Jihad HERE. Miss last night's episode? Watch it on demand HERE.

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Hostile Takeover: Did the GOP cronies infiltrate FreedomWorks in the lead up to the 2012 election?
Just weeks before the 2012 election, Glenn announced on his radio program that he had learned of  "the biggest news story is going on," but he chose not to divulge the information in order to maintain peace ahead of the election. Because of the corruption we have witnessed over the last several weeks, Glenn decided it was finally time to divulge the story on last night's Glenn Beck Program. WATCH

Ready to start a family book club?
It's not enough to tell your kids that you don't want them to play Grand Theft Auto V, you've got to replace it with something they'll like even more. That's where Michael Vey comes in. This series of books, about a teenager who was born with special electrical powers, has been turning families into Veyniacs for two years now. With the third book just released, now is the perfect time to get your family addicted to something that doesn't involve drugs and gratuitous violence, but that your kids will still love. Get caught up with the first two books from Wal-Mart HERE. Then grab the brand new third book HERE

Scattered Showers of Journalism: Jon Karl, Ed Henry grill Jay Carney 
Asking the Obama Administration tough questions may not be what conservatives have come to know ABC News reporters for. But lately, they've actually been doing a pretty good job. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney may have been relieved of Jake Tapper's persistence, but it looks like Jon Karl is picking up where he left off. And we all know Fox News' Ed Henry is always prepared to ask the tough questions. See Carney get grilled by both Karl and Henry HERE.

The truth about Obama's dismal poll numbers 
According to recent polling numbers, President Obama's approval rating has dropped to a mere 37%, while the Republican Party's favorability rating is down to a record low 28%. It is easy to look at these numbers and blame the current stalemate in Washington, but on radio this morning, Glenn offered a slightly different interpretation. MORE

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Rep. Jim Jordan grills IRS Obamacare director on Capitol Hill 
There was showdown on Capitol Hill yesterday when Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) ripped into Sarah Hall Ingram, the former head of the IRS division that targeted conservative groups and the current director of the Affordable Care Act Office at the IRS, for waiting five months to come before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. WATCH
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Harry Reid to D.C. Mayor: 'I'm on your side, don't screw it up'  
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) once again proved he is more than a little batty during an awkward exchange with Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray yesterday. The confrontation most likely arose from the fact that Democrats opposed a stand-alone District funding bill that would have allowed D.C. to stop operating off of its contingency reserve funds. But when Gray confronted Sen. Reid about the bill, the Senator barked "I'm on your side, don't screw it up." WATCH

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#DanaOnTheBlaze: Dana Loesch answers your questions in her first Twitter Q&A
If you didn't hear the news yesterday, talk radio host and conservative commentator Dana Loesch is joining TheBlaze! Needless to say, many of you are excited about the latest addition to TheBlaze team, and last night, Dana hosted a Twitter Q&A following the big announcement. She got some great questions from people wanting to learn more about her and what she will be doing for TheBlaze. See some of the the best questions and answers HERE.

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Meet the 13-year-old X Factor contestant who has inspired millions with her talent and spirit
Rion Paige, the 13-year-old X Factor contestant whose incredible audition went viral, joined Glenn on Wednesday's Glenn Beck Program to talk about her resilient spirit in the face of adversity, her faith, and her hopes for the future. Rather than dwell on her disability, Rion has made it her life's mission to avoid victimization and to use her talents to change the world. Watch the interview HERE.

In the Marketplace: Why 'American Made' Matters (Part 2 of 5): The small business owners who create American-made products for The Marketplace are extraordinary people, crafting exceptional products while working tirelessly to earn your trust. READ

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  • 7pm ET - Wilkow!: We spent $634 million and all we got was a lousy website. Andrew explains the price gouging of Obamacare.
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