February 26, 2010

Teaparty Patriots, Freedom Force Prepares for Full Scale Launch



Before saying anything else, let me state how thrilled I am to find myself surrounded by so many great patriots. I want to thank ALL who have stepped up to take charge of their nation! Now… ready to roll?

On October 19, 2009 – I called upon the Tea Party, Town Hall and 912 movements across the country to "unite" and begin working on "tangible" solutions in my column - Time for the Tea Party to become Tangible. I had no idea where that column was going to lead me in the days and weeks that followed.

That simple but powerful idea was immediately embraced by millions of American patriots who were tired of being ignored by their elected officials, tired of protests, petitions and town hall confrontations, all seemingly going nowhere fast.

Less than two weeks later on November 2, 2009 – I had assembled a team of patriotic leaders to help me begin to form what would become Freedom Force ~ Taking Back America – written about in - I Pledge My Allegiance to the Charters of Freedom.

From broad idea to tangible action in less than two weeks was not even on my mind when I wrote that first column in October. But it was a reality by November 2nd.

We established a pledge page and a goal to raise $10 million in pledges from patriotic citizens across the country, with nothing more than my column reach as a starting point. An ambitious goal to say the least and one many people doubted. What has happened since is nothing short of astonishing!

I had correctly defined uniting the right as "herding cats" based upon my past experience as a member of the American political right. Unlike the political left, which is accustomed to marching in lockstep behind cult leaders, the right is quite another animal.

In the political right you will find military officers, past and present, business owners, middle and upper management corporate executives, in short, "leaders" not accustomed to "following" anyone and in some ways, not well suited for "uniting" with others.

To be certain, the egos and personal agendas of many on the right would present the greatest challenge to "uniting the right." Timing and technique is everything in this regard…

Unlike all other efforts to "unite the right," Freedom Force was designed to leave all of those "leaders" in the position of continuing to "lead" their groups and organizations. Freedom Force asked no one to leave their important leadership positions to follow me or Freedom Force. Instead, Freedom Force only offered a place where ALL leaders on the right could LEAD their groups in concert with others of like mind and cause. Freedom Force only sought to unite the leaders and their groups upon common goals, with a cohesive strategic alliance.

Once faction leaders started to understand that Freedom Force was not in competition with any other group, but was designed only to unite the efforts of those groups in common, making all of them stronger and more productive, they began to lead their groups towards a purpose greater than the individual agendas of the factions.

By the end of November, Freedom Force had received pledges from thousands of American patriots in every state and many parts of the world, and we continue to grow organically today, with NO help from the press, conservative TV and radio personalities, or even many faction leaders. While we came up short on our goal of $10 million in pledges, the support is sufficient to move ahead and the message from patriots is undeniable.

They want tangible solutions, targeted strategies, action oriented information and a unifying force focused on that which we all share in common, rather than the hundreds of special interest agendas that promises to keep the right divided and impotent.

By December 7, 2009 – Freedom Force rolled out its first strategic partner, National Precinct Alliance – written about in - Nevada Precinct Success Launches National Precinct Alliance. Thousands more rushed to join NPA and today, we are on track to duplicate the precinct success in Nevada in all 50 states. The response to NPA has been so huge that despite our efforts to prepare for the best, we remain buried in volunteer mail from every state in the country.

To say that the roll out of NPA was a resounding success would be a gross understatement.

Yet - Freedom Force has not raised a single penny in actual funding as of today!

While others have collected millions for months and have little or nothing to show in tangible results, Freedom Force is already showing tangible results and has yet to raise a penny. Imagine what we might do with a war chest…

In little more than 60 days from concept, we have come a long way baby! It's just the beginning my friends – I hope you have not misinterpreted our strategic silence over the last few weeks. We have been very quiet by intent, and very busy behind the scenes.

Early on, I predicted that the GOP was ripe for the taking. In case you missed it, the GOP is getting riper by the day. Despite the fact that 70% of Americans now claim to be "angry" at the DC elitists over their unbridled attacks on freedom, liberty and the free market economy, 46% identifying themselves a "very angry," the GOP lacks the financial capacity to capitalize on the nations disdain for the leftists running roughshod over the nation.

That's where Freedom Force comes in…

We are making final preparations for a full scale launch of the Freedom Force strategy. We will be asking folks to act on their pledges of support very soon.

But in the meanwhile, we are full speed ahead ramping up tangible nationwide initiatives. In the coming days, we will be announcing the launch of several other strategic partner initiatives:

· Freedom Force has chosen icaucus as our official candidate vetting partner. Vetted candidates will be supported at the precinct level by NPA members.

· We have established the Freedom Force Legislative Council that is already working with more than 4200 constitutionally minded state legislators all over the country and briefing a number of DC conservatives on the need to move hard right immediately, or lose their jobs.

· We have chosen the United States Grand Jury Institute as the official strategic partner which is already engaged in the education of grand juries in every state, reminding those juries of their unique position as the constitutional legal forum where the people can bring their grievances against a tyrannical Fed operating outside of its constitutional authority, and challenging the status quo in the justice system.

These Freedom Force initiatives will roll out in January 2010, and there will be more rolling out in February. State and local Tea Party, Town Hall and 912 groups are busy becoming state and local leaders in Freedom Force as well as the Freedom Force partner initiatives. We are already moving patriots across the nation into tangible action on the ground, with a cohesive national vision in common.

This is NOT about Freedom Force or JB Williams, nor is about money. This is about harnessing the collective weight and power of independent thinkers and constitutionally minded leaders from sea to shining sea, with the common goal of a unified effort to regain control of our runaway government.

The only heroes here are the American people who have had enough and are willing to take a stand and become part of a tangible and peaceful solution. I refer to this elite crowd of American patriots as "the three percenters."

· They are awake and aware
· They are action oriented
· They will risk bounty and life itself if need be, for the single cause of freedom
· They know that they can only succeed when united in common
· They never leave the heavy lifting to others
· And they never let ego or personal agenda take the front seat over American interests

Most Americans will do nothing to save this country. Many will do the wrong things. Only about three percent of Americans will do what it takes to protect and preserve freedom for all others and Freedom Force is designed for those three percenters. 97% or so will never join and they all will feel justified in that choice. Many will even offer patriotic sounding excuses, as they continue to put their personal agendas ahead of their country. 2010 promises to be an exciting year not only for Freedom Force, but for freedom itself. The three percenters all know it and look forward to it.

Never before in U.S. history has the future of freedom been under such a massive immediate threat, and never before from within.

But the three percenters are awake, they are standing up and they are taking tangible action. With help from the Almighty above, together, these American patriots will demonstrate once again for the world, why America is and will always be the freest most prosperous people on earth.

Those who can afford to provide financial support for the mission should. Those who cannot afford to provide financial support at present should join the most aggressive force for freedom in America today, bringing their talents and numbers to the cause.

Freedom Force is NOT about money. It's about people… It's not about partisan politics as usual; it's all about the preservation of freedom and liberty. It's about the need for patriots of all stripes to unite in the common cause of protecting and defending freedom and liberty.

Get in the game! You can't win from the sidelines… and divided efforts are certain suicide.

Don't wait for others to do what every American should do! Get in the game! Be a "three percenter!"

JB Williams



CATO Institute~Should the U.S. Withdraw from NAFTA?

Should the U.S. Withdraw from NAFTA?

Rep. Gene Taylor, D-MS, thinks so. According to CongressDaily, Taylor is about to introduce a two-page bill that would withdraw the United States from the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Taylor blames the agreement with Canada and Mexico for the loss of 5 million manufacturing jobs since it was enacted in 1994. This is a popular but false charge. Manufacturing jobs have declined in the past 15 years for one big reason: soaring productivity.

Overall output at U.S. factories was actually 37 percent higher in 2009 compared to 1993, the year before NAFTA took effect, according to Table B-51 in the latest Economic Report of the President. We are producing a higher volume of stuff with fewer workers because individual workers are so much more productive than they were in the early 1990s.

As I've argued before, NAFTA has spurred more trade and deeper integration among the three partner countries. It has created new opportunities for American companies and their workers to raise their competitiveness in global markets. It has strengthened ties to our two closest neighbors.

The U.S. government would be foolish to withdraw from an agreement that continues to pay huge dividends.


my comment:

The reduction of manufacturing jobs during the NAFTA raised the productivity level making the remaining jobs of higher technologically enhanced, thus hiding the fact that the real culprit is Free Trade being enacted without changing the tax structure of which was created all on product, making intentional trade handicapped by 36% Federal Tax. 
Farmers were impacted greatly by NAFTA.  The USDA had agreed to care for agriculture under the Trade Readjustment Act(TRA).  They didn't. I sent a letter to the Department handling TRA, who knew the act demanded USDA either provide TRA Service or give up the right to.  The result was the USDA providing TRA for the period after NAFTA. Beef Farmers received no compensation for their loss as the window for USDA TRA was after their greatest losses.
All this is to say, we don't need to close our borders to trade now when there is the real problem today all wrapped up in our tax structure.  If we isolate, it will unravel what we have grown.  What we need is fair trade with free trade.  One exception, add to trade rules that the same safety restrictions on domestic production be on imports.  Being as we are returning to the Constitution, EPA is now an advisory panel until we can piece meal a couple of amendments to the Constitution, if we need to.
FairTax will change the entire scope of imports.  Jobs will return to America the plenty.  It may reduce the productivity levels, but it will raise the Employment levels to employee shortages.  We haven't had that since the Federal Reserve started controlling employment levels, never allowing the number of workers to reach inflationary wage status.
Check out Table Fifty two on how manufacturing jobs are flowing: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/microsites/economic-report-president-appendix-b.pdf

ARRA News Service: Obama's Health Summit - Slippery Slope

ARRA News Service: Obama's Health Summit - Slippery Slope