April 23, 2010

In response to Mi Gov Granholm's Det news op-ed~'Don't stall progress on education reform'

In response to Mi Gov Granholm's Det news op-ed:
Governor Granholm, your enthusiasm for education is exemplary, but the reason for the failure of schools is not from a lack of education, but from what the education is producing. What is the difference between the earlier years of this nation, this State and today? It is the fundamental value of self determination. We have digressed from individual responsibility to achieve to a mentality of dependence or a attitude of expectation of the individual to receive from the whole. No longer do students have the concept of having to take the first step on a ladder to achieve, but now demand to be on the top of the ladder without any expectation of self effort. It is a result of socialism engineering that has been going on for many years. At this time of fiscal collapse, we need to rein in educational expenses by repealing State control and allow local control of all aspects of education. We must be able to afford ourselves and we must be able to retain the individualism our founders instilled. There are two ways to lead: Create an atmosphere in which each individual becomes a leader of self; declare that the majority are not capable of leading and dictate leadership. The latter is what we have become. It is time to return to the basics and start over.


Subject: Fwd: YOU TOOK MY...

This should wake us up.
One day, a man went to visit a church, He got there early, parked his car and got out. Another car pulled up near the driver got out and said, " I always park there!

You took my place!" 

The visitor went inside for Sunday School, found an empty seat and sat down A young lady from the church approached him and stated, "That ' s my seat! You took my place!" The visitor was somewhat distressed by this rude welcome, but said nothing.

After Sunday School, the visitor went into the sanctuary and sat down. Another member walked up to him and said, " That ' s where I always sit! You took my place!" The visitor was even more troubled by this treatment, but still He said nothing.

Later as the congregation was praying for Christ to dwell among them, the visitor stood up, and his appearance began to change. Horrible scars became visible on his hands and on his sandaled feet. Someone from the congregation noticed him and called out, "What happened to you?" The visitor replied, as his hat became a crown of thorns, and a tear fell from his eye, "I took your place.."

When you receive this, say a prayer.. That ' s all you have to do. There is nothing attached. This is powerful. Just send this to four people and see what happens.. Maybe, just maybe, we can get the world to start thinking of who took our place..

Do not break this, please