May 06, 2009

Shariah, Old Testament, Common Law

The value of Shariah, outside of it's penal code, was one that our Past held high by Common Law.  The morals of society belonged to each community, each community with their Judge based on common law. 
Common Law was considered superior to case Law as case law was considered support, not dictation, back then, before 1963.  Today we have the People of the USA accepting arguments on bad legislation,just  as if the fact that it is unconstitutional is a given and does not matter.   The liberty and Freedom we live under supersedes anything that is considered less, to include case Law, which is always secondary as everyone is an Individual as is each action adjudicated under the Constitution.  By Constitutional Law, it is Treason to alter the Constitution by any means other then Article Six.  Just do it.
The Constitution should be the first Test, both Federal and State, in our Liberty of common Law.  We do not need a Lawyer or congressman to tell us that.  We don't need anything but the Truth.  It will set you Free.  Try it and you will see.  I much prefer the Justice of this past Christian Nation to that of the Old Testament or Shariah Law.  As for where we are headed, ...
Jesus Loves me this I know!  Jesus Loves me this I know!  Jesus Love's me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so!!!
Little one's to him belong!  We are weak, but He is Strong!
Yes, Jesus Loves Me, Yes, Jesus Love's Me, Yes Jesus Love's Me! It is for You to Know: Jesus
 The morals of society belong to each community, each community with their Judge based on common law. 

Fwd: Article Recommendation (from R. George Dunn): Die, Global Warming, Die!

Thjose who continue to support this global warming hype have an agenda and it is not for we the people.  It is for them the facsist regime or their bank accounts.  It is a given that many companies and grant recipients are operating on this scam for financial gain at the expense of the American Tax payer.  It is bordering on criminal, at the very least an impeachable offense to which voters must give them the pink slip.
R. George Dunn would like you to see the following article:

Title: Die, Global Warming, Die!
Excerpt: By Alan Caruba

Ever since the "global warming" lie began, for at least two decades or more, I have been writing about what a huge hoax it was and is. For all that time I believed that if the truth got out and reached enough people, they would conclude it was a lie.

The entire credibility of major so-called environmental organizations and institutions such as the United Nations rests on whether there ever was a greater than natural warming cycle; one that would cause harm to the world. Patiently I pointed out that the most recent natural warming cycle had begun around 1850 following a lengthy little ice age of some five hundred years duration....

If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.  As to the issue, it is fair game.  Global warming is the greatest con this planet has ever witnessed.  End it now and drill here drill now.