June 12, 2010

Gulf Oil Volcano Pressure Too Strong For Containment Dr. James P. Wickstrom 6-9-10

The article below would explain as to why the well has failed and to why they have not used hydraulics to close the pipe, the pressure beign too great.




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Oil Volcano Pressure Too
Strong For Containment
Dr. James P. Wickstrom
It has been estimated by experts that the pressure which blows the oil into the Gulf waters is estimated to be between 20,000 and 70,000 PSI (pounds per square inch). Impossible to control.  
What US Scientists Are Forbidden To Tell The Public About The Gulf
 What you are about to read, is what the scientists in the United States are not allowed to tell you in great fear of the Obama administration.
  They are under the threat of severe repercussions to the max.. Scientists confirming these findings cannot be named due to the above, but what they believe, they want to be known by all.
Take a U. S. map, lay it flat and measure inland just the minimum 50 miles of total destruction all around the Gulf of Mexico as to what you will read below.
The carnage to the United States is so staggering, it will take your breathe away.
Should what the scientists who are trying to warn everyone about be even close to being true... all of Florida will be completely destroyed as will everyone and everything on it.
You decide!! Everyone has the right to read what I have just written in this article, as well as to what is written below by the scientists who the Obama administration and BP are trying to shut up.
Please share with as many as you can.
 --Dr. James P. Wickstrom
The estimated super high pressure release of oil from under the earth's crust is between 80,000 to 100,000 barrels per day.
  The flow of oil and toxic gases is bringing up with it... rocks and sand which causes the flow to create a sandblasting effect on the remaining well head device currently somewhat restricting the flow, as well as the drilled hole itself.
  As the well head becomes worn it enlarges the passageway allowing an ever-increasing flow. Even if some device could be placed onto the existing wellhead, it would not be able to shut off the flow, because what remains of the existing wellhead would not be able to contain the pressure.
  The well head piping is originally about 2 inches thick. It is now likely to be less than 1 inch thick, and thinning by each passing moment. The oil has now reached the Gulf Stream and is entering the Oceanic current which is at least four times stronger than the current in the Gulf, which will carry it throughout the world within 18 months.
   The oil along with the gasses, including benzene and many other toxins, is deleting the oxygen in the water. This is killing all life in the ocean. Along with the oil along the shores, there will be many dead fish, etc. that will have to be gathered and disposed of.
 At some point the drilled hole in the earth will enlarge itself beneath the wellhead to weaken the area the wellhead rests upon. The intense pressure will then push the wellhead off the hole allowing a direct unrestricted flow of oil, etc.
  The hole will continue to increase in size allowing more and more oil to rise into the Gulf. After several billion barrels of oil have been released, the pressure within the massive cavity five miles beneath the ocean floor will begin to normalize.
  This will allow the water, under the intense pressure at 1 mile deep, to be forced into the hole and the cavity where the oil was. The temperature at that depth is near 400 degrees, possibly more.
  The water will be vaporized and turned into steam, creating an enormous amount of force, lifting the Gulf floor. It is difficult to know how much water will go down to the core and therefore, its not possible to fully calculate the rise of the floor.
   The tsunami wave this will create will be anywhere from 20 to 80 feet high, possibly more. Then the floor will fall into the now vacant chamber. This is how nature will seal the hole.
    Depending on the height of the tsunami, the ocean debris, oil, and existing structures that will be washed away on shore and inland, will leave the area from 50 to 200 miles inland devoid of life. Even if the debris is cleaned up, the contaminants that will be in the ground and water supply will prohibit re-population of these areas for an unknown number of years.
(End of scientists information release.) From Tom Buyea FL News Service
Joseph Fasciani 
Jeff - As I wrote in the PS and Comment to another article, HS physics tells us that a liquid cannot be compressed. Period.
Perhaps this statement you posted, http://www.rense.com/general91/oilor.htm, will help the wake-up call.
As he points out:
The hole will continue to increase in size allowing more and more oil to rise into the Gulf. After several billion barrels of oil have been released, the pressure within the massive cavity five miles beneath the ocean floor will begin to normalize.
If HS sheeple had elementary physics, chemistry, biology, botany, and zoology BEFORE leaving HS, the MSM could not hood wink so many so often.  -Joseph
Robert Morningstar 
FYI...Jeff Rense is right...
Robert M*
To: Ted O.
Subject: update on the oil spill
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 16:30:22 -0500
Hi, Ted:
You probably will not be surprised to learn that the situation is much worse than the mainstream media are reporting. We have a geyser of lies from BP and the WH. 
Some friends have kept track of the situation. One is a retired troubleshooter for big oil and another is a very bright physicist who is working with other scientists to develop some strategies for coping with the spill. 
It now appears that degradation of the sea floor and well casing may soon allow the pressure of the effluent to spit out whatever is still blocking the flow (probably pieces of the casing) and push the blowout preventer aside. If that happens there will be a dramatic increase in the flow.
BP has quietly advanced the completion date for a relief well to Christmas. It is not clear that a relief well will actually be able to stop the spill. The relief well has to intercept the bore of the wild well at a place where the casing has integrity, and no one knows whether that place might be or even if it exists.
By August enough oil may have been released to pose a serious threat to life in the Atlantic Ocean. There is no way to keep it out of deep currents that will carry it everywhere.
Today someone posted a disturbing forecast on rense.com. 
I sent it to the physicist, hoping he would say it was exaggeraged. He replied:
"I read Rense.com also.
"I already sent the article out to our "group" for their opinion. Two of the best geologists and oil-well experts in the country are in our little klatsch. It was their opinion that no BOP in existence would have contained the overpressure. From day one I was arguing that the pipes were being eroded. I think the quoted pressures are off by a factor of 10, but even 7000 psi is nothing to sneeze at. Remember my worry of "fracking" and steam formation? Now people can get it from both ends of the horse. Yes I believe the website is quite credible.
"Let me scare you even more. Fracking can proceed to where many of the so-called oil wells are joined, since there is only one really big deposit underlying the entire GoM shelf. Yep, all the way to your neck of the woods. All the platforms are really sucking teats from a single sow. A chain reaction is possible, eroding all the walls, going down to as far as Venezuela as a worst-case scenario. And remember, that South American deposit extends all the way, nearly to the Antarctic. The Falklands war was over possession of the oil. Estimates of several trillion barrels of oil can be let loose.
"Other that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?
---end quote--
I don't know about the tsunami. I don't see how anyone can predict that with precision. However I think the discharge of that hydrocarbon reservoir will result in geological changes including subsidence of fairly large areas that are currently dry land. 
Considering the pssiblity that mass evacuations may be required, it is probably not a coincidence that Northcomm is gearing up for military action inside the United States. 
The federal attention is all on Florida right now. Bobby Jindal and his citizens are being left to twist in the wind. Serves them right for being Republicans. <-- WH attitude.
That could be to your benefit, since we all know that when the feds take control chaos follows.
The oil contains volatiles that are toxic and carcinogenic. If you can smell heavy oil you are undoubtedly breathing much more than the EPA safe limits of these gases. Workers are trying to clean up this material wearing boots and gloves. They should be in protective clothing with respirators. BP is lying about the toxicity of the oil along with everything else. 
This isn't good news, but I thought you should know. 
Maybe NO is in less danger than Florida. The feds seem to think so. 

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Dear Fellow Conservative:

This could be the most important message I send you this entire election cycle so I implore you to take a few minutes to read it.

The battle lines have now been drawn in the most important U.S. Senate race in the nation. This November, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid — the most powerful liberal in Congress — will face Nevada Assemblywoman Sharron Angle — one of the strongest conservative voices in the country.

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports poll, Sharron Angle leads Harry Reid by 11 points. This is an amazing achievement but we cannot let her lead slip away.

Harry Reid is a liberal Democrat who has lead the effort to pass President Obama's radical agenda and used backroom deals like the Cornhusker Kickback to buy votes for government takeovers and runaway spending.

Sharron Angle is a conservative warrior who has fought endless battles against taxes, spending, and liberals in both parties in the Nevada Assembly.

Sharron Angle is a former teacher, not a career politician. She first made a name for herself by fighting her own party on an attempted $800 million tax hike — a battle that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

As the proud grandmother of ten, Sharron Angle wants to do everything in her power to ensure America's next generation is not forced to pay the bill for the gross misconduct of today's elected leaders.

Nobody thought she could defeat her Washington-backed opponent in the Republican primary but she did because of her uncompromising support for conservative principles.

If Sharron Angle defeats Harry Reid in November, it will trigger a political earthquake that will shake Washington to its core. Nothing would do more to stop President Obama and his radical agenda than defeating Harry Reid.

But winning this conservative victory will be the most difficult of them all. Harry Reid has a $9 million war chest and will use very penny of it — along with millions from liberal interest groups — to smear Sharron Angle. Make no mistake: Harry Reid will do whatever it takes to hold on to power.

Sharron Angle is ready to fight and win. The question is: Are you?

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This is a contest between two very different candidates.
  • Harry Reid voted for the Wall Street bailout. Sharron Angle opposed it.
  • Harry Reid voted for government-run health care. Sharron Angle says no.
  • Harry Reid voted for trillions in deficit spending and supported pork barrel projects like the Bridge to Nowhere. Sharron Angle supports a balanced budget amendment and will fight to end the earmark favor factory.
The choice is clear, but only if we make it clear for every voter in Nevada.. And we don't have much time.

Harry Reid and his allies will begin attacking Sharron Angle immediately and we must respond or our chance at conservative victory could be lost.

I have put together a plan to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Nevada Senate race — along with several others like it — to achieve conservative victory. This plan includes running statewide television and radio ads, sending direct mail to targeted voters, and operating phone banks — all geared toward defeating Harry Reid in November.

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The Senate Conservatives Fund has endorsed Sharron Angle in Nevada because she's a true conservative, not a rubber-stamp Republican. Being a Republican is not enough these days. In order to receive the support of the Senate Conservatives Fund, candidates must demonstrate a core commitment to our nation's founding principles and a willingness to stand up to their own party when it's wrong.

So far this year, the Senate Conservatives Fund has been on front lines in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Kentucky — successfully helping Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul win their primary elections.

We've been successful in these races and now we're turning our sights to Nevada. This is the race we've all be waiting for — a chance to send a message loud and clear that Americans have had enough. This race, more than any other, will determine the future of our country.

Sharron Angle's victory in the Republican primary in Nevada has not only given us a chance to send a true warrior for freedom to the Senate, it has given us the opportunity to defeat the most powerful liberal in Congress.

Imagine replacing Harry Reid with a no-nonsense, outspoken conservative who will not rest until government is cut back to size and our economy is once again free to grow and prosper.

It can be done if we act now.

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Thank you for supporting the principles of freedom that are the backbone of America. Together, we can and we will take back our country.

Jim DeMint
United States Senator
Chairman, Senate Conservatives Fund

P.S. The Nevada Senate race is the most important election in the country this year. It's a contest between Harry Reid — the most powerful liberal in Congress — and Sharron Angle — one of the strongest conservative voices in America. Please make a contribution to the Senate Conservatives Fund today so we win this race and take back our country.

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