May 01, 2012

Michigan Precinct Delegate Project

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Michigan Tea Party News

Have you filled out your precinct delegate paperwork yet?

Since the Tea Party Movement began, the goal of most Tea Party groups has been to educate the public and we have done that remarkably well.  The public is starting to become informed about the issues.  They are beginning to understand that our government has gotten out of control and needs to be reined in.  Our goal of retaking our country, is gaining ground and that is making some people nervous.  Democrats on the national level have disparaged us as redneck hicks and lied about us spitting on congressmen.  Here in Michigan, the Democrats even tried to make a fake Tea Party to try and split the vote.  They thought we were stupid and could be easily fooled.  The Republican Establishment wasn't much better; they smiled at us and welcomed us to their meetings and asked us for our votes, then asked us to leave the room while they made the important decisions.  Not all of them, but enough.  Now as this election cycle unfolds, they are doing it again.  While some people are calling for us to start our own party, I believe that this would be disastrous for us.  We would get stuck with another four years of Barack Obama and Debbie Stabenow.  No, the solution to the problem is for us to take over the political parties.  Use the established rules against them.  How do we do this?  Well, the answer is simple, run as a Republican Precinct Delegate.    Read More Here

Will you attend the MIGOP State Convention?

Help Change the MIGOP

On May 3, Republicans from around the state will be meeting in their counties for their County Conventions.  At these meetings, they will be selecting delegates to attend the Michigan GOP State Convention on May 18 & 19.  You do not have to be a current Precinct Delegate to attend these meetings and get selected to attend the State GOP Convention.  Any person at the County Conventions has an opportunity to be selected to attend the State Convention as a delegate.  Why go to the State Convention?  Well, at the State Convention, the Michigan Republicans will be voting on who will be the Michigan Delegates to the Republican National Convention.  We want to elect as many conservative, constitutional delegates to the convention so that we can have a huge influence on what direction we will take the party.  The Michigan GOP will also be electing a National Committeeman and National Committeewoman to the RNC.  Currently Saul Anuzis and Dave Agema are the main contenders for committeman and Terri Lynn Land and Holly Hughes are contending to be the Committeewoman.  You can read more about these races below.

If you would like to know more information about where your county will be holding it's convention on May 3, click here.  We encourage you to attend these conventions and help change the direction of the MIGOP and the Republican National Committee.

To Accomplish Replacement

And no, I'm not talking about Randy Richardville, though I agree that he needs to go, too.  Nope, I'm referring to a different scoundrel here.

Last Sunday, on the Dump Saul Anuzis facebook page, I wrote:  "While all of this various and sundry political talk is very fascinating, let's please keep our primary objective in mind . . . that of dumping Saul Anuzis as Michigan's RNC National Committeeman. We do need to start recruiting a potential challenger, and develop a delegate strategy (using the 2010 pool) to accumulate the votes necessary to dump him." The conversation threads, both on the page and in the group, were starting to get a tad afield of the original purpose, which is to focus the efforts to replace Saulius Anuzis as Michigan's Republican National Committeeman.  Best to stay focused here, as we only have about seven weeks left to work with.  Grab a pot of coffee, and let's go below the fold.   Read More

A difference in philosophy

During election cycles we all like to focus on the big, "important" elections like President, Senate and Congress.  Often overlooked are the "smaller" elections for County Commissioner, School Board and City Council.  Almost always overlooked are the inter-party elections for County Committee, State Committee and National Committee.  It is unfortunate that these offices are usually overlooked, because they have a great deal to do with the future of our respective political parties and our country.   Read More
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