January 05, 2012

Allen West finally sets record straight about NDAA, National Defense Authorization Act.wmv

Cain Solutions Revolution Express leaving the Station, Elder Cain Engineer, all Aboard~999/FairTax~

Cain Solutions Revolution~

Elder Cain on Hannity,
Described His Solutions Revolution inviting everyone to demand:

*9-9 9/FairTax*
*Energy Solution*
*Money Solution*
The Hannity Appearance announcing the call to Arms of the Teaparty Warriors, Mr. Cain invite's us to the Patriot Camp Site, joining the Quest for the How, to fix our Nation's Crisis.
lol, went there and the server was crashed from the demand for the Cain Camp~
Be patient on the New Site getting back to you. Watch your email for the confirmation Connection link.
This site will have grouping broke down to Congressional District Level. The link to your District will be coming and you will know when. The main purpose is to help candidates aboard the Cain Train, endorsing the Express to those three Solutons.
The Cain Express is right on Schedule. Wonder if Benjamin Franklin will be jealous?
Truth shall set us free and give us the Blessing of providental Proportions~
Federalism and FairTax Please,
If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.