December 29, 2009

Sam's American Dream - Undocumented or Illegal? |Whose at fault?

Sam's American Dream – Undocumented or Illegal?

December 29, 2009 by LD Jackson · Leave a Comment 

As I am apt to do while driving, I was listening to NPR's news programming as I was heading home from work yesterday. All Things Considered and Morning Edition are programs I enjoy, as I feel they are usually fair and balanced in what they report and how they report it. They were playing a story from Long Haul Productions called American Dreamer, a story about a young illegal immigrant who came to this country when he was five years old with his parents.

As Sam's story unfolded, I learned he loved to play jazz music on his saxophone and if the pieces that were played throughout the story are any indication, he is quite good. The production did a good job at telling his story and how he came to live in America. He is very articulate and I give him kudos for that.

The main meat of the story was about Sam's effort to go to college and his struggle to find enough financial aid to pay his way. One segment had his father explaining how it was not Sam's fault that he was undocumented in this country, that he never said yes or no to the decision to come across the border. He was basically trying to convince the listeners that Sam should be given a break because he had no choice in the matter. This is in spite of the fact that the family came to this country on work visas and after they elapsed, stayed illegally.

As I listened to the story, one thing stuck out to me. Throughout the story, Sam and his family were consistently referred to as undocumented and never as what they really are; illegal immigrants in a country that allows legal immigration. As much as I enjoyed listening to Sam's story and as much as I wish things could be different for such a talented musician, should we feel sorry for him? I do not, so let me explain why.

The story started following Sam as he prepared to graduate from high school and find a college that would except him. It seemed to come as a great shock and surprise to him and his family when they discovered how difficult it was going to be. The main restriction on him was his undocumented status and that fact was bemoaned over and over. In his very articulate manner, Sam himself complained at how he had to find a job and because of his undocumented status, everything had to be under the table. He complained at how he could not legally drive back and forth to work or to college. He complained at how little financial aid was available to him because of his undocumented status.

What strikes me as odd is that Sam or his family never seemed to have a clue that his status would be a hindrance in his quest to go to college. It's as if it just dawned on them when he was asked to list his social security number on a financial aid form, a request with which he could not comply. Even the people around him, his .. full article

my Comment:  Whose at Fault?
Well said Larry.  This brings out the point of ugliness that has arisen from those who chose to ignore the Law of the Land on immigration, the Employers who exploited the illegal and the American workers.  The fault of Sam not having the same free lunch to education as citizens is not his being illegal, it is his being here to begin with.  Why did Sam's parents come to USA? 
Back in the 1980s, President Reagan tried to stop the tide of illegal immigrants by putting punishment on employers for hiring illegal.  Everyone ignored this Law and the result, Sam is questioning why he is not privileged as his peers in school?  He wonders how this Nation can be so unfair?  The parents duct how they broke the Law and that their action carry over onto their children.  The greed of the do gooders who broke the Law has brought calamity to the Land in which they live. 
Bottom line, a Federal Government, acting without authority, has laid the ground work of changing the borders of this Nation to include Mexico and Canada.  It is the elitists who are playing the nation building game to reflect the Euro attempt to nationalize Regions of the world, reducing the number of Sovereignties and for what purpose?  Look into the depths of the Copenhagen Climate Gate for that answer.  Just as the Nationalist within the Republican party have hidden their agenda so well, so have they hidden their agenda of ending the Constitution and have completely removed the Sovereignty of States.
All of that is now on the shoulders of Sam, who through no fault of his own, is caught up in a grand scheme of international Tyranny.  What should be done with him and all the many millions of illegal now here and under the table?  Or of the many illegal whose children and grandchildren are USA born citizens?  Heart wrenching, needing an answer, for if we continue with an open border, our fiscal health as a Nation will continue to collapse, leaving Sam with no where to play his Saxophone.
Close the borders and do as Governor Huckabee suggests.  Get all illegal to register by date certain and put them in line behind those who are legally trying to enter the USA.  Those who hide, deport.  With the number of children that have been murdered in the USA, over 50 million, the vacuum of illegal being deported will demand they be returned, those who are of a self supporting character.  Most will end up becoming citizens.  But if we continue down the road we are on, it won't be long before people in America will be leaving rather then the world trying to get here.

Fed floats way to drain money from economy - Stocks & economy-

There are times when the enemy media gets so complacent, they will say or reveal a truth which sheds light on another.  In the case of this article, we find the Feds thinking that when the economy gets humming, all the money the banks will get would be better served, buried.  So they say.  Who can believe them?
It might be that the Feds want to hold down the recovery from starting by siphoning off funds to recover with.  What?  How could I say such an thing?  Based on how the Fed. govt created the crisis and how they attempted to fix it by transfusing the head, when it is the feet dying.  How the Feds continue the draining of the American economy, weakening our station in the world, like they have a game plan to take over the world through this NWO.  A strong America stops this from happening. 
Then again, it might all be coincidence, all of it?  Someone turn on the light and send these bugs into their darkness.  Transparency of the Federal Reserve may hurt in the beginning, but in the long run, America will once again be the beacon of liberty and freedom.  But let this nest of vipers continue and we will be the swamp for the would to languish over how now they have fallen to our demise, don't that make us feel better?  Sad to say, the majority of selfishness in the world has lost hope under the socialist regimes and once the USA is collapsed, their hope fades even more. 
If we do not get the FairTax in place this year, recovery will continue to elude the USA and the depth from which we recover from starts to multiply greatly in a spiraling fall.
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