October 26, 2010

Huckabee issues a challenge related to the taxes you pay


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Pedro A,

Huckabee Screen ShotIn case you missed it, please watch Mike Huckabee's monologue from his show this weekend on Fox News Channel.

Mike is watching our efforts to combat the misleading attack ads against the FairTax this campaign season. Well, he's fighting back and challenges those who are deliberately lying to voters about the FairTax plan. You and I know that we will win any debate about the FairTax plan.

I encourage you to watch this video and then donate to FairTax today!

We are running a true grassroots campaign where YOU are the life blood of our organization. Can we count on your support today? A donation today will help us leverage this terrific national exposure on Fox News. 

We are very proud of our grassroots volunteers who are using every means possible to combat these lies and mislead attack ads. For example, our Facebook page is a hub of great activity and information to dispel the lies in the attack ads. Make this page a resource for you to use and recruit supporters.

As Mike eloquently points out on his show, candidates and political parties are attacking those who support the transformational power of the FairTax. They're telling voters that we support a large federal tax increase. They conveniently fail to mention that we call for the abolition of the IRS and provide a method for many Americans to keep their whole paycheck. 

You and I know how much America needs the FairTax. Americans are frustrated, angry and tired of political tricks. Our nation's financial outlook is grim. The FairTax is the answer many voters need to hear about right now. 

Your generous contribution today will recruit new supporters, who are so very hungry for the transformational power of the FairTax.

I hope we can count on your support today.


The FairTax Team

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