April 30, 2009

American Spectator article on Fair Tax Plan

American Spectator

Not Fair Weather Friends

Covering the nationwide Tea Parties held in various cities on Tax Day, Southern Political Report's Tom Baxter wrote of the Atlanta event: "What it looked like most of all was a Fair Tax rally. Advocates of the national sales tax idea looked like the largest and most enthusiastic contingent in the crowd." Conservative commentator Sean Hannity agreed, pronouncing Atlanta "Fair Tax land."

And indeed it was. Watching Fox News coverage of the local tax revolts, one could not help but notice the many protesters showing support for a House bill popularly known as the "Fair Tax," which calls for the abolishment of the IRS and the replacement of the income tax with a national sales tax. ...


Leading Republicans have been slow to grasp the increasing anger of conservative activists over taxes, spending, and monetary policy. In 2008, only Mike Huckabee and libertarian firebrand Ron Paul expressed qualified support for the Fair Tax, while the other Republican presidential candidates kept their distance. Mitt Romney, a favorite of many conservatives, went so far as to laugh at the idea during a radio interview in Florida.

Yet if the tea party trend showed anything, it's that the most passionate conservative activists in the country are tired of such weak tea. The Fair Tax may not be the best policy idea for reversing the federal government's explosive growth. But far from being a danger or even a distraction to the anti-government message, the Fair Tax movement is valuable precisely because it helps cultivate citizens' willingness to consider radical changes, pushing back against resurgent big-government liberalism.

The conservative cause of reducing government and slashing spending has always been an ambitious effort. Libertarian and conservative critics of the Fair Tax must express their valid policy concerns, but without dismissing the thousands of committed activists who have been mobilized by the proposal.

Any serious challenges to the status quo will require serious challengers. And whatever the shortcomings of a national sales tax, the patriotic Americans who make up the Fair Tax movement are at least dead serious about a kind of change that small-government supporters of all stripes can believe in.


my comment:
The tax to be implemented is 23%, not 30.  That is a bogus number being used by the communist types and the lobbyist and big government types to stop the fair tax.
The Fair Tax Plan has in it a provision that if the 16th Amendment is not repealed in five years, the fair tax plan is dissolved, to prevent duel taxation.
The reason Romney laughed out loud at the Fair Tax plan is he is very much against it.  It would dip into his fortune setting his company back on it's heels.  Why?  Romney is all about imports.  When the fair Tax Plan is implemented, it will remove the production tax built into the price of domestic manufacturing and will tax imports equally with our domestic production, creating a true level free trade competition.  I am waiting for Pat Buchanan to wake up one day and say YES! Fair Tax!  To put it simple, Romney is Big Government and don't let him lie to you otherwise, as he is good at saying what he wants you to hear.  We called him Slick Willie two during the primaries.
Fair Tax is not a radicalism tool, that is nuts.  It is a tool to bring about jobs, jobs and more jobs, so many jobs that the never again Federal Reserve would be raising interest rates to prevent too much of a shortage of employees to cause inflation to be at the need of workers.  (every time I think of that I get steamed)
The tea parties I have read about and the one in Michigan I attended were central to Fair Tax support.  We had Joe the Plumber in Lansing and he is going to Petoskey in Northern Michigan on May 6th.  His main theme is always the Fair Tax Plan. 
Tea Parties in Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma California, South Carolina, I imagine in all the States had Fair Tax a part of it.  Just as important to everyone is not simply smaller government, Constitutional Government.  The people are fed up with our Federal Government failing to adhere to the Law of the land.  Those laws are put in place to protect our liberty and freedoms and by God as our Witness we will have our Constitution back and freedom from the direct taxation we are now experiencing that is drowning us.  Who in there right mind would tax and so doing punish someone who works, saves invests.  That is so STUPID!!!
By the way, this is a great article, just a little weak on the whole truth, but very close.  We will have Fair Tax!!!  We will once again be a Federalist Union!
R. George Dunn



Thursday, April 30, 2009

Despite compelling and passionate testimony by House Republicans, the
federal hate crimes bill, HR 1913, passed yesterday in the House of
Representatives by a vote of 249 to 175.


Isn't it amazing how these "representatives" use every crisis to slip their
agenda through unnoticed to the sheeple! I've seen no news reporting on
this issue from the major news outlets. All focus has been on "Swine flu"
and "Obama's 100 days". Yet this issue is vital to your free speech rights,
and threatens to punish you not for your actions, but for your thoughts and

This still has to get through the senate, so let's all do what we can to
make sure it doesn't pass (and protect our freedom of speech and the
constitution) because President Obama has already said he will sign it!


Please contact your Senators!

"All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to sit idly by and do

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Isn't it amazing how these "representatives" use every crisis to slip their
agenda through unnoticed to the sheeple! I've seen no news reporting on
this issue from the major news outlets.

Fwd: We The People Stimulus Package

R. George Dunn
4:01am Apr 30th
We The People Stimulus Package
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If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

Obama's Answer To Question On Social Security= 'Hopefully' It Will Be There

Obama's Answer To Question On Social Security 'Hopefully' It Will Be There

Barack Obama
So I'm watching Obama take questions from the audience at his "first 100 days" town hall meeting and a young guy just asked a question about Social Security and what he expects for the future and Obama actually said to him straight out that "hopefully" workers in the future will be able to pay for this guy's Social Security.

That's what you get for the ridiculous amount of money taken from you everyday. A commitment of "hope" from our current president that you're not getting shafted. I don't know about you, but that certainly makes me feel happy about the future of my fellow Americans.

There is no workable plan for Social Security coming from this administration and Social Security in general is not going to be there and that is a simple fact. Previous and current members of Congress have stolen and spent all of the Social Security that was supposed to be there and the workers of today are being lied to. There will be no Social Security.

In my opinion this should be recognized now and the program should just be ended and workers should be allowed to keep the current funds being robbed from them every day out of their pay so that they can look out for themselves. Our government was never setup for "cradle to grave" support and the sooner people realize that the better off our country will be.

It's a disgrace that you and I pay money every year into a system that is outright robbery...


my comment:

Obama is not stupid, he knows it won't be there as is.  He does not care about fixing it as his plans, from all factors implying, are to have an entirely different system of Government in place by the time he leaves office.  What that will copulate is everyone's life will be analyzed and adjusted to fit the good of the whole. 

Vouchers anyone; food, housing, clothes, life?  Oh, it won't be that bad by 2012, but we will be headed there.  Capitalism is under full assault and individualism is about to be completely put asunder.

R. George Dunn

MI GOP Chairman discs Kent County Warriors


Guv unfazed by cancellation of Michigan event

Politics » Huntsman hopes to infuse some life into Republican Party.

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. said he doesn't feel snubbed by a Michigan county Republican Party's cancellation of a scheduled appearance there on Saturday because it could violate the party's principles.

"I don't interpret it beyond what the party chair told me yesterday when he called, and that was that it involved just a couple of people and it was not representative at all of their state party," Huntsman said.

Kent County Republican Party Chairwoman Joanne Voorhees abruptly cancelled the Saturday fundraiser, writing in a reported e-mail that "voters want and expect us to stand on principle and return to our roots," and holding the Huntsman event "would be doing the exact opposite." (emphasis added)

She didn't say specifically what she objected to, but a group opposing gay marriage quickly praised the move, attributing it to Huntsman's support for civil unions.

The state party chairman, Ron Weiser, arranged an impromptu reception for Huntsman in place of the Kent County event, one of four he will attend this weekend.

Huntsman said he hopes to revitalize the party and to do that, it needs to cast a wider net.

"The party needs to broaden itself," he said, noting that surveys have found that about one in five Americans identify themselves as Republicans, the lowest point since Watergate. "The only way we're going to bring people who have defected into the independent party and nonaffiliated category is through ideas, is through bold solutions ...


This is a good example of the old guard thinking that the GOP must be this caving in compromising hollow container without substance to attract voters.  Three cheers for Joanne Voorhees!

R. George Dunn