April 30, 2009

Obama's Answer To Question On Social Security= 'Hopefully' It Will Be There

Obama's Answer To Question On Social Security 'Hopefully' It Will Be There

Barack Obama
So I'm watching Obama take questions from the audience at his "first 100 days" town hall meeting and a young guy just asked a question about Social Security and what he expects for the future and Obama actually said to him straight out that "hopefully" workers in the future will be able to pay for this guy's Social Security.

That's what you get for the ridiculous amount of money taken from you everyday. A commitment of "hope" from our current president that you're not getting shafted. I don't know about you, but that certainly makes me feel happy about the future of my fellow Americans.

There is no workable plan for Social Security coming from this administration and Social Security in general is not going to be there and that is a simple fact. Previous and current members of Congress have stolen and spent all of the Social Security that was supposed to be there and the workers of today are being lied to. There will be no Social Security.

In my opinion this should be recognized now and the program should just be ended and workers should be allowed to keep the current funds being robbed from them every day out of their pay so that they can look out for themselves. Our government was never setup for "cradle to grave" support and the sooner people realize that the better off our country will be.

It's a disgrace that you and I pay money every year into a system that is outright robbery...


my comment:

Obama is not stupid, he knows it won't be there as is.  He does not care about fixing it as his plans, from all factors implying, are to have an entirely different system of Government in place by the time he leaves office.  What that will copulate is everyone's life will be analyzed and adjusted to fit the good of the whole. 

Vouchers anyone; food, housing, clothes, life?  Oh, it won't be that bad by 2012, but we will be headed there.  Capitalism is under full assault and individualism is about to be completely put asunder.

R. George Dunn

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