March 20, 2009

Employment Tea Bag

A  three-family home  burned to the ground in  New York . A Puerto Rican family on the first floor all perished.  The black family on the second floor all  perished.   No one from the white family that lived on the third floor was injured .   
    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were enraged, calling a press conference and demanding from the Manhattan Fire Chief an explanation of how this could possibly happen. "How," they demanded in front to the TV cameras, "did the Caucasian family  that lived on the top floor survive the inferno while the African American family and the Puerto Rican family on the two lower floors perish?"  
    To which the Chief replied "They were  all at work." 
Some of you may think this to be funny, however, in a way, the governmentalism that rules the Palestinians welfare state, by the way of our federal government, treat certain ethnic groups very simularly in comparison, but this is America(so far) and the ambition of one free to prosper is a dream to behold. 
Really?  In the halls of time of the USA we see a period in which the federal reserve controlled the level of employment under the cloak of stability.  Truth be told, the same reason our tax structure did not change after the free trade policy was implimented, so to was the control of the number of available workers.  It allowed for business to have an voer aboundant supply of employees, making the worker replaceable and cheap.
Then during Alan Greenspan's tenure as Chairman of the Private Bank, Greenspan heeded to the question, "Why does an unemployment level no lower then 5% hold the magic value?  Why not three percent and allow the American Worker the oportunity to lead the inflation.  How does that make for a variable wage?"
Greenspan discontinued the practice of employment control and allowed for a period of time that prospered us right through the Iraq wars.  But a fly in the ointment(put there) came along and now the Beast is taking advantage by destroying the dollar.  The fly is that at present the last vestage of Large Corporate Manufacturing is about to leave our shores.  Why?  How would you like to compete with foreign products with an 30% excise tax on your product you manufacture while theirs is subsidized? 
Now to the joke above, which is not a joke:  It is a reality by no opportunity, no job to obtain, no value to reach for.  How do we cure that?
1.  Adopt the plan. 
3.  Commission to return the Federal Government back to Constitutional compliance by using the Board of Governors administrative concept
Get the government out of demanding what the local level does.  i.e.  requiring rural fire department volunteers to have manditory training in order to insure a fire department.  Demand good sameriton law and make statutes sent down voluntary.  (I think that is called freedom and the founding Fathers predermined that the local precinct has authority over itself and it's citizens are such protected and disciplined.  Individualism for the individual person is as our governing bodies are also, right up to private property!
Commerce clause needs fixed and now article I, Sec. 9 of the Constitution is violated in the Bonus Tax Law and needs fixing.  Where is Daniel Webster when you need him?
Get everyone back to work with the Fair Tax Plan and the rest we will continue at our Tea Tables.  Freedom anyone?
Tea the 15th!!!
R. George Dunn

States, Not Washington, D.C., Need Our Attention

Below find a good article by the 2008 Presidential nominee of the Constitutional party Chuck Baldwin.  I agree that the strength we have left in this Nation to counter the Tyranny of the Federal Government is the individual States uniting and putting forth a battle on the Sovereignty issue.  25 of you States have a legislative Bill providing for the Constitution's 10th Amendment as being real.  Please call or write your congressman and ask them to bring it up for a vote.  The Legislators in Arizona have passed it overwhelmingly.
There is many ways the States can do something.  Calling for a meeting of the Board of Governors is another start.  Stop this coupe détente that is being done on our Constitution by some in both parties and demand a return to the Constitutional Power distribution.
R. George Dunn
States, Not Washington, D.C., Need Our Attention
By Chuck Baldwin
March 20, 2009

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It seems that most everyone focuses his or her attention on what is
happening in Washington, D.C. People don't seem to get excited about
politics until a national election rolls around or unless the President
makes some startling announcement. Even well-meaning Christian leaders seem
to spend the vast majority of their time dealing with policies that emanate
from Washington, D.C. Already, I'm hearing leaders of the so-called
Religious Right talk gushingly about who the next Presidential nominee of
the Republican Party will be. Who cares? Do you mean to tell me that with
all we have to deal with right now, we can't find anything else to talk
about? How shallow--and utterly ineffective--can we be?

In the first place, Washington, D.C., is a lost cause. It really is. We have
about as much chance of flying to the moon in a glider as we do of seeing
any significant change in Washington, D.C. Neither the Republican nor
Democrat parties at the national level offer any hope. The federal
government is hell-bent on turning the United States into a socialistic
global village, and the two major parties are in it up to their necks.

If the principles of freedom and independence have any chance of surviving
the next few years, it will be because individual States have the courage to
pick up the banner and fight. Therefore, freedom lovers need to focus their
energy and attention more on State government and less on national politics.

For example, the State of Missouri is right now profiling supporters of
independent Presidential candidates such as Ron Paul, Bob Barr, and myself
as being potential "domestic terrorists." In addition, Missouri law
enforcement personnel are being told that people who oppose things such as
abortion, illegal immigration, gun control, the Federal Reserve, the North
American Union, etc., are potential "terrorists."

See my original exposé on this story here:

Remember, this report is being sanctioned by Missouri Governor Jeremiah
(Jay) Nixon, the Missouri Highway Patrol, and the Department of Public
Safety. In other words, the State of Missouri is officially endorsing the
distorted statements, repulsive innuendoes, false accusations, and
unwarranted warnings contained in this report. Whether the content of the
report originated with the federal Department of Homeland Security or even
with a private left-wing organization such as the Southern Poverty Law
Center, it is the State of Missouri that is putting boots on the ground on
behalf of this ridiculous report.

That is the way it always is: no matter what happens in Washington, D.C., it
is the individual State that (for the most part) is left holding the bag.
Unfortunately, it seems that most State legislators and governors have
forgotten that it is their responsibility to protect the liberties and
freedoms of their citizens, and have been unwilling to hold the line for
State sovereignty and independence. Instead, they have allowed the federal
government to run roughshod over not only the U.S. Constitution, but also
their own State constitutions and authority. In fact, one might be able to
say that most States seem to think that Washington, D.C., is some kind of
glorified Pied Piper, which they must always follow like blind sheep. This
is not the kind of union our founders envisioned.

States were always viewed as being the final arbiters of their own destinies
and decisions. Had America's Founding Fathers intended on Washington, D.C.,
being some sort of universal authority, the individual States would have all
terminated when the Constitution was adopted in 1787. In other words, what
Washington, D.C., thinks or wants means diddly-squat unless the State
decides to go along with it.

Whether the issue is gun control, or environmental "protection," or
smoke-free facilities, or land use codes, or police departments profiling
potential "terrorists," or any other issue that the federal government wants
to get its grubby little fingers into, it is the individual State that must
choose to say either Yea or Nay.

Therefore, the time has come for us to focus on the kinds of legislators,
governors, sheriffs, judges, etc., who are leading our respective States. We
must focus on holding our State officials accountable to the principles of
freedom and constitutional government. The battle that is taking place in
Missouri right now is a classic example.

Missouri residents by the hundreds and thousands need to get involved in
that battle immediately. I understand Oklahoma and New Hampshire are
deciding on terrific State sovereignty bills at this very moment. Residents
of the Sooner State and Granite State need to barrage their State
legislators in support of these bills right now. Montana is currently
deliberating a couple of great bills. One would bring back gold and silver,
and one is a major gun rights bill. Residents of Big Sky Country need to
step up to the plate right now and let their legislators and governor know
how important it is to pass these bills. I could go on and on.

Folks, Washington, D.C., is a pigsty. There is no remedy for that place. It
doesn't matter to a tinker's dam whether a Republican or Democrat is in the
White House, or even which party controls Congress. If the last two
Presidential administrations have not taught us that, we are brain-dead.

If there is any hope for lovers of freedom in this country, it will be found
in individual States that are willing to shake off the filthy dust that has
floated down from that putrid landfill on the banks of the Potomac, and
stand up for freedom and independence the way Americans used to. And if the
State we live in won't do it, we might want to consider moving to one that
will, because if we lose our liberties, it will be our own individual State
that will have run up the white flag.

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Levin- My Senate Floor Speech on AIG bonuses

Senator Levin has said it well as to the moral conduct of the financial institutes when it comes to the sacrifice needed at a time when our Nation is in great fiscal peril and while others are doing their part to stabilize their Companies, the Executives on Wall Street are once again thinking they are above the cut, worth more then others, deserving of pay that no one person should get in reality. 
Though Senator Levin probably voted for the Bonus tax on these executives, violating the Bill of Retainer clause in the Constitution, I embrace this speech he has given here.
R. George Dunn
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Sent: Friday, March 20, 2009 8:51 AM
Subject: My Senate Floor Speech on AIG bonuses

Dear Mr. Dunn:

I thought you might be interested in the speech I gave in the Senate yesterday regarding the outrageous bonuses given to executives at American International Group (AIG).

As has been widely reported, AIG chose to dole out sizeable performance and retention bonuses last week to executives of the very financial services division that was responsible for creating many of the exotic securities that brought the company to its knees. This tone-deaf decision represents not only an egregious misuse of taxpayer funds, but highlights just one of the many double standards that have been applied to companies receiving federal assistance.

It was only four months ago that our nation's struggling domestic auto-makers asked for government loans that amount to a small fraction of the money we have given to Wall Street. Hardworking Americans, who put in an honest day's work building automobiles, were summarily criticized for making a living wage as executives at financial services companies receiving billions of taxpayer dollars rewarded themselves with obscene bonuses. Unlike the autoworkers, A.I.G.'s executives didn't step up to the plate. I felt compelled to highlight this shameful double standard when I spoke yesterday on the floor of the United States Senate.

You can view my full statement by clicking on the following link: []
Carl Levin

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