September 07, 2012

Quest of Earth Patriots~ World FairTax Free Trade

  • Maxine Wilson David, can we believe any of them who promise to vote a certain way? Even one of your favorites, Michele Bachmann pledged to support Cut, Cap, and Balance, she voted "no" when it was presented for a vote in the House.
  • David Shedlock Absolutely correct. Because we cannot see the future, nor can we see men's hearts, therefore we must use the standards God has given us, which is not our human wisdom, but the clear teaching of Scripture - this will safeguard us against deception.
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  • R. George Dunn Remember, the president is but an executive. He cannot make resolutions. It is congress that must set our nation back on course and it is the president that approves. Romney said he would sign FairTax?
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  • R. George Dunn Reason I ask, Mr. Cain has been in his ear very loudly about FairTax.
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  • R. George Dunn And we who have been attuned these past 5 years also know that we will not save this nation fiscally without FairTax and Constitutional conduct.
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  • Ben Dribus A question: what is this notion about "the empowerment of Constitutionalist conservatives via the great awakening?" I have not heard of this.
  • R. George Dunn 
    The measure of it has shown up in many State Conventions. In Michigan we became a mjaority last may with the oustering of RINO Saul and replacing him with a former Navy Pilot and most conservative legislator 2 of the last 3 years in out St...See More
  • R. George Dunn To we in the Huck Camp the great awakening is the Quest~
  • David Shedlock I have asked you several times to explain why you use the word Quest in capital letters and whether is some movement or group name that someone has coined. And what do you mean by great awakening. That term has been used in the past to refer to religious revivals (Whether they not they were moves of God is a separate question)
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  • R. George Dunn Just shared this in a battle over the path for entitlements, liberty or state bureaucracy:

    The Battle for our Planet is of many Fronts. In February 2012 the Social Conservative leadership declared being a Constitutional Conservative as the...See More
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  • David Shedlock ‎"Planet coalescing" - What does that mean?
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  • R. George Dunn It seems we have moved from an small community exposure to a planet exposure over one generation. I see a lot of Planet citizens in conversation with cutting edge communication. The fact that if the USA goes to FairTax, they will have to too, making for a Quest of value, true free trade.