November 06, 2009

Tea Party sensation Lloyd Marcus' new CD!


One Nation PAC | Fighting for a Conservative Future
Hi folks:

Lloyd Marcus here -- black conservative singer, songwriter, and Tea Party patriot activist -- letting you know about "American Tea Party," my latest album for the conservative movement.

I'm an unhyphenated American who believes, as President Ronald Reagan said, that "America is a shining city on a hill."

The radical changes planned by the Obama administration are an abomination of the divinely inspired vision of our Founding Fathers.  We MUST and WILL take back America!
Today, I'm presenting my new CD to you as a supporter of One Nation PAC.  Donate $50 or more and we'll send you "American Tea Party" in the mail!

We must stand up, unite, and work towards electing strong fiscal and social conservatives.

One Nation PAC is gearing up to defeat the tax-and-spend, "Nancy Pelosi" Democrats in Congress.  That is why we are asking for a donation -- whether it is $25, $50, $100, $500, or the maximum allowed $5,000.  It will go a long way in preparing for the 2010 elections.

Your contribution of $50 or more will allow you to receive "American Tea Party" in the mail at no additional cost and will help us take back America in 2010!

Conservatively yours,

Lloyd Marcus
Conservative Singer, Songwriter, and Tea Party Activist

P.S. One Nation PAC is dedicated to the ideals of lower taxes, limited government, strong national defense, energy independence, common sense healthcare, environmental conservation, superior education, and family values.  Learn more at

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The Shadow of DC

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Sent: Thursday, November 05, 2009 9:17 PM
Subject: The Shadow Knows Liberty

We knew from the Soviet Union times, that the Government ran on a secret level and you did as you were told without question. 
Here in America, we are entering into such a threshold, if not already there.  Mentioned to someone about running for U.S. Congress and his reaction was, "Why not, then you can be told what to do."
The Supervisor of anything to include the Township and U.S. Congress, in and out, are merely one entity of many with the same delegation, but responsible for conduct with law.  To have an Majority Leader of the Senate or House take a Bill into his coffee club and alter it, bringing it to vote without time to read it is treason upon presentation, not to mention Dictoral.  My interests are wrapped within the Representative We have elected.  To deny this is to violate the most valuable treasure a Country can possess, Trust~
The Shadow knows that carbon is an abundant source for life.  It wants to tax it.  The excuse is the USA is using too much.  The Dutch have been using windmills for many centuries.  Can't believe such a thought is true.  Freedom provides for liberty and the pursuit of Happiness~
Who is the Shadow?  Before the GOP took control of all three Powers of the Two Branches of Government, the Democrats were in charge setting the agenda and the GOP was putting up a fight against their progressive move towards big government. When the GOP took power over all, there was a confusion.  The Power that is in the background, which is known as the Shadow, suddenly found themselves in a position of not wanting what the people put into power to be. 
The first act of this power was for President Bush to join hands with one of the far left liberals Teddy Kennedy in Nationalizing Eduction and went on to socialize Senior Drugs.  As to the rest of what the GOP stood for, that went dormant and was replaced by a slurry of porkbarrelling. 
In August of 2008, the Shadow ws revealed and they made their move.  At the time, the International Banking Committee was helping each other by moving 3 to 5 billion dollars to keep harmony.  It was also August first when all Countries had to go transparent with their National Bank books.  Everyone did with the exception of the USA who ws given a one month extention to September first 2008. 
To this day the Federal Reserve has not revealed their book.  Congressman Paul Bill on auditing the Federal Reserve has been reported to, by amendment by the Democrats, gutted enough of the audit Bill, that it is no longer an audit.
The Inspector General Oversight duties have been neuterred and no one is accounting for the money spent by Bailouts or is anyone accounting for it's location.  Has the Fox got into the egg storage?  No, it is the Shadow who, when courting the Democrats for backing the Bush Bailout, offered them 20 billion Dollars for ACORN. 
If I were a Governor, I would be ordering an emergency Constitutional Crisis meeting with the other State Governors, all 50.  The big Government RINOs of the GOP and the Democrats are taking down the Constitution.  Senator Leven Staff member, when asked about the Constitutionality of the HealthCare Bill said he did not care about what the Constitution said, but that he cared about those without insurance, not giving one wit tha tit is a State issue.
We need to make it clear that if a Representative of the People thinks that a piece of legislation is unconstitutional, they should be able to file suit in U.S. District Court, as it is effecting at least one of his constiuents. 
It is time to shine the Light on the Shadow and Governor Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Mark Rubio, many leaders are in the wings to make our                'Nation Refounded', as the Judge Palitono defines it, and Blessed once again.
FairTax PLEASE!!!
R. George Dunn

Past Rulings Haunt President Obama's Judicial Nominee David Hamilton

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Sent: Friday, November 06, 2009 8:11 AM

When we start taking our country back in 2010, one of the most important things is to start taking the "Judiciary" back.

One of the things that we must do big time is to start impeaching judges that disregard the Constitution.

Our neglect (not taking time to investigate before voting) as citizens has brought the present chaotic situation where thousands of judges in the Nation overrule the will of the people based in their prejudices and personal opinions disregarding totally what the Constitution says.

Pedro Sr

Focus on the Family Action's
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Nov. 5, 2009  

Past Rulings Haunt President Obama's 
Judicial Nominee 

by Kim Trobee, editor

Judge David Hamilton says lawmakers can pray to Allah — but not to Jesus.

Federal District Judge David Hamilton has been nominated for a seat on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Conservative senators have objected to Hamilton, because he believes in the "empathy standard" brought to light in the confirmation hearings of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

The "empathy standard" means judges call on personal and life experience when making decisions, instead of following the rule of law.

Read More


Judge David Hamilton says lawmakers can pray to Allah — but not to Jesus. Hamilton is Appeals Ct. Nominee

Another State, OHio, Introduces Firearms Freedom Act

Another State Introduces Firearms Freedom Act
By Chuck Baldwin
November 6, 2009

This column is archived at

According to a report published on the Tenth Amendment Center's web site,
"Introduced in the Ohio House on October 16, 2009, the 'Firearms Freedom
Act' (HB-315) seeks 'To enact section 2923.26 of the Revised Code to provide
that ammunition, firearms, and firearm accessories that are manufactured and
remain in Ohio are not subject to federal laws and regulations derived under
Congress' authority to regulate interstate commerce and to require the words
"Made in Ohio" be stamped on a central metallic part of any firearm
manufactured and sold in Ohio.'"

The report went on to say, "While the HB315's title focuses on federal gun
regulations, it has far more to do with the 10th Amendment's limit on the
power of the federal government. It specifically states:

"'The regulation of intrastate commerce is vested in the states under the
Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, particularly
if not expressly preempted by federal law. The congress of the United States
has not expressly preempted state regulation of intrastate commerce
pertaining to the manufacture on an intrastate basis of firearms, firearm
accessories, and ammunition.'

"Some supporters of the legislation say that a successful application of
such a state-law would set a strong precedent and open the door for states
to take their own positions on a wide range of activities that they see as
not being authorized to the Federal Government by the Constitution."

See the report at:

Two states have already passed their own Firearms Freedom Acts: Montana and
Tennessee. And, along with Ohio, at least 7 other states have introduced
similar bills. Those states are Alaska, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota,
Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas.

More information regarding the status of these State bills can be seen at:

As you might suspect, the federal government doesn't take too kindly to
these State laws. In fact, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and
Explosives (ATF) sent an open letter to all Montana and Tennessee firearms
dealers denouncing the State laws. ATF assistant director Carson Carroll
wrote that "Federal law supersedes the Act."

The Tenth Amendment Center quotes constitutional historian Kevin Gutzman as
correctly stating, "Their [ATF's] view is that the states exist for the
administrative convenience of the Federal Government, and so of course any
conflict between state and federal policy must be resolved in favor of the

"This is another way of saying that the Tenth Amendment is not binding on
the Federal Government. Of course, that amounts to saying that federal
officials have decided to ignore the Constitution when it doesn't suit

Ah! But that's just the problem: the federal government has been ignoring
the Constitution for decades--so much so that if there is going to be any
restoration of genuine liberty in the country, the states are going to have
to stand up to this out-of-control national leviathan and say, "No." And
they are going to have to say it loudly enough for Washington to get the
message. And I cannot think of a freedom issue that is better to "draw a
line in the sand" for than the issue of the right of the people to keep and
bear arms.

At the end of the day, the Second Amendment was never about hunting or
target shooting. It has always been about protecting the people and states
against federal tyranny.

The Second Amendment itself states, "A well regulated Militia, BEING
NECESSARY TO THE SECURITY OF A FREE STATE, the right of the people to keep
and bear Arms shall not be infringed." (Emphasis added.) Note that the
purpose of the right to keep and bear arms was to insure "the security of a
FREE STATE." (Emphasis added.) "Free from what?" you ask. Free from federal
tyranny. Free from an overbearing, encroaching, heavy-handed, would-be
national government.

The founders--even the Centralists of the day--all acknowledged that the
right to keep and bear arms was, first of all, for the protection of the
people against government tyranny. Observe:

"[I]f circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army
of any magnitude that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the
people while there is a large body of citizens, little, if at all, inferior
to them in discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their
own rights and those of their fellow-citizens." (Alexander Hamilton, The
Federalist Papers, Number 29)

"While the people have property, arms in their hands, and only a spark of
noble spirit, the most corrupt Congress must be mad to form any project of
tyranny." (Rev. Nicholas Collin, Fayetteville [NC] Gazette, October 12,

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear
arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in
government." (Thomas Jefferson)

"Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? . . . Congress has no power to
disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the
soldier, are the birthright of an American . . . [T]he unlimited power of
the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments,
but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people."
(Tench Coxe, ally of James Madison and member of the Continental Congress,
Freeman's Journal, February 20, 1778)

Coxe also said, "As civil rulers, not having their duty to the people duly
before them, may attempt to tyrannize, and as the military forces which must
be occasionally raised to defend our country, might pervert their power to
the injury of their fellow-citizens, the people are confirmed by the next
article [the Second Amendment] in their right to keep and bear their private
arms." (Remarks on the First Part of the Amendments to the Federal
Constitution, Philadelphia Federal Gazette, June 18, 1789)

So, for now, 10 states have proposed--and 2 have passed--a Firearms Freedom
Act, properly declaring that federal authority granted in the Constitution
regarding interstate commerce cannot apply to products (firearms, in this
case) that are manufactured and sold within the territory of each respective
State. In other words, 10 States are serving notice to Washington, D.C.,
that they are going to insist that the federal government stop ignoring the
Constitution of the United States.

In the same vein, Tennessee State legislator Susan Lynn recently sent an
open letter to the State legislative bodies of the other 49 states stating:

"On June 23, 2009, House Joint Resolution 108, the State Sovereignty
Resolution, was signed by Governor Phil Bredesen. The Resolution created a
committee which has as its charge to:

*Communicate the resolution to the legislatures of the several states,
*Assure them that this State continues in the same esteem of their
*Call for a joint working group between the states to enumerate the abuses
of authority by the federal government, and
*Seek repeal of the assumption of the powers and the imposed mandates."

In the body of her letter, Rep. Lynn states, "The role of our American
government has been blurred, bent, and breached. The rights endowed to us by
our creator must be restored."

The Tennessee State representative continued by saying, "The Constitution
does not include a congressional power to override state laws. It does not
give the judicial branch unlimited jurisdiction over all matters. It does
not provide Congress with the power to legislate over everything. This is
verified by the simple fact that attempts to make these principles part of
the Constitution were soundly rejected by its signers.

"With this in mind, any federal attempt to legislate beyond the
Constitutional limits of Congress' authority is a usurpation of state
sovereignty--and unconstitutional."

See Rep. Lynn's letter at:

This is a battle that is just beginning to heat up, but promises to get
red-hot in the not-too-distant future. As for me and my house, we believe
this showdown is long overdue. To quote Patrick Henry, "Let it come! I
repeat it, Sir, let it come!"

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According to a report published on the Tenth Amendment Center's web site,
"Introduced in the Ohio House on October 16, 2009, the 'Firearms Freedom
Act' (HB-315) seeks 'To enact section 2923.26 of the Revised Code to provide
that ammunition, firearms, and firearm accessories that are manufactured and
remain in Ohio are not subject to federal laws

A Flu Cure?

Worth repeating and trying.
Sent: Friday, November 06, 2009 5:18 PM
Subject: A Flu Cure?

Sending to everyone in my address book – Don't know if it is true or not – but if ya have a few onions, why not try it..


Interesting, but would it be worth the smell to test it?

In 1919 when the flu killed 40  million people there was this Doctor that visited the many  farmers to see if he could help them combat the flu.  Many of the farmers and their family had contracted it and many died.
The doctor came upon this one farmer and to his surprise, everyone was very healthy.  When the doctor asked what  the farmer was doing that was different the wife replied  that she had placed an unpeeled onion in a dish in the rooms  of the home, (probably only two rooms back then).  T he  doctor couldn't believe it and asked if he could have one of  the onions and place it under the microscope.  She gave  him one and when he did this, he did find the flu virus in  the onion.  It obviously absorbed the bacteria,  therefore, keeping the family healthy. 
Now, I heard this story from my hairdresser in AZShe said that several years ago many of her employees were coming down with the flu and so were many of her  customers.  T he next year she placed several bowls with  onions around in her shop..  T o her surprise, none of her staff got sick.  It must work..  (And no, she  is not in the onion business.)
The moral of the story is, buy some onions and place them in bowls around your home.  If you work at a desk,  place one or two in your office or under your desk or even on top somewhere.  T ry it and see what  happens.   We did it last year and we never got the flu.
If this helps you and your loved ones from getting sick, all the better.  If you do get the flu, it just might  be a mild case..
Whatever, what have you to lose?  Just a few bucks on onions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Now there is a P. S. to this for I sent it to a friend in Oregon who regularly contributes material to me on health issues.  She replied with this most interesting experience about onions:

Weldon, thanks for the reminder.  I don't know about the farmers story...but, I do know that I contacted pneumonia and needless to say I was very ill..I came across an article that said to cut both ends off an onion put one end on a fork and then place the forked end into an empty jar....placing the jar next to the sick patient at night. It said the onion would be black in the morning from the germs...sure enough it happened just like that...the onion was a mess and I began to feel better.

Another thing I read in the article was that onions and garlic placed around the room saved many from the black plague years ago. They have powerful antibacterial, antiseptic properties.