November 06, 2009

The Shadow of DC

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We knew from the Soviet Union times, that the Government ran on a secret level and you did as you were told without question. 
Here in America, we are entering into such a threshold, if not already there.  Mentioned to someone about running for U.S. Congress and his reaction was, "Why not, then you can be told what to do."
The Supervisor of anything to include the Township and U.S. Congress, in and out, are merely one entity of many with the same delegation, but responsible for conduct with law.  To have an Majority Leader of the Senate or House take a Bill into his coffee club and alter it, bringing it to vote without time to read it is treason upon presentation, not to mention Dictoral.  My interests are wrapped within the Representative We have elected.  To deny this is to violate the most valuable treasure a Country can possess, Trust~
The Shadow knows that carbon is an abundant source for life.  It wants to tax it.  The excuse is the USA is using too much.  The Dutch have been using windmills for many centuries.  Can't believe such a thought is true.  Freedom provides for liberty and the pursuit of Happiness~
Who is the Shadow?  Before the GOP took control of all three Powers of the Two Branches of Government, the Democrats were in charge setting the agenda and the GOP was putting up a fight against their progressive move towards big government. When the GOP took power over all, there was a confusion.  The Power that is in the background, which is known as the Shadow, suddenly found themselves in a position of not wanting what the people put into power to be. 
The first act of this power was for President Bush to join hands with one of the far left liberals Teddy Kennedy in Nationalizing Eduction and went on to socialize Senior Drugs.  As to the rest of what the GOP stood for, that went dormant and was replaced by a slurry of porkbarrelling. 
In August of 2008, the Shadow ws revealed and they made their move.  At the time, the International Banking Committee was helping each other by moving 3 to 5 billion dollars to keep harmony.  It was also August first when all Countries had to go transparent with their National Bank books.  Everyone did with the exception of the USA who ws given a one month extention to September first 2008. 
To this day the Federal Reserve has not revealed their book.  Congressman Paul Bill on auditing the Federal Reserve has been reported to, by amendment by the Democrats, gutted enough of the audit Bill, that it is no longer an audit.
The Inspector General Oversight duties have been neuterred and no one is accounting for the money spent by Bailouts or is anyone accounting for it's location.  Has the Fox got into the egg storage?  No, it is the Shadow who, when courting the Democrats for backing the Bush Bailout, offered them 20 billion Dollars for ACORN. 
If I were a Governor, I would be ordering an emergency Constitutional Crisis meeting with the other State Governors, all 50.  The big Government RINOs of the GOP and the Democrats are taking down the Constitution.  Senator Leven Staff member, when asked about the Constitutionality of the HealthCare Bill said he did not care about what the Constitution said, but that he cared about those without insurance, not giving one wit tha tit is a State issue.
We need to make it clear that if a Representative of the People thinks that a piece of legislation is unconstitutional, they should be able to file suit in U.S. District Court, as it is effecting at least one of his constiuents. 
It is time to shine the Light on the Shadow and Governor Huckabee, Sarah Palin, Mark Rubio, many leaders are in the wings to make our                'Nation Refounded', as the Judge Palitono defines it, and Blessed once again.
FairTax PLEASE!!!
R. George Dunn

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