March 13, 2009

Chairman Steele has promise up his sleeve

This article brings up more dirt on Mr. Steele that may or may not be a problem.  The cost of campaigning and the practice of near every candidate allows for nepatizm.  The misconduct of elected officials ethics like Reid and Polosi border on criminal misconduct, yet they are still in high office?

In this article below I pulled out something very interesting.  Also speaking to someone on the inside of the RNC re-molding, makes one think that just maybe Michael Steele will be the best thing to happen to the RNC.  We definitely need someone who will and can break the hold on the GOP by those elitist power brokers in Washington, bringing the RNC back to the grassroots.  That is what will save this Party from years of isolation and this Country from the one world mindset, if it is not too late.


R. George Dunn


Are Michael Steele's Days at the RNC Numbered?

The chairman's many verbal gaffes — as well as a whiff of scandal — may sink him.

March 13, 2009 - by Rick Moran

...There followed a succession of strange attacks on his own party that had people wondering just what it was he wanted to accomplish. In a New York Times interview, he opined that "I'm trying to move an elephant that's become mired in its own muck." He also said that the GOP were drunks in need of a 12-step program. He has referred to members of Congress as rodents:

Mr. Steele said he is in stage two of a two-stage process to reform and transform the Republican Party. He won't reveal details, because, "The mice who are scurrying about the Hill are upset because they no longer have access to the cheese, so they don't know what's going on." He says his process has been "insular" because he doesn't want people "pontificating" on his decisions or second-guessing them before they are made."



Sent: Friday, March 13, 2009 5:05 AM



It is the task of a true prophet to warn. We have recently heard such a clear warning of perilous days just ahead of us. The prophet is like a man who comes to warn a shepherd that ravenous wolves are approaching.


It then becomes the shepherd's task to appropriately discern the warning and to guide those in his care to a place of wisdom and security. I am not a prophet. I am a local pastor. I must ask myself what I am to do in light of hearing the warning from God. What should I say to those under my pastoral care?


First, I want my people to clearly hear the word. What is it saying and what is it not saying. Some have heard of fires and looting and their hearts are filled with fear. I am to assure my people that God is always completely in control. God is sovereign. Nothing takes place outside of his notice and counsel, and all things happen for his ultimate, highest glory. Even in the most troubling of times, our God knows exactly what he is doing.


Second, I want those I serve to know two things concerning God's wrath. First, some leaders in the church have sadly fallen into the deception that there is no such thing as the wrath of God. Roman 1:18 says, "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth." Some act in ungodly ways, others are ungodly by their suppressing the truth of God's wrath. Some leaders reduce, ignore and even ridicule anyone who reminds them of the certainty of God's wrath. Romans 2:5 also tells us clearly that the wrath of God is toward those whose hearts are hard and impenitent. This leads to the second element of understanding God's wrath. It is never, ever, ever poured out on the children of God. In I John 2:2 "He is the propitiation for our sins."  The word propitiation means "wrath quencher." What marvelous grace, what redemption! God's wrath at my rebellion and sin has been quenched on the Cross of Christ. Hard times come; rain falls even on the just but wrath does not.


Last, I am obligated to guide the flock given to me with loving-kindness and soberness. If a wolf or a storm is coming, I as a shepherd must know the conditions of my flock. Are any sitting on the fence? Warn them that this is no time for compromise or close affiliation with the world. Partying in the house of an Egyptian on the night of the Passover is definitely not a good idea. This is a time to stay close to the Chief Shepherd. This is also an opportunity for us to call out to those outside the gate. Jesus is the Door and has opened his heart. His cry it that all flee from wrath to come. More than shrinking behind a double-locked door or fleeing to a rural farm, this is a call from Jesus to move your life into the sheepfold.


When a prophet comes with a message of warning, often people want the prophet to give them specific advice about what to do in response. At times, God gives the prophet a word, but more often it is up to the shepherd, and even more so, up to every man of God to take the word into account for his own family. Just as a pastor has stewardship of the church, a man of God is to give an account of his own family. When one comes to warn that wolves are coming, it is not always his responsibility to tell them what to do. We can hear from God. Joseph heard God say to store up food for the season to come (Genesis 41). Moses heard God say to receive gifts from the Egyptians for their journey (Exodus12). We as well can hear from God for our situation. Sheep do hear the Shepherd's voice.


Jesus—in this hour, in this storm—will not only guide his people and comfort his flock but will also give them boldness, confidence and a heart to serve those troubled by the afflictions. A prophet once came to Paul and prophesied that if he went to Jerusalem he would be bound and put in prison. The prophet was faithful to give his word; it was up to Paul to hear from God how to deal with that warning. Paul, after hearing the prophecy, still decided to go to Jerusalem—willing to risk his life for the gospel (Acts 21). Some will hear and stay in a place of safety; others will hear and go to a place to serve. Some churches are positioned in cities that will need their spiritual strength and compassion. Perhaps the wisdom of Paul in Ephesians 5:15-18 speaks most to what we need, "Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit."





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Who is Geithner working for?

The Ghost of Geithner

Tara's Two Cents (View Blog)

POSTED March 12 2009 1:22 PM BY Tara Wall

Will the real Timothy Geithner please stand up? Is what we've seen thus far the true Geithner, his disembodied spirit, or is he in fact a disembodied spirit? I'm going with the apparition. Which begs the question, is he the ghost of economies past, present or future? No one, not even him, seems to know. As spirits go, they're partly transparent -- sometimes seen without being heard or heard without being seen. Geithner is good at both.

President Barack Obama's opened his economic briefing Wednesday at "a[n] obvious critical time in the world's economy," he said and handed it over to Geithner, on the heels of his visit to the G20 Summit. Watching the brief, bumbling and wholly unimpressive remarks by the Treasury secretary, left me in wonderment --- just who was there? I'm thinking: "I can see you, lips are moving, but I can't really hear you." With all the government spending, talk of transparency, bank bailouts that have gone bust, more questions than answers during his not so informational announcement to unveil the administration's economic plan, surely the Treasury secretary would use the briefing as an opportunity to provide more clarity to the murkiness surrounding his ghostliness. 

"Everything we do in the United States will be more effective if we have the world moving with us."

Pretty vague. Anything else?

"We have a lot of work to do, but I think we can make a lot of progress."

Wow. And just how will we do that? Can you offer some specifics? No, that was it!  With just a few pat lines in under ten seconds, Geithner was done. Ghosts (like magicians) are great at illusional mind tricks -- saying something without saying anything at all. The money man with his own money problems took no questions from reporters and left President Obama offering "just one last point" in an attempt to elaborate on what Geithner could have offered:

"We have already started laying the groundwork. you're starting to see a lot of coordination at various levels, both in terms of financial regulators and those who are shaping potential stimulus packages in their own countries."

So that's the answer, not only are we now in the trillions worth of stimulus and pork spending, but we're encouraging other countries (some of whom we're indebted to), to do the same thing. Now that's a plan! I'm no economist, but that sounds a little reckless and condescending. With the madman Madoff sent off to a jail cell, approximately $1.2 trillion dollars in spending signed into law by President Obama just inside of 50 days, banks using bailout money for more bonuses and oversees investing, Americans are sick and tired of being sick and tired. The last thing they need is more double-talk from the man at the top....


My comment:

If I did not know better, I would say Geittner was speaking as a lackey for the One World Order crowd, no, I don't know better. 
Are they all staging for the failure of the U.S. Dollar in order to convert our Nation into surrendering to the One World Currency? 
This is getting very serious Folks.  WE need answers, not blindsided double talk.  Are we not a free people?  Are we going to be spreading our dollars overseas?  Is that the general welfare of the American People, or the international bankers?
Time for an audit of the Federal Reserve and of the gold they are supposedly holding for our Country.  Imagine a private company having the treasure of Fort Knox.