April 02, 2009

America is stable the American Dollar is stable

China Emerges As Economic Powerhouse

CBS Evening News: Washington Has Borrowed $1 Trillion From China As Economies Become Increasingly Linked

(CBS)  China is roaring. It holds a trillion dollars of U.S. government IOUs - more than any other country.

The IOUs were loans to the United States that funded America's high spending lifestyle, reports CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen. If China stops loaning money, that lifestyle is doomed.

"Unfortunately, average Americans are going to see a decline in their standard of living," said Peter Schiff, the president of Euro Pacific Capital. "We have simply squandered our wealth. We've been living beyond our means for years and borrowing to do it and now we can't pay the bills."

A sign of China's rise: Its prime minister recently lectured the United States like a first world country nervous about the health of a third world economy.

"Request the U.S. to maintain its good credit and guarantee the safety of China's assets," Wen Jiabao said.
my comment:
It is in the best interest of the American people to realize that if we continue on the path we are on, the future is not healthy fiscally for a long long time, unless we  make our economy strong once again by implementing a tax structure change to the consumption tax and get back the jobs we have shared with the world and have essentially brought them into the 21st century.  If America is stable the American Dollar is stable.

Pro-Life Lawmakers King & Smith Stand Tall=Jobs can go a long way toward ending abortions, legal or not.

Representative King is also the Representative who gave a one hour Special Session of the Fair Tax plan.  Check out " A Statement from Congressman King on the Floor.
Jobs can go a long way toward ending abortions, legal or not.
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April 2, 2009  

Good News: Pro-Life Lawmakers Take a Stand
by Jennifer Mesko, editor

Special meeting on the House floor addresses Planned Parenthood, pro-abortion nominee Dawn Johnsen.

Pro-life members of the U.S. House of Representatives gathered for a special meeting Tuesday night to discuss the fight to protect life.

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, led the Pro-Life Special Order on the House floor and was joined by Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J. The hour-long discussion covered Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's recent award from Planned Parenthood; pro-abortion Justice nominee Dawn Johnsen; the pain felt by the preborn; and when life begins.

King said there are two questions every person must answer.

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Good News: Christians Continue to Give During Tough Times

Good News: Court Employees Can Resume Lunchtime Bible Study

Good News: FAA Employee Wins Religious-Speech Case







'The Passion of the Christ'
This is a story of unparalleled substance told with unprecedented style

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Family Man
Family Man offers a glimpse into the life and work of Dr. James Dobson, one of the most beloved leaders of our time. This is the first time a biographer has delved so deeply into his private life, providing a historical and cultural context for his work, and affording a balanced, honest look at what motivates the leader of Focus on the Family.





"Do you believe in the sanctity of human life? Once we establish the answer
'Yes,' the only question to follow is, 'Then at what instant does life begin?'
You have to choose an instant. You can't guess at it."

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa

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Jobs can go a long way toward ending abortions, legal or not.

Morning Bell: A Budget We Can Believe In


The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation


There are now two ten-year budget plans being offered in Washington. One budget dumps a staggering $9.6 trillion in new debt onto the American people; the other borrows $3.6 trillion less. One budget creates $63,000 in debt per household; the other creates $23,000 less. One budget raises taxes by $1.4 trillion; the other avoids all tax increases and even simplifies the tax code. One budget does nothing to address the unsustainable costs of Social Security and Medicaid; the other begins to reform these programs. One budget permanently raises federal spending to over 22% of GDP; the other lowers it to pre-recession levels.


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When President Barack Obama unveiled his budget he told the American people: "We need to be honest with ourselves about what costs are being racked up, because that's how we'll come to grips with the hard choices that lie ahead. And there are some hard choices that lie ahead." But then his budget went on to avoid all of those hard choices, instead moving to borrow and spend at historic levels. Yesterday, House Budget Committee ranking member Paul Ryan (R-WI) offered a clear alternative that does make hard choices. Heritage analyst Brian Riedl details what Ryan's budget does:

  • Freezes non-defense, non-veterans discretionary spending at its current level for five years.
  • Reforms entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid, which are currently growing 8 percent annually.
  • Takes back stimulus spending that would be spent in 2010 and beyond, when the recession is expected to be over.
  • Places a moratorium on earmarks until the system can be cleaned up.

The most ambitious part of Ryan's budget is the effort to contain the $43 trillion, 75-year unfunded liability in Social Security and Medicare. Specifically, it would slowly transition Medicare into a premium support program for individuals who are currently below age 55. This would provide seniors with a health plan similar to the one that Members of Congress and federal employees currently enjoy—one based on consumer choice and competition. The alternative budget would also allow future adjustments to Social Security benefits for upper-income seniors.

The alternative budget would also go a long way to restoring American competitiveness by making the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts permanent, lowering the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%, and simplifying the tax code by allowing individuals the choice of opting into a system with a 10% marginal tax rate on all incomes below $100,000 and 25% rate on incomes above $100,000. Even with all these changes, the alternative budget would bring in revenues averaging just below 18% of GDP, which is near the historical average.

The contrast the two budgets create could not be starker. President Obama's plan saddles Americans with historic tax increases, runaway spending and a doubling of the national debt. Ryan's alternative reins in spending, simplifies taxes and lessens the debt burden on American families. Which vision do you believe in?


North Korea has begun fueling a rocket for a ballistic missile launch, in what missile experts consider a definitive indication that the Communist state will launch it as early as this weekend.

On a party line vote, the House approved a bill empowering the Treasury Department to stop payment on any compensation that Treasury deems "unreasonable or excessive."
  The largest tobacco tax hike in American history is nearly three times as likely to affect low-income Americans as it is to affect high-income Americans.
  While 59% of all Americans disapprove of the Obama Administration's General Motors and Chrysler bailout, 57% of Democrats approve.
Iowa House of Representatives Speaker Pat Murphy (D) ordered Iowa State Patrol officers to remove more than 500 Iowans from a public hearing on a bill that would raise Iowans taxes by an estimated $595 million a year.

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Rep. Conyers weighing probe of ACORN & Obama ties

Rep. Conyers must be aware of how President Obama dangerous could become if this power through ACORN goes unchecked.  Thank you Representative Conyers.

Conyers weighing probe of ACORN

Defies voices in own party

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Opponents of the liberal activist group ACORN have found an unlikely champion in House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr., who is clashing with his own party to pursue hearings on accusations that the group has committed crimes ranging from voter fraud to a mob-style "protection" racket.

"I still want to do it and I probably will," Mr. Conyers, Michigan Democrat, told The Washington Times on Tuesday.

He dismissed the argument made by fellow Democrats that accusations of voter fraud and other crimes should be explored by prosecutors and decided in court, not by lawmakers in Congress.

"That's our jurisdiction, the Department of Justice," Mr. Conyers said. "That's what we handle - voter fraud. Unless that's been taken out of my jurisdiction and I didn't know it."

Mr. Conyers' continued commitment to hearings bristles Capitol Hill Democrats because it threatens to rekindle criticism of the financial ties and close cooperation between President Obama's campaign and ACORN and its sister organizations Citizens Services Inc. and Project Vote.

The groups came under fire during the campaign after probes into suspected voter fraud in a series of presidential battleground states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Mexico and Nevada.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, New York Democrat and chairman of the Judiciary subcommittee with the jurisdiction to conduct the hearing, said he does not think Congress is the place to hear criminal charges.

"It's not our business to say ACORN is terrible or ACORN is wonderful. That's not a congressional job," Mr. Nadler said. "The evidence - I've listened to it - I think most of it is nonsense. If it's true, it's a law enforcement matter."

However, he said he would bow to Mr. Conyers' request for a hearing. Mr. Conyers said he hasn't "pushed him yet."

ACORN officials, who have consistently denied any wrongdoing, said they welcomed a congressional probe.