June 27, 2014

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Independence Day!

Independence day is right around the corner! What a great time to celebrate and spend time with family. Why not also spend time with family helping save the country? Below is a email from Todd Courser with a list of some of the great conservative candidates running for office in Michigan. Please take the time to find someone you can support and do everything you can to get them elected. 

Your friends at the MITPHQ


Know about some great conservative events happening across the state? Do you want us to send out a email to our statewide email list promoting your upcoming event or 4th of July parade? Head over to themichiganteaparty.com and post your event! Early next week we will send out a email with conservative events from across the state. But you have to post them so we know about them!

From: Todd Courser
Subject: Change the House

Today we have some amazing fiscal and social Conservatives who are running for the State House! It is incredibly rare to find one true Conservative who is truly committed to his/her conservative principles, but in this election cycle we have many. Now is the time to step up and help push them to victory!  

If we do not actively engage in the struggle for freedom and push back on those who are stealing our liberty, then we will have no excuse when we get more of the same in our state and federal government! These candidates need all of our efforts!  Please prayerfully consider how you can help.

These Conservatives have stepped up to run for us, but they cannot do it alone. There are many ways you can assist, whether it be by giving financially, making calls for them, spending time with them hitting doors, or praying earnestly for them, to name a few. A great many talk about how the country is slipping away.  They attend meetings and talk about what needs to be done, but then go home and don't actually do anything past the point of talking.  We cannot sit and talk about why things are the way they are and how we hate how those who get elected will sell off our liberty.  Now is the time to act! This IS the moment where you have an opportunity to change that. The competition is working overtime to eliminate our true Conservatives and our Conservatives need your help! 


Thank you and God Bless you! 


Here is a list of some of the great conservatives that are running across the state. They need our help!


Matt Maddock for 15th District State Senate


Nick Sundquist for 34th District State Senate


Nick Hawatmeh for 25th District State Representative


Lana Theis for 42nd District State Representative


Mark Avery for 45th District State Representative


Wendy Day for 47th District State Representative


Hal Nottingham for 58th District State Representative


Phil Stinchcomb for 61st District State Representative


Frank Pfaff for 73rd District State Representative


Keith Allard for 76th District State Representative


Cindy Duran for 79th District State Representative


Cindy Gamrat for 80th District State Representative


Angela Rigas for 86th District State Representative


Geoff Haveman for 90th District State Representative


Gary Glenn for 98th District State Representative


Beau Vore for 104th District State Representative


Tristan Cole for 105th District State Representative


Michael Vickory 105th District State Representative

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