October 20, 2013

Reagan Speaks Out Against Obama Part 1 (+playlist)

Emery McClendon speaks truth about TeaParty 2013

2013 Tea Party Powwow Keynote Emery McClendon

By JGillman, Section News
Posted on Sat Oct 19, 2013 at 11:38:46 PM EST
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There is a great deal to cover on the tea party powwow in Mt. Pleasant today, but a little inspiration is in order.
With over three hundred tea party leaders representing over 50 organizations around the state, its safe to say the powwow was an incredible success.  A happy standing room only crowd with max seating in place should drive home the point that the Tea Party is hardly gone.
Emery McClendon is an Indiana Tea type who has become a sought after speaker at tea party events and was the winner of Americans for Prosperity's 2010 "Activist of the Year" award.  Enjoy.