April 09, 2010

Mike Huckabee analyzes the formation of the National Tea Party Federation-@foxnews Video

The Teaparty Quest is the Liberty of the Founders, not any personality.
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Subject: Huckabee analyzes the formation of the National Tea Party Federation Click the video link below

My opinion on the formation of the National Tea Party Federation is the same that the one of Huckabee.

There is much to be gained from it as the country needs to get the Country back and nor necessarily to get the Republican Party back.

Let me explain, we need to clean house in the Republican Party too, of the many liberals it has including its Chairman, McCain, etc.

I always would be ready to put a Conservative Democrat (an extremely difficult thing to find as of now) over a Liberal Republican.

I am sick and tired of the many Republicans that played with us giving us (Christians) lip service to get our votes and when in power did almost nothing to deliver their promises.

I believe that the fears of many Republicans that the NTPF may derail their Party is largely exaggerated.

I believe that the NTPF may provide the fear and the instruction that our politicians need to do the right thing.

The people that integrate the Tea Parties in their majority are much more aware of the different issues than the general population and would not be so easy manipulated.

The Tea Parties are perhaps the only hope to get our country back keeping our elected officials honest and Constitution abiding.

Pedro Sr

Senatus-Reid Threatens Action on Chinese Currency Legislation |Providence

The Senate could vote "by the end of May on legislation to prod China to raise the value of its currency, a spokeswoman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on Friday," Reuters reports. full article here
My comment:
Interesting, the most irresponsible currency chastises the most conservative currency for doing well, demanding hyperinflation of 40% in China or the USA will tax China imports 40%. Who will pay that tax?
Maybe you should look into how Chinese Goods are not carrying the burden of the Federal Tax revenue in the price of the product?  That simple FairTax Structure fix will adjust manufacturing imbalance with all imports <22%.
Take the USA Dollar out of the closet and let the adjustment begin. At the Same time implement the FairTax plan and go down in History as the Wisest era while in the midst of the most incompetent period of Governance.
China, side note. Try our U.S. Constitution and set your People at Liberty to self fulfill. You will flourish Well~

CatholicVoteAction.org formed a new partnership with the popular Catholic blog 'The American Papist' (AmP)

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Dear CatholicVote Member,

Have you seen CatholicVoteAction.org lately?  If not, be sure to check out the changes.

We are pleased to report that we have formed a new partnership with the popular Catholic blog The American Papist (AmP), along with its principal author – Thomas Peters.

Mr. Peters and his lively blog will now be featured exclusively on CVA!  The new alliance will provide you more excellent news and commentary on the Church, politics, and culture.

The American Papist partnership with CatholicVoteAction.org will also make us even stronger. The AmP blog regularly attracts nearly 300,000 visitors a month.  These new visitors will be encouraged to join our movement.  In fact, the updated site boldly states: our goal is to build, organize, and mobilize the largest movement of Catholic laity in American politics.

But guess what?  Non-Catholics are with us too!  During the Christmas break, we received thousands of year-end messages from our members, including many non-Catholics who are proud to be a part of CatholicVote.  Of course we are proud of our Catholic identity, but we are also humbled and encouraged by the response of non-Catholics who recognize the need to unite behind the goals of protecting life, faith, and family.

You'll see more authors coming to CatholicVoteAction.org in the weeks and months ahead.  And we have more things planned for the site as we prepare for the coming election.

We think you'll benefit immensely from the content available on the new CatholicVoteAction.org website. We're excited about this new partnership and look forward to a great 2010.

Make sure to keep coming back to see what everyone's talking about.


Brian Burch

P.S. CatholicVote and the American Papist share the same vision. We are called to 'open the doors' to Christ and bring His message to every corner of the world, including our public life as citizens in America.  Thank your for standing with us.

Check it out at www.CatholicVoteAction.org

NOTE: This message was paid for by CatholicVoteAction.org.  As a public policy advocacy organization, contributions to CatholicVoteAction.org are NOT tax-deductible. Contributions to CatholicVote.org remain tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 

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CatholicVote and the American Papist share the same vision. We are called to 'open the doors' to Christ and bring His message to every corner of the world, including our public life as citizens in America.  Thank your for standing with us.

FairTax Friday | Tax Day, 2010--Stand Up for America! * Operation FairTax and Storm the Hill: 4/14-16



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Weekly Feature

Tax Day, 2010 - Stand Up for America!
Your invitation to help write history and save the nation

Boortz headshot Hundreds of thousands of Americans from across the nation will arrive in Washington, D.C. April 15th either digitally or in person to protest an out of control and badly corrupted federal tax system. You are invited.

"We're standing up for our country and against a tax system that is very good for the political class and very bad for the economy and most Americans," said Ken Hoagland, FairTax National Campaign Chairman. "We are rocking the boat to send a strong and unmistakable message to Washington that enough is enough!" said Hoagland.

hoagland headshot"If you can travel to Washington, D.C. on April 15th you will be surprised to see how many different groups and tax reformers have come together at our joint rally at Freedom Plaza the morning of April 15th," said Hoagland. "This is an invitation to all to join us either on line or in person at what will be a historic tax protest within sight of the IRS," he said. "But if you cannot attend this important protest rally in person, by all means, join a quarter of a million other Americans in the Fairtax sponsored, Online Tax Revolt."

To join the online tax revolt click here.
To RSVP to "Operation FairTax" and "Storm The Hill" FairTax Conference click here.

Freedom Plaza at 14th and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, is the site of the Online Tax Revolt Rally featuring many different tax reform and grassroots groups together for the first time. FairTaxers will be joined by Flat Taxers, Reagan tax cutters, Tea Party activists and Members of Congress determined to win fundamental tax reform. "It is a new day when we can bring together so many who have debated each other so passionately in the past under one unified theme—fix the broken tax system!" said Hoagland.

"There is power in numbers and the combined membership of all these groups numbers near a million people," said Hoagland. "We will raise our voices together with such determination and purpose that even the tone deaf will finally hear our demand for an end to what is crippling our economy and corrupting public policy," he said.

Tax Day Protest Rally, April 15th, 2010

Schedule of Events:

Online Tax Revolt Joint Rally

WHEN: Thursday, April 15, 2010, 1:00 a.m. EDT

WHERE: Freedom Plaza - On Pennsylvania Avenue Between 13th and 14th Streets, N.W. Washington, D.C.

WHAT: Tax Reform Rally and Protest

Read more on the days Schedule»

Operation FairTax and Storm the Hill:

April 14th - April 16th

Wednesday, April 14th

6pm - Registration check-in begins

8pm - Midnight - "Meet and Greet" & Storm the Hill organizational briefing

Thursday, April 15th -

11am - Storm the Hill rally begins at "Freedom Plaza", 14th and Pennsylvania Ave.

11am - 1pm - Period scheduled for speakers include FairTax champions Neal Boortz and Ken Hoagland, and the perennial favorite - "Joe the Plumber".

1pm to 5pm - Storm the Hill! - Enter the halls of Congress and visit your Representative's and/or Senator's office.

7pm to Midnight - "Hospitality Night", - after a long day of Storming the Hill and other activities, take a little time to stop by the Hospitality room. A great place just to kick back and relax for a while after a long day on the hill. Talk with some old FairTax friends or make some new ones. At any rate, catch your breath, the conference is the next day and it promises to be somewhat demanding.

Read more on the days Schedule»

Freedom Works Tax Day Tea Party at the Washington Monument:

A gathering of Tea Party activists and others lead by Dick Armey and featuring noted speakers, music and entertainment.

Who: FreedomWorks Foundation

What: April 15th, 2010 Tax Day Tea Party in Washington, DC

When: April 15th, evening, (tentatively 6:00pm to 9:30pm)

Read more on the days Schedule»

Schedule for April 15th, 2010 Tax Day Tea Party in Washington, DC

Here is a tentative schedule of speakers and music for the FreedomWorksTax Day Tea Party in Washington, DC.

9:00am FreedomWorks Liberty Summit

1:00pm Grassroots Lobbying on Capitol Hill

6:00pm Crowd gathers at The Washington Monument

6:10pm Music begins

6:15pm Welcome and First Speaker

Read more on the days Schedule»

FairTax News

In "Washington Whispers" by US News and World Report

Top Ten Things Wrong with the Income Tax System
by: Ken Hoagland

  1. It's too complicated. Even a degree in rocket science won't save you from 67,500 pages of all but indecipherable tax code regulations. It confuses the IRS, the Secretary of Treasury and even the former Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. It's an annual nightmare that has spawned a tax industry based on complexity created by our own government.
  2. It's too expensive. The complexity of the code costs a lot of money—more than $310 billion last year on the paperwork alone. Small businesses often pay more in paperwork expenses than the taxes they pay. Can any law be just, much less efficient, that costs so much to obey?
  3. It's unfair. Income is commonly double and triple taxed, married people pay a higher rates than singles living together and Congress' mistake in failing to index the Alternative Minimum Tax for inflation now threatens to define as "wealthy" those with as little as $80,000 a year income. How just can a tax be that rewards those who hide income either here or offshore or have tax lobbyists to broker special deals?
  4. It damages the economy. Income taxes are levied on work, savings and investments. In essence, the government grows by taking money from what makes the economy grow. Such a system retards capital formation, job growth and a higher savings rate and, as such, stymies economic growth or recovery.
  5. It's been corrupted. More than a billion dollars a year is spent lobbying the tax code. Congress has sold off two to three tax breaks a day every day they've been in session for the last 20 years. It makes Congressmen powerful and lobbyists rich and creates a tax system with more loopholes than Swiss cheese. It's very lucrative for those in Washington and very bad for those without a lobbyist.
  6. It undermines American companies. Foreign governments often forgo domestic taxes on products for sale overseas. American companies don't get that break and carry the second highest corporate tax rate in the world, employee FICA taxes and significant tax compliance costs as the cost of doing business here. It puts the "Made in America" label at a significant producer price disadvantage and drives jobs overseas.

Read more»

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We're standing up for our country and against a tax system that is very good for the political class and very bad for the economy and most Americans," said Ken Hoagland, FairTax National Campaign Chairman. "We are rocking the boat to send a strong and unmistakable message to Washington that enough is enough!" said Hoagland.