April 09, 2010

Senatus-Reid Threatens Action on Chinese Currency Legislation |Providence

The Senate could vote "by the end of May on legislation to prod China to raise the value of its currency, a spokeswoman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on Friday," Reuters reports. full article here
My comment:
Interesting, the most irresponsible currency chastises the most conservative currency for doing well, demanding hyperinflation of 40% in China or the USA will tax China imports 40%. Who will pay that tax?
Maybe you should look into how Chinese Goods are not carrying the burden of the Federal Tax revenue in the price of the product?  That simple FairTax Structure fix will adjust manufacturing imbalance with all imports <22%.
Take the USA Dollar out of the closet and let the adjustment begin. At the Same time implement the FairTax plan and go down in History as the Wisest era while in the midst of the most incompetent period of Governance.
China, side note. Try our U.S. Constitution and set your People at Liberty to self fulfill. You will flourish Well~

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