April 09, 2010

Mike Huckabee analyzes the formation of the National Tea Party Federation-@foxnews Video

The Teaparty Quest is the Liberty of the Founders, not any personality.
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Subject: Huckabee analyzes the formation of the National Tea Party Federation Click the video link below

My opinion on the formation of the National Tea Party Federation is the same that the one of Huckabee.

There is much to be gained from it as the country needs to get the Country back and nor necessarily to get the Republican Party back.

Let me explain, we need to clean house in the Republican Party too, of the many liberals it has including its Chairman, McCain, etc.

I always would be ready to put a Conservative Democrat (an extremely difficult thing to find as of now) over a Liberal Republican.

I am sick and tired of the many Republicans that played with us giving us (Christians) lip service to get our votes and when in power did almost nothing to deliver their promises.

I believe that the fears of many Republicans that the NTPF may derail their Party is largely exaggerated.

I believe that the NTPF may provide the fear and the instruction that our politicians need to do the right thing.

The people that integrate the Tea Parties in their majority are much more aware of the different issues than the general population and would not be so easy manipulated.

The Tea Parties are perhaps the only hope to get our country back keeping our elected officials honest and Constitution abiding.

Pedro Sr

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