December 28, 2009

Twitter discussion on how to fix Michigan~George Lists Way

Had a Twitter discussion on what to do about Michigan, Lt. Gov. Cherry wanting to tax clean water, and the GOP knowing more taxes will chase even more jobs from our State.  The question seems to bring it right to point match.  Time to act is now, like never before is time so precious.
Michigan GOP
Monday 28 Dec 08:15 via web
@migop: Reading Chairman Weiser's letter to the editor: "Cherry can't tax MI to prosperity." #tcot #gop
Jeremy Peters
Mon 28 Dec 09:47 via TweetDeck
@jeremypeters: @MIGOP, You can't cut your way to prosperity either, so what's your solution? Slash & hatchet fire, police, roadwork?
Mon 28 Dec 19:30 via Tweetdeck
@RGeorgeDunn: @jeremypeters,To fix MI~
(took several Tweets so I bulleted here)
  • cut non-essential away for few years;
  • change tax structure 2 MiFairTax or better if available;
  • Reform health care 2 consumer directed health plans-HSA;
  • Invent savings by piggy backing HSA with/IRA;  
  • Voucher children 4 freedom;
  • end Proposal A 4 wisdom;
  • Support Fed. FairTax Plan by Resolution 4 jobs.
  • horizontal drilling under Lakes
  • coal/natural gas plants
By combining HSA/IRA with/MIFairTax/FairTax & cleaning of non-essentials,...
#migop #rightmi
R. George Dunn

The Foundry~The Health Care Fight is Not Over

The Foundry

The Health Care Fight is Not Over

Although the left has been celebrating the passage of Obamacare in the Senate as further evidence that the President's health care reform initiative is a done deal the health care reform fight is not over. The truth is that this bill can not yet be transmitted to the President until very different versions of Obamacare are reconciled. The House and Senate must agree on what to send to the President for his signature before this fight is over.

There are key differences between the House and Senate approaches to Obamacare as explained by Nina Owcharenko and Robert E. Moffit, Ph.D. in a paper published by the Heritage Foundation lists 6 key differences between the two bills. Procedurally, the House passed a version of Obamacare with a public option, an income surtax and with strong language forbidding the use of federal monies to fund abortion. The Senate chose not to take up the House bill and passed a version of Obamacare with no public option, taxes on expensive health care plans and with weak language forbidding the use of federal funds for abortion. Sens. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have since blocked the appointment of conferees to reconcile the differing versions of Obamacare. The options liberals have to get the bill to the President's desk are therefore limited.

The Senate refused to take up the House bill and many claimed that the House bill was dead on arrival in the Senate. Presumably the Senate bill can't pass the House, because of the more liberal abortion language, the radically different tax provisions and the lack of a public option. That leaves a so called "ping-pong" strategy where the House can either take up and pass the Senate version of Obamacare or they can take up the Senate bill, amend it, then send it back to the Senate. The Senate would then have the same option: take up and pass or amend and send back to the House. This ping-pong between chambers can happen a few times before the issue loses steam or the bill gets sent back and forth too many times to comply with the rules of the House and Senate... full article

My Comment:
Time changes a lot of power base deals.  By the time the objected conferee ping pong efforts are completed, the people will have their spittle's red hot and ready to use. 
Then there is the rule change in the HCR caught by Senator Jim DeMint, that by Senate Rule calls for a 67 vote total to pass the Resolution.  That was not honored and is subject to U. S. District Court proceedings, thus moving the timeline down the road again.
There are now at least ten State AG's adding their name to a list of inquiry of the Constitutional premise of the HCR, in several facts of inquiry.  This is a paramount move by States to challenge the unconstitutional conduct of DC. Don't know if it has been done before but in the burning camp fires of the Patriots this is a resounding Hoorahhh~ States are waking up to their Sovereignty out of necessity.
Their are Caucus and other groups forming strategy to bring the HCR to Court.  The groundswell continues as the facts of the HCR fly out over hyperspace, the only place of Truth to be found and it is waking up the masses on both sides of the isle.
The best cure for more affordability is to have States' mandate consumer directed health plans, HSAs. 
 If you add to that plan an IRA, it will empower the individual to be competitive, will provide a much lower Health plan cost by the young people contributing.  They too will get old one day.  Or states can go the capitalist route and demand you find a job to pay for your own plan.  That will entail the changing of the Tax structure so we can get jobs back to the USA, namely implementing the FairTax Plan.
Then there is Scott Brown, whose running in the race in MA to replace Ted Kennedy.  His ground swell went National on Sunday 12/27th and Patriots everywhere are joining up on the evident confidence that if State Senator Brown is elected, that would give the GOP a 41 vote filibuster proof.
My constant wonder is how cuffed the Inspector Generals are.  The first one to hit the fan, fired for doing his job, has left the news silent on Inspectors and all the corruption in the hyperspace, proof positive, and nothing is done. Maybe the States need to form their own watch dog AG.
Who know if the Stimulus money is not being used, and just not reported?  With that kind of funding, one could mastermind quite a plan of evil powermongering.
It is time to get the GOP on the stick and have them repent of their unconstitutional conduct, take classes on the Constitution and make it required reading for every American, classrooms most of all.

Heritage Foundation~Immigration Reform Bill Undermines Enforcement|Send terrorists to Military Trial

Heritage Foundation

Immigration Reform Bill Undermines Enforcement

On December 15, Representative Luis Gutierrez of Illinois introduced his version of Comprehensive Immigration Reform to the House of Representatives. Amongst its many provisions, the bill would eliminate the successful 287(g) immigration enforcement program in which local law enforcement are trained and deputized by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to carry out federal immigration law.

Yet, Gutierrez's bill is not the only blow made against 287(g) this year. Following an early 2009 GAO report that resulted in claims of racial profiling and a lack oversight and direction within 287(g), the Obama administration announced changes to the Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) that are signed by participating agencies. Law enforcement must now pursue the criminal charges for which an illegal alien is arrested rather than simply initiating removal, and are to limit immigration status checks to only those arrested for "major" offenses. These changes were a strike against the very heart of the program..full article

My Comment
The failure of the Federal Government to enforce the National Borders will lead to putting up check points on all of the State Border entry points to eliminate illegals.
 "To Form A More Perfect Union" by Chief Justice John G. Roberts,Jr speaks loudly for the continued need of unity amongst the States.  With the Federal Government ignoring their mandated responsibility and their continued invasion of State Sovereignty, the inevitable will happen.
Without secure borders, the fiscal future of the USA is in great peril.  The forced alliance with border Nations is the highest form of treason to the Constitution.  Only if Mexico and Canada breaks into Sovereign States and chose to become sovereign States of the USA under the Constitution, would such a melding be right.  Of course with the tyranny of D.C., who would want that, I don't?

The Impact of the Tea Parties - Pat Cadell, Political Analyst - Excellent!

 The Impact of the Tea Parties - Pat Cadell, Political Analyst:                                        - Excellent!

Great analysis of the Tea Party Movement from noted political strategist, former writer from The West Wing, Pat Cadell. He mentions that Chris Dodd, an old buddy of his, has his political days numbered. Says the press just ignores the corruption in Washington. Cadell is concerned about the reaction of the MSM and the government, and is impressed at the efficacy of the Internet.  Says the Republicans may pick up seats in the election of 2010 because Tea Partiers want to throw a monkey wrench into the machinery of government (shrewd insight).  At the same time he criticizes Republicans amongst others for allowing the bailouts and the bonuses after not even reading the bill!

Cadell rambles in rapid fire, attacking both the government and the mainstream media.

The MSM minus FOX asked about the Tea Parties: "Who are these yahoos?" 

MSM about the Tea Parties:  "This notion ... that they were ...Republican robots... These were basically local people doing local organization. And the issue driving is not taxes; it's spending! " (Bob MacGuffie finally exonerated...)

Catch these remarks:  "These things should have been a warning." "We're heading for I think a different kind of politics." "The Democrats are on the verge of falling off a cliff. They have no clue it's coming."

About the Tea Partiers:  "These people who are willing to have a peaceful protest to be heard; they're the people standing between Washington and the pitchforks. You marginalize them and you'll get a whole different kind of reaction... This is a moment of truth here. And it was beyond belief..."  

Jim Azzola