December 28, 2009

Heritage Foundation~Immigration Reform Bill Undermines Enforcement|Send terrorists to Military Trial

Heritage Foundation

Immigration Reform Bill Undermines Enforcement

On December 15, Representative Luis Gutierrez of Illinois introduced his version of Comprehensive Immigration Reform to the House of Representatives. Amongst its many provisions, the bill would eliminate the successful 287(g) immigration enforcement program in which local law enforcement are trained and deputized by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to carry out federal immigration law.

Yet, Gutierrez's bill is not the only blow made against 287(g) this year. Following an early 2009 GAO report that resulted in claims of racial profiling and a lack oversight and direction within 287(g), the Obama administration announced changes to the Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) that are signed by participating agencies. Law enforcement must now pursue the criminal charges for which an illegal alien is arrested rather than simply initiating removal, and are to limit immigration status checks to only those arrested for "major" offenses. These changes were a strike against the very heart of the program..full article

My Comment
The failure of the Federal Government to enforce the National Borders will lead to putting up check points on all of the State Border entry points to eliminate illegals.
 "To Form A More Perfect Union" by Chief Justice John G. Roberts,Jr speaks loudly for the continued need of unity amongst the States.  With the Federal Government ignoring their mandated responsibility and their continued invasion of State Sovereignty, the inevitable will happen.
Without secure borders, the fiscal future of the USA is in great peril.  The forced alliance with border Nations is the highest form of treason to the Constitution.  Only if Mexico and Canada breaks into Sovereign States and chose to become sovereign States of the USA under the Constitution, would such a melding be right.  Of course with the tyranny of D.C., who would want that, I don't?

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