December 28, 2009

The Impact of the Tea Parties - Pat Cadell, Political Analyst - Excellent!

 The Impact of the Tea Parties - Pat Cadell, Political Analyst:                                        - Excellent!

Great analysis of the Tea Party Movement from noted political strategist, former writer from The West Wing, Pat Cadell. He mentions that Chris Dodd, an old buddy of his, has his political days numbered. Says the press just ignores the corruption in Washington. Cadell is concerned about the reaction of the MSM and the government, and is impressed at the efficacy of the Internet.  Says the Republicans may pick up seats in the election of 2010 because Tea Partiers want to throw a monkey wrench into the machinery of government (shrewd insight).  At the same time he criticizes Republicans amongst others for allowing the bailouts and the bonuses after not even reading the bill!

Cadell rambles in rapid fire, attacking both the government and the mainstream media.

The MSM minus FOX asked about the Tea Parties: "Who are these yahoos?" 

MSM about the Tea Parties:  "This notion ... that they were ...Republican robots... These were basically local people doing local organization. And the issue driving is not taxes; it's spending! " (Bob MacGuffie finally exonerated...)

Catch these remarks:  "These things should have been a warning." "We're heading for I think a different kind of politics." "The Democrats are on the verge of falling off a cliff. They have no clue it's coming."

About the Tea Partiers:  "These people who are willing to have a peaceful protest to be heard; they're the people standing between Washington and the pitchforks. You marginalize them and you'll get a whole different kind of reaction... This is a moment of truth here. And it was beyond belief..."  

Jim Azzola

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