March 10, 2010

RWC compared FairTax Bill w/ FlatTax Bill |my comment: Give us Liberty or...

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Fair, Flat, and Current Tax

Over the entire weekend and during most of my free moments at work today, I spent time reviewing the proposed bills for Fair and Flat taxes. I had a general understanding beforehand, but now feel overwhelmed and stupefied by the amount of information that I took in. One thing that I am certain of after reading these documents is that the current tax system is a joke. Take for instance the now well know picture of Rep John Linder (R-GA) shown below:  full article here
my comment:
"...getting rid of all those pesky taxes that companies have to pay just to do business," RWC.  Fairtax also takes those pesky taxes companies pay by passing on to the cost of product and lowers price 22%.  Imagine how much of an ability to compete with imports that will create!
When asked about socialism, President Reagan said, "There are two places Socialism works, in Heaven where they don't need it and in Hell, where they already have it."  The prebate in FairTax is sitting on that fine line with one quality that no other social program can provide, permanence. This unique program provides every citizen, rich or poor, the same tax break on the essentials of life. 
The Prebate is not distributing of wealth, but putting everyone on the same plane of existence for taxing to begin.  It is not progressive, other then to determine the ceiling cutoff of the poverty wage.  But remember, it is the limit put on for every citizen, legal American. Look at it as a little bit of Heaven for every citizen, without the fear of a coming hell and fits the true definition of General Welfare in the Constitution's attitude of Many, one.
FairTax is a gift of God as our Constitution. The Flat income tax is continuing with the same we have now, with greed running congress, not the Constitution for We the People.  We will still have our same lobby system whereas with FairTax, what tax Law will they tinker with. 
President Reagan gave us a somewhat flat tax and it has been amended over 1,200 times.  Why not save us all the paperwork and stop the insanity we call DC Shadow. Join the battle in DC Tax Rebellion April 14th thru 16th.  Find it at  Our freedom is in the FairTax HR 25 & SR 296.  Give us Liberty or...

Bay City needs it's residents to vote for getting a Google Test fiber-optics network

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