February 22, 2010

@GlennBeck not really as conservative as he wants us to think

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I agree with your assessment. Don't' forget that Steve Forbes wheels
tremendous weight on FOX and has his own show on Saturday AM.
Beck had one of Reagan's economists on last week and he,
(Langden?)probably don't have the name correct, admitted that Reagan's
tax cuts were basically a "flat tax". History repeating itself? If
they don't get rid of the 16th amendment we will end up in the same
mess as we are in today.
Beck, although having informative criteria, sometimes speaks with
forked tongue. If Beck really wanted to do "the right thing" he should
come right out and say what it is that he doesn't like about the
FairTax (H. R. 25) with 61 sponsors versus the Flat Tax (H. R. 1040)
with only 5 sponsors. How about a GOOD INFORMATIVE DEBATE Glenn?
The real problem with Dick Armey (one of the "flat tax" architects -
Ask Dennis Calibrese at www.FairTax.org ) and Newt is if they support
the FairTax it will take away the Congress and Senate's ability to
'TINKER WITH THE TAX CODE". Don't ever forget the approximately 80% of
the 34,000 plus lobbyists in Washington deal with taxes. "We won't tax
you and me but we will tax the guy over underneath that tree".
Passing the FairTax would take "POWER" from the legislature and
return the "POWER" to the people. That my friends is the real FEAR
regarding the FairTax.

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Beck supports many good points but when you read his 9/12 platform it
is clear he is a Flat Tax supporter. I guess he's not a conservative
in the area of our interest. Probably getting good donations from some
who cherish the income tax system.

Larry Walters, Longwood, FL

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We really have to get after Beck. He continues to ignore us and the TEA
Party movement. He also continues to promote various income taxes.

I thought I heard that Michael Reagan is going to be on Cavuto's show
on Fox Business News?

Best regards, Al Ose


My comment:

The establishment GOP what we call RINO, has circled the wagons on the
approaching FairTax for fear of DC losing it's strangle hold on power/money
control. The Dick Armey so called Teaparty group Freedom something has total
control over the 'Contract from America pushed by Newt and a few other at
CAPC10. That contract did a survey and had it's lead question beign in
favor of FairTax 2 to 1 over any other question and with the flat tax nearly
without a vote. Yet Armey and the RINOs had the question on FairTax

If there is any doubt as to the value of FairTax for our Liberty, look to
how scared the RINO establishment is of it, to remove it from the teaparty
platform by tyranny.

Never quit praying for GOD's direction and guidance

From: "Amy Walker"
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Subject: Never quit praying for GOD's direction and guidance
I pray the Obamas will be willing to repent of their ways and I pray
Gov Huckabee will  be the ambassador GOD uses to get that message
across. We must be very diligent in prayer for Gov Huckabee as every
person who has agreed to work with them seems to sell out. I am
confident Gov. Huckabee is sagacious and stalwart in his reliance and
submission to GOD the Father and His direction through His SPIRIT,
however, we must never get over confident and think that we can do
anything through our own strength, even after coming out the victor
from battles fought and won by the hand of GOD. If we ever think that
now we can fight even a tiny battle on our own, we will lose. Remember
Moses, even needed help to keep his arms up in the battle.

This interview although graciously and respectfully carried out by Gov
Huckabee, was treading on dangerous ground because by the very nature
of the radical policies that Obama worldview is based and founded on,
and many foundational conservative issues were skirted in order to
accomplish the interview. I don't believe the Obamas are evil people.
However I do firmly believe that they are being controlled by evil and
unless they repent of that they will be overcome by the evil they are
embracing and portending to be progressive and helpful for our country.

This reminds me of a true story of an Irish priest named O'Flarherty in
Rome, back in WWII. This priest was responsible for saving the lives of
over 5000 allied soldiers and Jews who would have become prisoners or
killed by the Nazis without his commitment to freedom. The Nazi Colonel
Herbert Kappler, knew the priest was helping the allies escape and
trying to catch him and even kill him many many many times, but GOD was
with him. Just before the allied forces freed Rome, the Colonel asked
to meet secretly (at gun point, ironic, huh?) with the priest. 
Kappler, told the priest that he knew the priest was smuggling out
prisoners and told him to save his family from being killed by
partisans. O'Flarherty, had seen all the evil this man had done with no
apology and angrily refused to save the colonel's family. The priest
said, "They are just an extension of you! They have taken everything
they could get with no regard for the suffering around them. " And yet
Kappler later learned that his family had indeed been smuggled out to
safety. Kappler was held in an Italian prison and had only one visitor
during his life sentence... yep, it was the priest O'Flarherty who came
every single month to see him and in 1959,  Kappler was baptized into
the Catholic Church by the same priest.  O'Flarherty, was not just a
Catholic priest, I believe he had a true salvation relationship with
CHRIST, (even though he didn't call it that) and that is what enabled
him to forgive, help and love a man who carried out so much evil. Obama
in a way, reminds me of Kappler, Michelle Obama, like Kappler's wife a
beautiful, loving, socialite who would never believe her husband as
doing anything evil, just doing his job in service to his country. Mike
Huckabee is very like O'Flarherty and I hope GOD will use him as He did

By the way, if you would like to see a re-enactment of this WWII actual
account, watch The Scarlet and The Black, Starring Gregory Peck and
Christopher Plummer. You will be glued to your seat by this
inspirational, exciting and amazing story of what faith in GOD,
commitment to people and the love of freedom will do!  it is available
on DVD

I must commend Govornor Huckabee for always showing the love and
forbearance of CHRIST in wanting to always find somthing good in
everyone. He was as usual, gracoius and respectful of First Lady,
Michelle Obama and did a better job than I would have done.

Fox anchors most wanted to know answer from First Lady: How do you have
such nicely toned arms? My question for her is a little different: How
can you sleep at night knowing your husband's policies are killing
millions of babies? How can you even continue with your life as usual,
knowing your husband is the most divisive, most liberal and most
pro-death elected official of all time?

Michelle Obama is so proud of the fact that her children got to travel
around the world and meet world famous figures, but she refuses to
acknowledge the responsibility to use the American taxpayers money
wisely, NOT flying all over the world on frivolous trips for their own
glory, enjoyment or agenda, or flying across the country for a haircut
or dinner. If She cares so much about families why doesn't she start by
defending the traditional core family and traditional marriage, instead
of backing and befriending perverted special interest groups that
actually promote pedophiles and child abuse!

If she cares so much for children, why as I said above can she even for
a moment sit by and casually smile while babies are being heinously and
painfully murdered! At least a fat kid is alive and most likely very
much loved!! Despite this one effort on her part to gain some approval
from Americans, she will not redeem herself to me or I dare say many
millions of Americans, until she supports LIFE AT ALL LEVELS! Not just
privileged kids from Chicago!

Support the Human Life Amendment and save lives. Children's lives are
stake far greater by your husband's policies than ever have been
through obesity as bad as that is!