February 22, 2010

@GlennBeck not really as conservative as he wants us to think

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I agree with your assessment. Don't' forget that Steve Forbes wheels
tremendous weight on FOX and has his own show on Saturday AM.
Beck had one of Reagan's economists on last week and he,
(Langden?)probably don't have the name correct, admitted that Reagan's
tax cuts were basically a "flat tax". History repeating itself? If
they don't get rid of the 16th amendment we will end up in the same
mess as we are in today.
Beck, although having informative criteria, sometimes speaks with
forked tongue. If Beck really wanted to do "the right thing" he should
come right out and say what it is that he doesn't like about the
FairTax (H. R. 25) with 61 sponsors versus the Flat Tax (H. R. 1040)
with only 5 sponsors. How about a GOOD INFORMATIVE DEBATE Glenn?
The real problem with Dick Armey (one of the "flat tax" architects -
Ask Dennis Calibrese at www.FairTax.org ) and Newt is if they support
the FairTax it will take away the Congress and Senate's ability to
'TINKER WITH THE TAX CODE". Don't ever forget the approximately 80% of
the 34,000 plus lobbyists in Washington deal with taxes. "We won't tax
you and me but we will tax the guy over underneath that tree".
Passing the FairTax would take "POWER" from the legislature and
return the "POWER" to the people. That my friends is the real FEAR
regarding the FairTax.

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Beck supports many good points but when you read his 9/12 platform it
is clear he is a Flat Tax supporter. I guess he's not a conservative
in the area of our interest. Probably getting good donations from some
who cherish the income tax system.

Larry Walters, Longwood, FL

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We really have to get after Beck. He continues to ignore us and the TEA
Party movement. He also continues to promote various income taxes.

I thought I heard that Michael Reagan is going to be on Cavuto's show
on Fox Business News?

Best regards, Al Ose


My comment:

The establishment GOP what we call RINO, has circled the wagons on the
approaching FairTax for fear of DC losing it's strangle hold on power/money
control. The Dick Armey so called Teaparty group Freedom something has total
control over the 'Contract from America pushed by Newt and a few other at
CAPC10. That contract did a survey and had it's lead question beign in
favor of FairTax 2 to 1 over any other question and with the flat tax nearly
without a vote. Yet Armey and the RINOs had the question on FairTax

If there is any doubt as to the value of FairTax for our Liberty, look to
how scared the RINO establishment is of it, to remove it from the teaparty
platform by tyranny.

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