December 07, 2011

A day in the after Cain Transition 12/07/2012 ~RGeorgeDunn

Ron Paul has recently spoke to the need of a transitional time for gaining constitutional conduct. This is a wise admission as it will take a long period to provide for all investment in SSI by every citizen is honored. But that now brings Doctor Paul to the question of how you going to afford it and save this nation fiscally? The only way we can afford it is by getting the Federal Governments taxation out of the price of domestic product so we can get back all those US Industry that migrated overseas. That is endorsing the FairTax.

If we could justly cut the 90% unconstitutional spending overnight, we would not need FairTax as FairTax not including the prebate, would drop to about 4% tax. As it stands today, just speaking to the taxes collected, and not the 40%+ spending over tax revenue due to 50% of the Nation under-employed or worse, FairTax will need to be at 19% plus the prebate of 4%, which you get back.

Though I have defended Doctor Paul for many years, he is still pre-occupied by being on the Wall warning this Nation. We are at the end of the rope of fiscal distribution of America to the world via our tax structure. If we do not heed most of Doctor Paul's warnings, we will see the end of the Constitution completed and all those contingency plans put into play.

Doctor Paul is also scared badly by those anarchists who adhere to Constitutionalist principles, making him look bad. It is my opinion that Gary Johnson would be the one Patton hand off from Paul, who would be a great president. The charges of libertarianism is a false, as the Constitution is already libertarian in it's definition of enumerated powers, which says the Federal Government has no power over morals or property.

Coming out in support of Gary Johnson now though and not allowing for a candidate with some traction to endorse FairTax would be foolish or would it not?

If we elect a candidate that does not support FairTax, by compromising in this primary, we will not survive the fiscal mess we are about to hit.  The EU is needing 100 Trillion bailout and the world GDP is 70 trillion. The USA is now owing more then our GDP is for a year. The entire world has made the US Currency their default world currency, so if we do not get the USA fiscal house in order, we will be wiping out the world economy.  This will create such a vacuum that those plans for just in case we collapse will kick in and Marshal law will permeate the world.

If we were to elect a RINO who refuses to give up their gravy train of amending the IRS code, that greed will be our destruction. If Newt does the Romney dance and promises us FairTax, with no plan to deliver, we lose.  On the top of this perilous need, there is the need of gaining a congress that will pass FairTax. 

With Cain being cut asunder by the MSM and by other unmentionable reasons, we are suddenly without any traction for FairTax. Had Mr. Cain not been the FairTaxer, we would be seeing Gary Johnson on top.  This New Media needs to wake up to how powerful they have become and do something about this.


If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.