January 09, 2014

The last thing we need to do is cut the safety net first

There are extenuating circumstance that does say we must not pull out the safety net when the law is such to kill jobs. We are now over 50% unemployed or under employed. When we place a 22% excise tax on our own domestic goods by using the IRS production tax code in a free trade environment, you lose all your manufacturing to importers. How can anyone survive on incomes that don't exist or so suppressed by government laws?

The Federal Reserve squashed employment by maintaining a 5% or higher unemployment pool in order to keep corporations from having to pay a reasonable fair wage created by wage inflation. Workers in the USA have continued to lose ground and we have gone from one wage earner sustaining a family to almost 3 today.

Time to change, not dig in as the darkness envelopes us.

Why not make all of the USA a promise zone and change the tax structure to a consumption tax, FairTax!

The path off this precarious limb the USA is on: