April 30, 2009

American Spectator article on Fair Tax Plan

American Spectator

Not Fair Weather Friends

Covering the nationwide Tea Parties held in various cities on Tax Day, Southern Political Report's Tom Baxter wrote of the Atlanta event: "What it looked like most of all was a Fair Tax rally. Advocates of the national sales tax idea looked like the largest and most enthusiastic contingent in the crowd." Conservative commentator Sean Hannity agreed, pronouncing Atlanta "Fair Tax land."

And indeed it was. Watching Fox News coverage of the local tax revolts, one could not help but notice the many protesters showing support for a House bill popularly known as the "Fair Tax," which calls for the abolishment of the IRS and the replacement of the income tax with a national sales tax. ...


Leading Republicans have been slow to grasp the increasing anger of conservative activists over taxes, spending, and monetary policy. In 2008, only Mike Huckabee and libertarian firebrand Ron Paul expressed qualified support for the Fair Tax, while the other Republican presidential candidates kept their distance. Mitt Romney, a favorite of many conservatives, went so far as to laugh at the idea during a radio interview in Florida.

Yet if the tea party trend showed anything, it's that the most passionate conservative activists in the country are tired of such weak tea. The Fair Tax may not be the best policy idea for reversing the federal government's explosive growth. But far from being a danger or even a distraction to the anti-government message, the Fair Tax movement is valuable precisely because it helps cultivate citizens' willingness to consider radical changes, pushing back against resurgent big-government liberalism.

The conservative cause of reducing government and slashing spending has always been an ambitious effort. Libertarian and conservative critics of the Fair Tax must express their valid policy concerns, but without dismissing the thousands of committed activists who have been mobilized by the proposal.

Any serious challenges to the status quo will require serious challengers. And whatever the shortcomings of a national sales tax, the patriotic Americans who make up the Fair Tax movement are at least dead serious about a kind of change that small-government supporters of all stripes can believe in.


my comment:
The tax to be implemented is 23%, not 30.  That is a bogus number being used by the communist types and the lobbyist and big government types to stop the fair tax.
The Fair Tax Plan has in it a provision that if the 16th Amendment is not repealed in five years, the fair tax plan is dissolved, to prevent duel taxation.
The reason Romney laughed out loud at the Fair Tax plan is he is very much against it.  It would dip into his fortune setting his company back on it's heels.  Why?  Romney is all about imports.  When the fair Tax Plan is implemented, it will remove the production tax built into the price of domestic manufacturing and will tax imports equally with our domestic production, creating a true level free trade competition.  I am waiting for Pat Buchanan to wake up one day and say YES! Fair Tax!  To put it simple, Romney is Big Government and don't let him lie to you otherwise, as he is good at saying what he wants you to hear.  We called him Slick Willie two during the primaries.
Fair Tax is not a radicalism tool, that is nuts.  It is a tool to bring about jobs, jobs and more jobs, so many jobs that the never again Federal Reserve would be raising interest rates to prevent too much of a shortage of employees to cause inflation to be at the need of workers.  (every time I think of that I get steamed)
The tea parties I have read about and the one in Michigan I attended were central to Fair Tax support.  We had Joe the Plumber in Lansing and he is going to Petoskey in Northern Michigan on May 6th.  His main theme is always the Fair Tax Plan. 
Tea Parties in Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma California, South Carolina, I imagine in all the States had Fair Tax a part of it.  Just as important to everyone is not simply smaller government, Constitutional Government.  The people are fed up with our Federal Government failing to adhere to the Law of the land.  Those laws are put in place to protect our liberty and freedoms and by God as our Witness we will have our Constitution back and freedom from the direct taxation we are now experiencing that is drowning us.  Who in there right mind would tax and so doing punish someone who works, saves invests.  That is so STUPID!!!
By the way, this is a great article, just a little weak on the whole truth, but very close.  We will have Fair Tax!!!  We will once again be a Federalist Union!
R. George Dunn



Thursday, April 30, 2009

Despite compelling and passionate testimony by House Republicans, the
federal hate crimes bill, HR 1913, passed yesterday in the House of
Representatives by a vote of 249 to 175.


Isn't it amazing how these "representatives" use every crisis to slip their
agenda through unnoticed to the sheeple! I've seen no news reporting on
this issue from the major news outlets. All focus has been on "Swine flu"
and "Obama's 100 days". Yet this issue is vital to your free speech rights,
and threatens to punish you not for your actions, but for your thoughts and

This still has to get through the senate, so let's all do what we can to
make sure it doesn't pass (and protect our freedom of speech and the
constitution) because President Obama has already said he will sign it!


Please contact your Senators!

"All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to sit idly by and do

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Isn't it amazing how these "representatives" use every crisis to slip their
agenda through unnoticed to the sheeple! I've seen no news reporting on
this issue from the major news outlets.

Fwd: We The People Stimulus Package

R. George Dunn
4:01am Apr 30th
We The People Stimulus Package
To rgeorgedunn@gmail.com
Share this video to everyone you know.

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If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

Obama's Answer To Question On Social Security= 'Hopefully' It Will Be There

Obama's Answer To Question On Social Security 'Hopefully' It Will Be There

Barack Obama
So I'm watching Obama take questions from the audience at his "first 100 days" town hall meeting and a young guy just asked a question about Social Security and what he expects for the future and Obama actually said to him straight out that "hopefully" workers in the future will be able to pay for this guy's Social Security.

That's what you get for the ridiculous amount of money taken from you everyday. A commitment of "hope" from our current president that you're not getting shafted. I don't know about you, but that certainly makes me feel happy about the future of my fellow Americans.

There is no workable plan for Social Security coming from this administration and Social Security in general is not going to be there and that is a simple fact. Previous and current members of Congress have stolen and spent all of the Social Security that was supposed to be there and the workers of today are being lied to. There will be no Social Security.

In my opinion this should be recognized now and the program should just be ended and workers should be allowed to keep the current funds being robbed from them every day out of their pay so that they can look out for themselves. Our government was never setup for "cradle to grave" support and the sooner people realize that the better off our country will be.

It's a disgrace that you and I pay money every year into a system that is outright robbery...


my comment:

Obama is not stupid, he knows it won't be there as is.  He does not care about fixing it as his plans, from all factors implying, are to have an entirely different system of Government in place by the time he leaves office.  What that will copulate is everyone's life will be analyzed and adjusted to fit the good of the whole. 

Vouchers anyone; food, housing, clothes, life?  Oh, it won't be that bad by 2012, but we will be headed there.  Capitalism is under full assault and individualism is about to be completely put asunder.

R. George Dunn

MI GOP Chairman discs Kent County Warriors


Guv unfazed by cancellation of Michigan event

Politics » Huntsman hopes to infuse some life into Republican Party.

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. said he doesn't feel snubbed by a Michigan county Republican Party's cancellation of a scheduled appearance there on Saturday because it could violate the party's principles.

"I don't interpret it beyond what the party chair told me yesterday when he called, and that was that it involved just a couple of people and it was not representative at all of their state party," Huntsman said.

Kent County Republican Party Chairwoman Joanne Voorhees abruptly cancelled the Saturday fundraiser, writing in a reported e-mail that "voters want and expect us to stand on principle and return to our roots," and holding the Huntsman event "would be doing the exact opposite." (emphasis added)

She didn't say specifically what she objected to, but a group opposing gay marriage quickly praised the move, attributing it to Huntsman's support for civil unions.

The state party chairman, Ron Weiser, arranged an impromptu reception for Huntsman in place of the Kent County event, one of four he will attend this weekend.

Huntsman said he hopes to revitalize the party and to do that, it needs to cast a wider net.

"The party needs to broaden itself," he said, noting that surveys have found that about one in five Americans identify themselves as Republicans, the lowest point since Watergate. "The only way we're going to bring people who have defected into the independent party and nonaffiliated category is through ideas, is through bold solutions ...


This is a good example of the old guard thinking that the GOP must be this caving in compromising hollow container without substance to attract voters.  Three cheers for Joanne Voorhees!

R. George Dunn

April 29, 2009

What a difference...How Marines react to 2 Presidents

Subject: What a difference in responses....

Watch this video and pass it on.  There is a marked contrast in how the Marines react to a Commander-In-Chief they respect versus how they greet someone who they know doesn't respect them or understand the sacrifices they make to keep us free.  

Then go here and Stand tall for our America, our Constitution:
R. George Dunn

Fwd: Hot Air » Blog Archive » GOP to support primary challenger against Toomey?

R. George Dunn
3:54pm Apr 29th
Hot Air » Blog Archive » GOP to support primary challenger against Toomey?
To rgeorgedunn@gmail.com
Why is it that the RNSC would be picking anyone in the primaries. Isn't that for we the people to support, unless of couse it is like the RNC supporting Romney in the primaries to put another neocon in the drivers seat to protect their big government agenda.

Go ahead Washington GOPers, see how much you can destroy the GOP, like when you agreed to 20 billion for ACORN in the first bailout deal!
R. George

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If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

George W Bush "Bones" in the Money Pit | Pakistan Daily

The below article is an interesting read.  How much of it is true, can't say.  But some of it is factual.
R. George Dunn
George W Bush "Bones" in the Money Pit | Pakistan Daily
Let's not forget the fact that in 1910 these men already controlled one-sixth of the world's wealth. And that was real wealth—gold, silver and raw materials—not the fiat currency we call money. Don't forget the world they owned and ...
Pakistan Daily - http://www.daily.pk/

Huckabee's Green Room~ Where a Pundit’s Odd Array of Visitors Mix


Where a Pundit's Odd Array of Visitors Mix 

Published: April 29, 2009

At 10 minutes to air, Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas, was schmoozing in the green room of Studio D at Fox News headquarters in New York. He was telling bad jokes and showing someone's publicist his cufflinks — the guitar picks embossed with little silver crosses at his sleeves.

"One of them goes like this," he said, offering his punch line: "I don't mind cancellation if it's due to inauguration." His musical guest that day was leaning in his cowboy boots and chatting with the woman who had done his makeup. Jonathan Krohn, the teenage conservative pundit, had flown in with his father and could not stop talking about the profile of himself that was due the next morning in The New York Times.

When the audience had finally settled in, a producer stuck his head in the room, and someone told the former governor, "Break a leg."

"Break a leg?" Mr. Huckabee said, his eyes alive with your uncle's goofy humor. "Gee, I hope not — that would really hurt."

What, exactly, do you do as a conservative Republican in the era of Obama, as a presidential also-ran whose first shot at the White House didn't quite work out? If you happen to be Mike Huckabee, a Baptist minister and a natural-born showman, you take the trail well blazed by right-wing pols with media credentials: you find a job as a television talk-show host on Fox.

With the debut of "Huckabee" last fall, the former governor has flown that migratory route from politics to punditry and is tearing up the small screen, beating out competitors, the Nielsen ratings say, from Anderson Cooper on occasion to the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. He has sworn to bring a much-needed sense of courtesy to the medieval battlefields of political TV. "Being a host implies civility," he said the other day. "You don't bring people on your show to yell at them. It's like bringing them into your home."

Without doubt, the green room is the homiest part of "Huckabee": a comfortable space resembling an airport lounge with its odd array of visitors and provisions of fatty foods. Lauren Green, the Fox News religion correspondent, listened patiently as the precocious Mr. Krohn bragged about teaching himself Arabic. The country-western singer Lee Greenwood recalled how he and his wife took scuba lessons from some members of the Navy Seals while on their honeymoon years ago.

"The green room is where everybody mixes," said Ms. Green, who had dropped by to jam with the Little Rockers, Mr. Huckabee's ham-and-egger house band. "The best part is, you never know who's going to be there."

If television is the refuge of the fallen — think George Stephanopoulos or former generals with consulting gigs — Mr. Huckabee has nonetheless stayed true to the ideals he held while in power, which could, in a pinch, be called the politics of the green room. For a Fox News host, he has shown remarkable nonconformity in selecting his guests: Chuck Norris, the Rev. Al Sharpton, Joe the Plumber, three Miss Americas — not to mention Dan Rather and Oliver Stone.

His green room is so inclusive that halfway through the show a woman in pearls was ushered in and gently shown to a folding chair, having just thrown up in the middle of the startled studio crowd.

"I'm so embarrassed," Mr. Huckabee told her when he finally came offstage.

"You know what you do?" he smiled. "When you get home, just tell people the show was so bad it actually made you sick."

US Senate at Arms is taking notice of Alaska jury Legislation

This article at Rose's Blogg is a must read.  It is ironic that today the Authorities tell us we must rule by the Law, while at the same time, the Government ignores the law.  Go figure.  Better yet, read this article.  It is freedom's fresh breathe.
R. George Dunn

Hello Michigan

US Senate at Arms is taking notice of Alaska jury Legislation

Look who's taking notice of what Alaska is doing. If people in this country ever discover their power in the jury box, the game will be over!

Rose Lear

John 15: 20

"If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you"

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UN Child Rights Code~TAKE ACTION: The most important issue to stop NOW (The rights of a Child)

From: Amy 
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 3:49 PM
Subject: TAKE ACTION: The most important issue to stop NOW

Remember the UN rights of the child? Well it's back even worse than before. Now Obama, Clinton, and Pelosi think now is the time.
Please listen to this video and pass it on. People in the US need to rise up against this more than anything we have ever stood against. There were 500,000 Americans who stood up in protest against big government and high taxes.

We need 5 million people to stand against this absolutely radical totally un-American law that takes ALL parental rights away.

watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nML7PBnoH0o

go here www.parentalrights.org

Ten things you need to know about the structure of the CRC.

1. It is a treaty which creates binding rules of law. It is no mere statement of altruism.
2. Its effect would be binding on American families, courts, and policy-makers.
3. Children of other nations would not be impacted in any direct way by our ratification.
4. The CRC would automatically override almost all American laws on children and families because of our Supremacy Clause.
5. The CRC has some elements that are self-executing, while others would require implementing legislation. Federal courts would have the power to determine which provisions were self-executing.
6. The Courts would have the power to directly enforce the provisions that are self-executing.
7. Congress would have the power to directly legislate on all subjects necessary to comply with the treaty. This would constitute the most massive shift of power from the states to the federal government in American history.
8. A committee of 18 experts from other nations, sitting in Geneva, has the authority to issue official interpretations of the treaty which are entitled to binding weight in A merican courts and legislatures. This effectively transfers ultimate authority for all policies in this area to this foreign committee.
9. Under international law, the treaty overrides even our Constitution.
10. Reservations, declarations, or understandings intended to modify our duty to comply with this treaty will be void if they are determined to be inconsistent with the object and purpose of the treaty.

Ten things you need to know about the substance of the CRC.

1. Parents would no longer be able to administer reasonable spankings to their children.
2. A murderer aged 17 years, 11 months and 29 days at the time of his crime could no longer be sentenced to life in prison.
3. Children would have the ability to choose their own religion while parents would only have the authority to give their children advice about religion.
4. The best interest of the child principle would give the government the ability to override every decision made by every parent if a government worker disagreed with the parent's decision.
5. A child's "right to be heard" would allow him (or her) to seek governmental review of every parental decision with which the child disagreed.
6. According to existing interpretation, it would be illegal for a nation to spend more on national defense than it does on children's welfare.
7. Children would acquire a legally enforceable right to leisure.
8. C hristian schools that refuse to teach "alternative worldviews" and teach that Christianity is the only true religion "fly in the face of article 29" of the treaty.
9. Allowing parents to opt their children out of sex education has been held to be out of compliance with the CRC.
10. Children would have the right to reproductive health information and services, including abortions, without parental knowledge or consent.

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Meetup Support: support@meetup.com
632 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 USA

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April 28, 2009

Joe the Plumber in Northern Michigan


Joe the Plumber
is coming to Northern Michigan
Joe is going to be in downtown Petoskey at the Pennsylvania Park (Across from Penny's) on May 1st, 2009, at 6:00 P.M. They have a lot of things planned. Joe will have a question and answer session about the Fair Tax plan after a short speech. We don't have a rain contingency plan, so bring your umbrellas if the forecast says inclement weather.
For more information contact:
Karen LaCross
taxedenoughalreadyemmetco@  yahoo.com
(231) 347-4711

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'DefendMarriage' IN Tour --Launches at IN St. HOuse Na. Day of Prayer~ Indiana" Church visit reservations being accepted sent you a message on Facebook...

The marriage tour will launch Thursday May 7th, at the Prayer Rally for
National Day of Prayer at the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis at noon. I
don't have much more data than that. The address is 200 W. Washington
Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204. The whole IN GOP Assembly has been invited
including US Senator Lugar. We will be gathering signatures on the petition
and selling our wrist bands.

Reverand John Brewer has with the aid of Pam Garber, formed a network
Aliance of over four million members. Pastor John has took to the cruisade
of preaching the value of Traditional Marriage and will Bless you with his
presence. Find Pam's contact information below.

Pass this on

Sent: Monday, April 27, 2009 9:30 PM
Subject: "DefendMarriage -- Indiana" sent you a message on Facebook...

Pamm Garber sent a message to the members of DefendMarriage -- Indiana.


"KEEP MARRIAGE SACRED" TOUR coming to Indiana May 7-16! If you would like
for the tour to stop at your church, please email me at pamm.dmi@gmail.com
ASAP to be added to the agenda. We will be making out the schedule soon, so
don't delay. The tour is currently visiting over 75 churches in Iowa...let's
get at least that many for Indiana! All of the IN signatures gathered on our
petition will be sent to Pat Bauer. Sign the petition online at

We just got approval to launch the tour at the National Day of Prayer Rally
at the Statehouse in Indianapolis, on Thursday, May 7. The rally starts at
noon, if any of you can attend.


To reply to this message, follow the link below:

The marriage tour will launch Thursday May 7th, at the Prayer Rally for
National Day of Prayer at the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis at noon.

DESERET NEWS -- Huntsman meeting canceled by GOP in Michigan county

This Senator Graham is Founding Father values.  GOP Character
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 7:01 PM
Subject: DESERET NEWS -- Huntsman meeting canceled by GOP in Michigan county

Also see homosexual Human Rights Campaign: "Utah Gov. Huntsman
Endorses Civil Unions, Equal Rights for Gay and Lesbian Couples"
"A Michigan GOP organization canceled an appearance by Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. this weekend, apparently because of his support for civil unions. The decision by the Kent County Republican Party drew praise from the head of a conservative pro-family group in Michigan critical of what he called Huntsman's 'homosexual agenda.'
...Gary Glenn, head of the Campaign for Michigan Families, said in an e-mail release that Kent County's 'principled stand sends a strong message nationwide that grass-roots conservatives will not embrace liberals who want to abandon the GOP platform's commitment to traditional family values in favor of promoting homosexual activists' incremental assault on religious freedom, marriage and the family.'"
Salt Lake City, Utah
April 28, 2009
Huntsman meeting canceled
by GOP in Michigan county
by Lisa Riley Roche
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A Michigan GOP organization canceled an appearance by Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. this weekend, apparently because of his support for civil unions.

The decision by the Kent County Republican Party drew praise from the head of a conservative pro-family group in Michigan critical of what he called Huntsman's "homosexual agenda."

The new chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, Ron Weiser, stepped in Tuesday. Now Huntsman will appear at a state party fundraiser during his two-day swing through the state.

"The state party chair called the governor to apologize and said the state is excited to have the governor coming and looks forward to seeing him this weekend," Huntsman spokeswoman Lisa Roskelley said.

Michigan GOP spokeswoman Jennifer Hoff said the conversation between Huntsman and the party chairman was private.

She said in a statement, "Michigan Republicans are excited to host Gov. Jon M. Huntsman Jr. (R-Utah) and listen to his ideas on education reform. Gov. Huntsman has made Republican solutions on job growth a reality — something Michigan Democrats have failed to do."

Huntsman, who is widely seen as testing the waters for a 2012 bid for the GOP presidential nomination, will appear before four or five Republican groups in Michigan on Friday and Saturday, Roskelley said.

She said the appearances are responses to invitations that were accepted because the governor is already attending a Chinese-language conference in Chicago on Friday. Huntsman, who has pledged he will not seek a third term as governor, has yet to publicly acknowledge his interest in the White House.

He found out a few days ago that the Kent County GOP group had disinvited him from a Saturday morning reception. "I don't know what he was told in terms of it being canceled," Roskelley said.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that Kent County Chairwoman Joanne Voorhees sent an e-mail saying that was done "after conducting further research on the governor and his change in position on issues" without specifying gay rights.

The e-mail reportedly went on to say "voters want and expect us to stand on principle and return to our roots … unfortunately, by holding an event with Governor Huntsman, we would be doing the exact opposite."

Betty Church, a volunteer at the Kent County GOP offices in Grand Rapids, told the Deseret News no one was available Tuesday to comment.

Gary Glenn, head of the Campaign for Michigan Families, said in an e-mail release that Kent County's "principled stand sends a strong message nationwide that grass-roots conservatives will not embrace liberals who want to abandon the GOP platform's commitment to traditional family values in favor of promoting homosexual activists' incremental assault on religious freedom, marriage and the family."


Senator Graham and Snow are both RINOs


Two Republicans blame conservatives


...Specter switched parties Tuesday after a recent poll showed him badly losing a Pennsylvania Republican primary next year to Club for Growth founder Pat Toomey. Toomey's staunchly fiscally conservative political action committee backs only those Republicans who support a low-tax, limited-government agenda and comes down hard on those who break with party orthodoxy.

"I don't want to be a member of the Club for Growth," said Graham. "I want to be a member of a vibrant national Republican party that can attract people from all corners of the country — and we can govern the country from a center-right perspective."

"As Republicans, we got a problem," he said.

The internal criticism came less than an hour before Specter walked into the Republicans' weekly Senate luncheon, where members discuss strategy, policy and other key items on the party agenda.

Snowe criticized party leadership for failing to change its tone after Republicans lost six Senate seats in the 2006 election.

"I happened to win with 74 percent of the vote in a blue-collar state, but no one asked me, 'How did you do it?'" she said. "Seems to me that would have been the first question that would have come from the Republican Party to find out so we could avoid further losses."

"Ultimately, we're heading to having the smallest political tent in history, the way things are unfolding," Snowe said.

my comment:


Yup, the RINOs are blowing their horns.  The major reason Republicans are so dismissed of late is for won, the disenfranchisement that happened when the GOP had full power but for the Senate filibuster.  All that happened was pork.  It was as if the shadow behind the two parties was in shock and did not know what to do.  The shadow does not want the platform and principles that the GOP is supposed to stand for, so what did the leadership do, fall flat on their face.

The GOP needs to change, but not towards the left as we have been doing that and now we are at the threshold of communism.  Enough!  There are many who did not vote for the Republicans because the GOP has been under the total control of the Neoconservative corporates.  Ask yourself how it is that a conservative leader would have allowed the continued tax structure, especially when in power, to continue taking away prosperity from the blue collar conservatives and thus making their 1% of the wealthy richer in their foreign import dance? 


The GOP needs to move to true conservative by first, being Federalist, to mean going by the Constitution and to challenge all Laws and court precedence that has despotized the Constitution and two, change the tax structure from the Production tax we have today which is in essence a excise tax on domestic production and replace it with a consumption tax which will equally distribute it to all goods imported or not.  HR 25 is already to go and it will do one thing that all this stupid spending has not done, create jobs immediately.

Senator Graham, you have been culled out as a RINO, Senator. Snow, you are a liberal making you a RINO also.  We are all done with big government compromisers.  Give us liberty through principled governing or we get what we are about to have.  The grassroots are not tea partying to be like you politicians, they have no care for their egos to be stroked.  Most would prefer to spend time with their families, but they know that if they do not stand now, their children and grandchildren will not be free.  So as someone has said about compromise, Never again!  What would gain to just get along if it would result in the same loss as if we stuck to principles and lost.  Better to be the 'Man from LaMOncha' then the sap from WashingtonDC.


R. George Dunn

Sun is the primary force of the Earth's climate system

Mike(Huckabee , George Soros is a very partisan and controversial figure that is for sure.

Some people support candidates, political parties and causes because they want to do what is right. Other people see financial advantages and this motivates them.

Even though it would be enticing for a political enemy of George Soros to attribute his support for Democrats to a desire to see the economy tank – and so he could profit from economic chaos - it does appear that he donated 6 billion to various causes including to the needy in Africa.

With the little I know of him now, I am not going to pin a red tail on this donkey.

Speaking of speaking for causes. Al Gore in the year 2000 had a net worth of around $1-2 million. Now, with all his causes and his work to save the earth his worth is "well over $100 million."

Ed Markey has teamed up with Congressman Henry Waxman the chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to craft a new clean energy bill.

Fine, but is Henry Waxman who is introducing legislation on this matter ... really conversant with the science he is claiming to uphold?

He tells Tavis Smiley, (video too at this link)
"the overwhelming consensus of all the leading scientists that have looked at this issue is there is a warming of the planet, it's manmade, caused by our burning of carbon fuels, and it's happening faster than anybody ever thought it would happen.
We're seeing the reality of a lot of the North Pole starting to evaporate, and we could get to a tipping point. Because if it evaporates to a certain point - they have lanes now where ships can go that couldn't ever sail through before. And if it gets to a point where it evaporates too much, there's a lot of tundra that's being held down by that ice cap."

Now, just so that you see I am not here just to make fun of Congressman's Waxman's misuse of a few basic scientific terms (he might have had in mind the word "melting". The science behind the alarmism is becoming increasingly questioned.

Just today another fear regarding accelerating methane emissions was found wanting and scientists are now expected to breathe a little easier.

"The finding is expected to come as a relief to scientists and climate watchers concerned that huge accelerations of global warming might have been touched off by methane melts in the past and could happen again now as the planet warms."


Also, more and more scientists and journalists are looking at the inactivity of the sun and wondering if they underestimated the impact of the highly active on the strong warming in the last century they now see the sun growing weaker and less energetic. They remember the maunder minimum (less energetic sun) coincided with "the little ice-age".


"'This is the quietest Sun we've seen in almost a century,' says NASA solar scientist David Hathaway. But this is not just a scientific curiosity. It could affect everyone on Earth and force what for many is the unthinkable: a reappraisal of the science behind recent global warming.

Our Sun is the primary force of the Earth's climate system, driving atmospheric and oceanic circulation patterns. It lies behind every aspect of the Earth's climate and is, of course, a key component of the greenhouse effect. But there is another factor to be considered. When the Sun has gone quiet like this before, it coincided with the earth cooling slightly and there is speculation that a similar thing could happen now. If so, it could alter all our predictions of climate change, and show that our understanding of climate change might not be anywhere near as good as we thought."

I could go on to share that was a period of time earlier in the 1900's that the Artic lost a lot of ice and some people were losing their nerve about the melting ice. Even the Vikings once lived happily in Greenland during a warm spell.

People should keep in mind that GE (which owns a lot of liberal and influential media outlets) hopes to get lots of money from "clean wind power". So the NBC networks promote green which serves the financial interests of GE. "The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil." Who is helped when a corporation makes money off the backs of the poor – in a misguided attempt to fix a climate problem that doesn't exist?

This is controversial but if NBC doesn't look into scientifically reputable blogs like
http://wattsupwiththat.com/ they shouldn't feel so smug and confident while they only listen to and give one side of the story.

April 27, 2009

The End of Conservatism? = my comment=Depends

April 27, 2009
Heritage Lecture #1120

The modern conservative movement began as a Remnant with Albert Jay Nock and Frank Chodorov; grew into an intellectual movement with Friedrich Hayek, Richard Weaver, and Russell Kirk; blossomed into a political movement with William F. Buckley Jr. and Barry Goldwater; burst into full bloom as a governing movement with Ronald Reagan and The Heritage Foundation and other organizations; succumbed to hubris with Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay; imploded under George W. Bush and the neoconservatives; and is now wondering whether it is headed for the ash heap of history.

Let us begin our examination of the state of American conservatism with a little history.


The link above under the subject is a long one a good read, but my comment below holds up red flags:

The pendulum swing into conservatism must provide for federalist foundation and not big government.  If the Neoconservatives want to be a part of the GOP , then stick around , but the days of big government GOP are over.  The difference between socialism and a National State at the Federal level is in name only.  The end results will be the same totalitarian fascist finish.
Teddy Roosevelt introduced the unconstitutional owning of property by the Federal Government, as far as I know.  True Hamilton was a Nationalist, but he lost the debate to Jefferson and Madison and we are by law a federalist Constitution.  One cannot pick and choose which law to ignore and which to adhere to.  By doing so, all law is then lawless by choice of a few.
"To begin with, it must have a clearly defined, consistent philosophy. It is a given that conservatives of all stripes honor the Constitution and its established system of checks and balances. They agree that government should be limited, individuals should be free and responsible, and there can be no lasting liberty without virtue--public and private.".
I have quoted the article above and wish to point out the flaws of reasoning that are detrimental to the future health of the Conservative movement if not corrected.  It is not a given that all conservatives honor the Constitution.  That is far from true.  Far!!!  It must be that all conservatives must uphold the Constitution as plank number one, educating the masses to it's value to freedom and liberty.  It cannot be a given.
To agree that government should be limited again leaving the door to big government wide open.  This article is very well written, but beware of the weightiness of it's gravitational pull back to the left, as our party has done since Teddy Roosevelt and before beginning in 1913.  Capitulation is the great evil that has beset the GOP and continues to drain it's true value.  Enough is the word.  It too must be front and center.
Speaking of the percentage of people who are polling this way or another by giving them labels does injustice to truth.  Those who call themselves moderate may be very conservative, but have found those who are calling themselves conservative are not so, but are self fulfilling entities.  How has one percent of the Nation come to possess 50% of the wealth?  Why, during what conservatives hold up to be a very conservative era of Reagan, did we see the beginning of a drain of prosperity in America due to the ignoring of the tax structure when implementing free trade. 
My hunch is that many of those on the fence are afraid of the corporate elites and find socialism a safer sphere, without a knowledge of what Communism provides, the same thing, less for the blue collar family.
As to the current passion by conservatives in this new age of communication will not go away this time around.  Never has our history of America been so dire and liberty and freedom in such danger.  It is the hope of those elitists in Washington that it will go away, but Americans from both parties and third parties are finding common ground in supporting the Constitution as written and are learning for the first time that each State is a Nation onto itself and holding to this principle is vital to our Nation's Truth in liberty and justice. 
As to T. S. Eliot, his thought is one of most of history, but to let it rule is a form of defeatist.  We have a set of Laws.  By simply going by them, you have become the winning party of the Future.  Ignore your grassroots now and a potassium GOP it is.
R. George Dunn

I Want to Change America With Ballots, Not Bullets - Huckabee

Governor Huckabee:

...Barack Obama is the president and he has a right to push his agenda, even though some of us think that gargantuan spending and borrowing and smiling and making nice with despots is just plain wrong.

But he promised an administration that would rise above the old politics of Washington, and thus far, his has been so harshly partisan that one has to long for the old politics, because the new version is stunningly divisive.

According to the polls, I'm in the minority. That's okay. I usually have been. And according to the new and depraved Department of Homeland Security, I need to be on their watch list of people they are really, really afraid of since I'm one of those scary people who believe in God — I'm pro-life, a gun owner, concealed carry permit holder, a person who believes that the Second Amendment is as important as the first and that without one, we probably won't have the other very long...

That's my view, I would love to hear yours. E-mail... huckmail@foxnews.com

Source: www.foxnews.com
Closing Thoughts : I Want to Change America With Ballots, Not Bullets, I want to change America with ballots, not bullets

Saul- Save American Jobs & Update

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Wow, what a busy couple of weeks!


Here is the best way I can think of describing the over $9 TRILLION dollar deficit our children and grandchildren will be forced to pay off from President Obama's new spending programs...all his, passed by the Democrats...and yes, in addition to what would be considered President Bush's deficit of some $450 Billion.

President Obama and the Democrats have gotten a hold of the government's credit card, raised the overall limit, maxed it out and have given us the bill to pay.  The sad part is that the deficit (credit card spending) is so big, it will take our children and grandchildren to pay off the Obama bill...if they are lucky.


I joined over 5,000 citizens and taxpayers at the Tea Party are our state Capitol in Lansing on April 15th.  Hundred of Tea Parties across this country with estimates that nearly a MILLION citizen activists came out to express their frustration with the growth of government, spiraling deficits and out of control spending by government in general. It wasn't a partisan crowd and many were clearly first timers who just wanted their voices heard.  Hopefully Washington and the politicians were listening. Newt Gingrich made a scary point about the $9 TRILLION in new debt President Obama is proposing and what it will cost you.

Check out Newt on this short YouTube video talk about the future of the Tea Party movement.


I've receive a bunch of emails and telephone calls asking who I was endorsing for Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General.  I have to admit, I am very excited about the caliber of candidates in the race and I consider all of them friends...so it won't be easy.  But at this time, it's still early and I think very healthy that all of us are getting a chance to see how hard they work, what positions they are articulating and therefore giving us time to make a judgement call as to who will be the strongest Republican nominee to go against the Democrats in the fall of 2010...yup, it's still a LONG ways away.

I expect to make an endorsement and give my rationale as to why at some point in the game.  But for now, this is great for the party - it helps build momentum and excitement, it's great for the candidates - it develops their skills and grassroots organizations and it's great for our state - because we can openly discuss the challenges of how we move forward.  We have been "blown away" and can't afford to keep the tax & spend Democrats in control in Michigan!  I think 2010 promises to be a great year for Republican candidates and I look forward to working with you to get every TAXPAYER out to vote!


As I mentioned earlier, Newt Gignrich asked me to be the National Chairman for American Solutions - Save American Jobs Project. We are organizing a national, online/new media grassroots effort to educate and involve activists in opposing the labor bosses attempt to pass what is referred to as "card check" (EFCA). This effort by labor bosses in effect takes away a secret ballot and imposes government binding arbitration on contracts, again eliminating workers rights to a vote on whether they want to join a union and their contract. You can find more information on that effort and sign our petition here:

Check out Save American Jobs


A great response from friends and small business owners as EVERYONE is looking for quality service for less. That's us!

So I'm back helping bring new customers to my telecom company that provides voip and data services to small business customers in Michigan. With the economy the way it is, folks are very conscious of their telecommunications costs -- providing low cost, reliable service in this market is key.

See what we do at Quick Connect USA


One of my first "business development" clients is the RAP Index, which provides a unique software tool for businesses and associations to help activate their members and employees to become politically active.

So-called "grassroots" software is focused on generating high volumes of less-and-less effective form letters and blast e-mails that flood policymakers' offices with rubber stamp communications. The RAP Index is different; it is an Intelligence tool that employs sophisticated computer modeling and profiling techniques that reach deep into an organization. It scores and re-scores the relevance or influence of stakeholder relationships with policymakers and within their own community. By enabling direct communication from those stakeholders who are personally known to policymakers, and recognized influencers, The RAP Index breaks through the spam-like clutter of mass mail to get the point across most effectively.

Call me for more information and/or check out the RAP Index website here.


I am providing strategic planning and business development services for companies and associations nationwide. Taking advantage of my extensive "rolodex", I am uniquely situated to help various folks with different projects. You'll be hearing about more of these projects as time goes on. I have a few other projects in the works with various partners. I think there are plenty of opportunities to help move Republicans and the conservative movement forward. Being on the vanguard of using both new technologies and new media is key. I plan on being part of that!


We've been having some fun and hopefully helping you keep informed on my personal blog site where I share commentary, articles of interest and other political information with my friends. Ideas have consequences and I hope to be part of that debate. I will be updating this regularly, but not the daily salvos of the past. Follow the battle and the discussion on my bog.

So follow me at That's Saul Folks.com on a regular basis.



I'm putting together this new email list that is much smaller than I had before. So if you know of any activists or interested parties that you think might want to get my periodic updates and commentary, please feel free to forward or share this email. If they send me an email - I'll add them to the list. I hope to send out an email monthly, maybe twice a month to the overall list. You can also unsubscribe by clicking on the link below and I'll take you off my mailing list.

As you can see, I'm staying busy and look forward to working with you.

Please keep in touch.

Take care.

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President Obama and the Democrats have gotten a hold of the government's credit card, raised the overall limit, maxed it out and have given us the bill to pay.  The sad part is that the deficit (credit card spending) is so big, it will take our children and grandchildren to pay off the Obama bill...if they are lucky.

Fwd: Walter E. Williams : Democracy and Majority Rule - Townhall.com

R. George Dunn
3:46am Apr 27th
Walter E. Williams : Democracy and Majority Rule - Townhall.com
To rgeorgedunn@gmail.com
Doctor Williams has given the final arbitor of instruction to turn this ship now! If we fail to recognize our fault as a Nation, we will pile up on the Rocks of democracy majority chosing to be misled into socialist collapse fiscally and Spiritually. Hale to all! Read the Constitution and set our path straight, back to liberty and Justice for all, not captivity and injustice of all by a few.

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If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.