April 27, 2009

Saul- Save American Jobs & Update

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Wow, what a busy couple of weeks!


Here is the best way I can think of describing the over $9 TRILLION dollar deficit our children and grandchildren will be forced to pay off from President Obama's new spending programs...all his, passed by the Democrats...and yes, in addition to what would be considered President Bush's deficit of some $450 Billion.

President Obama and the Democrats have gotten a hold of the government's credit card, raised the overall limit, maxed it out and have given us the bill to pay.  The sad part is that the deficit (credit card spending) is so big, it will take our children and grandchildren to pay off the Obama bill...if they are lucky.


I joined over 5,000 citizens and taxpayers at the Tea Party are our state Capitol in Lansing on April 15th.  Hundred of Tea Parties across this country with estimates that nearly a MILLION citizen activists came out to express their frustration with the growth of government, spiraling deficits and out of control spending by government in general. It wasn't a partisan crowd and many were clearly first timers who just wanted their voices heard.  Hopefully Washington and the politicians were listening. Newt Gingrich made a scary point about the $9 TRILLION in new debt President Obama is proposing and what it will cost you.

Check out Newt on this short YouTube video talk about the future of the Tea Party movement.


I've receive a bunch of emails and telephone calls asking who I was endorsing for Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General.  I have to admit, I am very excited about the caliber of candidates in the race and I consider all of them friends...so it won't be easy.  But at this time, it's still early and I think very healthy that all of us are getting a chance to see how hard they work, what positions they are articulating and therefore giving us time to make a judgement call as to who will be the strongest Republican nominee to go against the Democrats in the fall of 2010...yup, it's still a LONG ways away.

I expect to make an endorsement and give my rationale as to why at some point in the game.  But for now, this is great for the party - it helps build momentum and excitement, it's great for the candidates - it develops their skills and grassroots organizations and it's great for our state - because we can openly discuss the challenges of how we move forward.  We have been "blown away" and can't afford to keep the tax & spend Democrats in control in Michigan!  I think 2010 promises to be a great year for Republican candidates and I look forward to working with you to get every TAXPAYER out to vote!


As I mentioned earlier, Newt Gignrich asked me to be the National Chairman for American Solutions - Save American Jobs Project. We are organizing a national, online/new media grassroots effort to educate and involve activists in opposing the labor bosses attempt to pass what is referred to as "card check" (EFCA). This effort by labor bosses in effect takes away a secret ballot and imposes government binding arbitration on contracts, again eliminating workers rights to a vote on whether they want to join a union and their contract. You can find more information on that effort and sign our petition here:

Check out Save American Jobs


A great response from friends and small business owners as EVERYONE is looking for quality service for less. That's us!

So I'm back helping bring new customers to my telecom company that provides voip and data services to small business customers in Michigan. With the economy the way it is, folks are very conscious of their telecommunications costs -- providing low cost, reliable service in this market is key.

See what we do at Quick Connect USA


One of my first "business development" clients is the RAP Index, which provides a unique software tool for businesses and associations to help activate their members and employees to become politically active.

So-called "grassroots" software is focused on generating high volumes of less-and-less effective form letters and blast e-mails that flood policymakers' offices with rubber stamp communications. The RAP Index is different; it is an Intelligence tool that employs sophisticated computer modeling and profiling techniques that reach deep into an organization. It scores and re-scores the relevance or influence of stakeholder relationships with policymakers and within their own community. By enabling direct communication from those stakeholders who are personally known to policymakers, and recognized influencers, The RAP Index breaks through the spam-like clutter of mass mail to get the point across most effectively.

Call me for more information and/or check out the RAP Index website here.


I am providing strategic planning and business development services for companies and associations nationwide. Taking advantage of my extensive "rolodex", I am uniquely situated to help various folks with different projects. You'll be hearing about more of these projects as time goes on. I have a few other projects in the works with various partners. I think there are plenty of opportunities to help move Republicans and the conservative movement forward. Being on the vanguard of using both new technologies and new media is key. I plan on being part of that!


We've been having some fun and hopefully helping you keep informed on my personal blog site where I share commentary, articles of interest and other political information with my friends. Ideas have consequences and I hope to be part of that debate. I will be updating this regularly, but not the daily salvos of the past. Follow the battle and the discussion on my bog.

So follow me at That's Saul Folks.com on a regular basis.



I'm putting together this new email list that is much smaller than I had before. So if you know of any activists or interested parties that you think might want to get my periodic updates and commentary, please feel free to forward or share this email. If they send me an email - I'll add them to the list. I hope to send out an email monthly, maybe twice a month to the overall list. You can also unsubscribe by clicking on the link below and I'll take you off my mailing list.

As you can see, I'm staying busy and look forward to working with you.

Please keep in touch.

Take care.

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President Obama and the Democrats have gotten a hold of the government's credit card, raised the overall limit, maxed it out and have given us the bill to pay.  The sad part is that the deficit (credit card spending) is so big, it will take our children and grandchildren to pay off the Obama bill...if they are lucky.

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