November 03, 2011

International surrender of Michigan Sovereignty given unanimous consent by MISen giving Federal Govt land

Seems we are being invaded without even knowing it. Will love to hear the rational for this 38-0 vote in the Michigan Senate on giving up State Sovereignty!  It is time to stop this nonsence and put State Sovereignty back to it's Lawful position~
Carole J. Williams The Pictured Rocks Lakeshore should never have been given the "national" designation, as doing so gave it 'global significance' and folded it into the UN's Biosphere system as part of the massive bioreserve being developed throughout the Upper Peninsula & Northern L.P. to buffer the UN's Isle Royale Biosphere headquartered in Houghton and the UN's University of Michigan Research Station Biospshere near Petoskey. The core areas (little to no human use zones) are to be used as "international zones of cooperation' for research. The bioreserves are intended to buffer the core Biosphere areas and human use of the reserves will be highly regulated. All 47 formally designated and disclosed UN Biospheres in America are being connected by buffered migration (travel) corridors. Of late, the Nature Conservancy is referring to the Two Hearted River watershed in the eastern U.P. as a Biospehere, too - this may be wishful thinking, or TNC may have petitioned for the designation and have put the cart before the horse. (Google "United Nations Man and the Biosphere Program" - And by the way, former Michigan DNR Director David Hales chaired the U.S. division of MAB several years ago.)
Here's a link to the official Wildlands Project Map. The U.P. is #23, the "North Woods Biosphere Reserve".
Here is the Bill passed by the Senate:
Senate Bill 617: Cede non-federal Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore land
Passed 38 to 0 in the Senate on November 1, 2011, to grant the governor the authority to cede "concurrent jurisdiction" of non-federally owned parcels within the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore to the federal government, without any further legislative authorization. Among other things, this would allow agents of either government to enforce laws and regulations on state land within the zone.
See [Who Voted "Yes" and Who Voted "No"] at

Here is a video on Agenda 21
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