March 01, 2009

Sign Online Petition to promote "Freedom Not Fear" - Saul

Sign Online Petition to promote "Freedom Not Fear"

February 28th, 2009 by Saul Anuzis

The top legislative priority for organized labor and their allies in Congress is the so-called Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), also known as "Card Check." EFCA is an enormous power grab by big labor bosses that would strip workers of their right to decide by private ballot whether to join a union, and their right to freely negotiate their contract. Instead, workers would be asked to publicly sign cards in front of union organizers, potentially subjecting them to harassment or intimidation. EFCA is a threat to workers' rights.

Our effort is not anti-union; our effort is anti-EFCA.

Our internal polling shows that the American people are firmly on the side of supporting a worker's right to a secret ballot election. In fact, the tri-partisan agreement to defend this right is overwhelming, as 77% of Republicans, 82% of Democrats, and 79% of independents believe in protecting private ballots. Support for private ballots is so broad it also spanned union households and every subgroup examined, including majorities of every age, race, geographic group and both genders.

Join us here to sign our online petition to promote "freedom not fear" in the work place. 

We, therefore, petition the U.S. Congress to ensure that every worker has the right to a secret ballot when deciding whether to organize a union, as well as the right to ratify the contract terms of their employment, rather than be forced to accept a contract through binding arbitration.

Please follow this link and sign our online petition…send it to your friends and neighbors and help save jobs in America.



The new leadership of the RNC is looking very promising and needs our uniting behind them starting now!

Unions got their start in Flint Michigan, to my memory and it has been a tool of the worker to obtain a fair days wage for a fair days work.   I as an conservative American do not see unions as bad, but sometimes lacking ethics, like protecting those who will not work.  But to make it so that one has to live in fear of management or union jacking is not in our best interest as a people.  Please pass this on and get everyone to do so and to go and vote in the petition.

Unions were responsible for creating the middle class we now have today.  By ganging up on them blaming unions for the big three crisis is not wise, but destructive.  Protect the American worker and stop the attack on unions.  Attack the real reason we have this fiscal crisis, the lack of jobs, manufacturing jobs.  Protect the American worker by stopping this Employee Free Choice Act keeping the balloting private and then follow up on what the RNC comes up with next.

R. George Dunn

Why we need the Fair Tax Plan now!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

"We Will Recover," Says Obama. "No We Won't," Says Celente; Government Policies Doomed to Fail

KINGSTON, NY, 27, February 2009 -- The wealth of plain, hard facts upon which The Trends Research Institute's forecasts are based belie the lofty promises made by President Obama's first address to Congress.

"We will rebuild, we will recover, and the United States of America will emerge stronger than before," said President Obama.

Said Celente, "The government has yet to fix the levees in New Orleans. There is still a hole in the ground where the World Trade Center once stood. Washington has started two wars it can't win and doesn't know how to finish. The massive bank, brokerage, auto and insurance company bailouts have done nothing to resuscitate the sinking economy. The Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) that candidate Obama championed has not "relieved." President Obama's $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will not lead to recovery and the nation will not 'emerge stronger than before,'" Celente continued.

Distinguished Men and Women
With only a succession of past Executive and Congressional failures to point to, and with the same people responsible for those failures still holding high office, the belief that this time around it will be miraculously different is nothing less than willful delusion.
We need the Fair Tax Plan this January with a six month tax reprieve prior starting on June 1st.  I will barter and say July fourth, and not by tea.  It is time for elected leaders to say damn the politics, it is time to be STATESMAN and 'Do the Right Thing'. 
 Let history see how the Constitution led our Nation through a revolution without firing a shot!

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The 'Shadow' controling the GOP gets Obama elected

It is true that the GOP has been taken over by the Elitists in Washington who are the power behind both parties.  Did you ever wonder why it was that the GOP fell into a stupor when they took over both branches, congress and president?  For years the dance was democrats for progressive(big government) and the Republicans for conservative small government.  Then when the dance changed, those in power did not want the GOP platform and were at a loss as how to perform their illusion and still go down the road of Big Government, so they had the GOP pork out and look like idiots, which they ended up being. 
In an article, this was wrote of a quote from an CPAC attendee: 

Republicans "have turned it into a big-government Republican party. Clearly, that's not what the American people want," said Trevor Ford, 24, blaming GOP spending for the party's losses at the ballot box. "If you're not doing your job well for that many years, it's bound to happen."

Very well said Mr. Ford.  And the push by these elitists, whom I have been calling the 'Shadow', continues as they are again anointing Romney, their sugar boy in the 2008 primary.  Romney flip flopped more then any democrat running for office during that primary and was so cutthroat, he should have been arrested for fraud.

What is a shock and surprise is how shallow Michelle Malkin is in this articles quoting of her:

Malkin, addressing a media workshop, dismissed 2008 GOP presidential contender Mike Huckabee, slamming him for suggesting during the 2008 primary that former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney was more protective of Wall Street than Main Street.

I hold Michelle in high esteem and am now wondering , is she not seeing the truth and being blind sided by the Shadow or is she part of the darkness.  I hope and will hold to the former as she has always said the right thing before.  We shall see. 

The divide in the GOP is the Wall St.. corporate types verses the grassroots founding Father conservative types fiscally.  Union busting is not a conservative tribute, it is a corporate.  Not supporting the Fair Tax is not conservative, it is corporate.  Any business that is providing a fair days wage for a fair days work is not afraid of unions and any business that is not importing their product will benefit from the Fair Tax.  So who are these corporate types for?  Not me, not the We the people.  It is their agenda that has empowered communism and it is they who are destroying the Nation, not the left.  The left is like the junkyard dog who broke his chain which was weakened by the acid from the Shadow, the Bush bailout.

When it was apparent that McCain was getting a head wind in September, just before the election, the Shadow pulled the rug out from under him by imposing the fraudulent bailout.  The money being needed, they said, was less the funds being moved by the International banking community daily.  If it was that needed, the federal reserve would have pumped it into the system, as they have been.  Nope, it was done to stop Sarah Palin from moving into the President of the Senate and learning the truth of their dance on this Nation.  The shadow was afraid for the Light that she would be.  It is also the very reason that Huckabee had to fight so hard, as the Shadow trembles at the thought of the Governor being President.

Yup, the democrat party serves the agenda of the one world order crowd, if tempered and Obama being president fits their agenda.  If you destroy the American economy, the one world order takes over by implementing the one world currency.  When that happens, the shadow comes out and takes their throne and it will not be a friendly one after a short time of power.  There will be no one to check their power or wrathfulness.

By the way, if you are still in doubt, ask yourself why it is that the left was so eager to support the Bush bailout by bartering for 20 billion dollars for ACORN?  Those boots are made for marching and civilian armies are meant for controlling the masses.