December 31, 2012

What we need to do, @repjustinamash. Do tax cut & FairTax~

‎...Obama said the deal now on the table would prevent a tax increase for the overwhelming majority of Americans, extend the child tax and tuition credits for families as well as those for clean-energy companies, and extend unemployment benefits for 2 million people. But even then, he said lawmakers still have to figure out how to mitigate the possible damage from sharp spending cuts that are scheduled to start biting January 2, when the federal government reopens after the New Year's holiday....

Sean Furr~   Aren't these the same Bush tax cuts that the Dems said put an undue burden on the Middle Class? So then, wouldn't it be good for the Middle Class for these tax cuts to expire? As to the "Fiscal Cliff" crap: Wouldn't deep cuts in government spending actually help the economy? Unless of course, you have only read Keynes.
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R. George Dunn~   The burden came from expanding tax revenue by more people making a living. That is our goal, Jobs. But the small hike in taxes can be eliminated by payroll deductions to balance in say April, retroactive to January first.

500 billion from defense and 5000 billion from the rest. It is needed pronto. We must care for the body of the economy the same way we got here. We must do what Obama wants on the tax issue and change it next time. We need the farm bill extended and we need unemployment extension. We don't want full death tax.

take the trillion dollar cut and the $450,000 ceiling on wealth tax. Do remember, most rich people don't have wages. You tax capital gain and you stifle growth. Best get tax out of doing business in America so we can get back to work.

Not Obamacare, but HSA/IRAs, privately owned, local investment option, States' mandated, by choice.

December 28, 2012

FairTax is on what you spend, not how much you earn

Under FairTax, the workers will keep their gross pay. The amount of embedded tax expense of 22% that could roll out of the price of product is more like 17%(my estimation). With the 35% corporate income tax and payroll taxes of 7.65% Social security and 1.9% medicare paid by employers can be removed by business out of the price. 

To point to remember, FairTax is not a reduction in taxation, but a neutral shift from production to sales. The real benefit comes from not having to pay those embedded taxes, the same tax we who work had paid with our wage being taken. The other great benefit is the ability to compete with imports and the removal of about 24% of the cost of services which have an average embedded tax of 29%, making services less, which is offset by the increase of those who pay taxes, the rich who don't have wage taxes but spend a lot more money.

The gross pay increase of a families cashflow will offset the slight imbalance of 5% embedded taxes not removed from the price of product but remaining as the workers pay.

Pensions gain as security of premiums is benefited by the explosion of prosperity within the economy, keeping the flow to pension funds making the pensions sustainable.

The poor will gain from the fact that product like a loaf of bread will not contain embedded federal tax and services will be cheaper even with middle income spending.

All Citizens will benefit from federal taxes not beginning until personal spending goes over the ceiling poverty wage level.

Americans for Fair Taxation 

December 25, 2012

How the Great Awakening takes over Congress via FairTax

When the Federal Government will not cease and desist and return to Constitutional conduct spending, it is imperative the States do. Our Federal Government is about to impose a tax increase on an economy that is nearing a collapse and at the same time are about to impose a slew of new mandate regulations and spending that will make it look like the Federal Government is wielding a fatal blow to our Nation, making for the imposition of martial law imperative.

How do we view what has happened to our economy the past 30 years?  The worst part is the growth of free trade while keeping the punishing production tax, as it handicaps domestic production has been the responsible act that sent our manufacturing over seas the past 30 years. Jobs, good paying jobs are the most vital need. By going to a consumption tax, we make free trade fair to our own industry and beingas the US Dollar is the default world reserve, by fixing the USA economy, we will go a long way to healing the world fiscally. We need FairTax.

It may be that we have a reprobate mind as a Nation for not seeing the fact that we installed open trade with a closed trade tax structure. It is hard to believe that our Federal Government would intentionally destroy us. Thus, why would we be blinded by the Lord? Abortion is in demand to acquire what? The Personhood act can be adopted at the State and Federal Level. It may be that this is the act of repentance needed to bring clarity to what we need to heal us fiscally.

Personhood Act, FairTax and Constitutional Conduct by State and Federal Governments is our saving grace and if you look deep enough, it will also be a providential Blessing never seen before on this Earth.

This is one of the most important steps to Constitutional character we can take in conjunction with the implementing of FairTax which ends payroll taxes:

December 23, 2012

What happens when guns are taken, Disarmament of the innocent

Michael Simpkins~ 

"plain and simple: my life belief on guns is better to have it, and not need it. than to need it, and not have it. "

Schools belong to the people, not government.  

Let the people decide on how to protect and teach 

their own.

December 18, 2012

FairTax will lower property taxes

FairTax will lower property taxes as wages will diminish for service about 24%, lowering property tax need by about the same amount. There are on average 29% of service price, cost, as embedded federal taxes.  Under FairTax, all cost and sales are tax free.

FairTax vs. Flat tax
~Michigan Founding President Roger Buchholtz

Message to Governor Snyder on SB-59 Free Gun Zone Bill


UPDATE: We hear from many of you trying to contact the Governor t
hat the line is busy and the voicemail box is full. We hope you'll keep trying -- it's that important!


The bill has now passed the Michigan Legislature and awaits the Governor's signature. After Friday's tragedy in CT, the Governor may be a bit shy about signing a bill that would allow people to carry in criminal empowerment zones. Won't you
call him to give him the courage to do the right thing?

We hear anti-gun activist, mostly from out of state, are bombarding the Governor's office with correspondence. This makes it that much more important that he hear from you, even if you live out of state!

Call (517) 373-3400 and ask the staffer to ask the Governor to sign SB 59. This can't wait until tomorrow.

You can also use this form to contact the Governor:

Select "Michigan Concealed Carry Laws" for Issue Type. Gently encourage Governor Snyder to sign SB 59 into law today!

*Extra training required

The message I sent to Governor Snyder on Gun Free Zones SB-59 Bill:

Governor, it is as if Providence has landed at your feet with this SB59 Bill.  The direction this Nation needs to take is what this Bill reflects and with the tragedy in Connecticut at it's Legislative passage, you can be instrumental in leading our nation to an attitude change towards what the Founders knew we needed.  Please be of Statesmanship stalwartness and turn your back to political correctness and it's dark wind.

Sign SB59.  May God guide and protect you,

R. George Dunn

December 16, 2012

Mike Huckabee on Why God is not to blame for horrific School shooting

Mike Huckabee~
My Fox show monologue:

I’ve said some controversial things from time to time, but none which prompted such a backlash as when I stated that the horrific shooting in CT of school children and teachers couldn’t be blamed on God because we’ve systematically marginalized God out of our culture by removing Him from all aspects of the public square. The vicious attacks that have resulted, most of all of which are based on total ignorance of what I actually said have actually validated my point, but I’m quite certain that was not the intent of both the professional and amateur critics who have demanded everything from my being banned from ever speaking in public again, or wished me a slow and painful death. On that alone, I wish to acknowledge that the left has again shown that it defines tolerance and diversity as being tolerant only of that with which it agrees, and diverse only to include slight shades of the orthodoxy of liberalism to which they adhere. They abhor censorship of their own profanity, obscenities, or graphic violence, but are the first to demand that a voice that invokes the name of God to be silenced. A specific act of violence is rarely the result of a specific single act of a culture that prompts it. In other words, I would never say that simply taking prayer and Bible reading from our institutions or silencing Christmas carols is the direct cause of a mass murder. That would be ludicrous and simplistic. But the cause and effect we see in the dramatic changes of what our children are capable of is a part of a cultural shift from a God-centered culture to a self-centered culture. We have glorified uninhibited self-expression and individualism and are shocked that we have a generation of loners. We have insisted on a society where everyone gets a trophy and no one loses and act surprised that so many kids lack self-esteem and feel like losers. We dismiss the notion of natural law and the notion that there are moral absolutes and seemed amazed when some kids make it their own morality to kill innocent children. We diminish and even hold in contempt the natural family of a father and mother creating and then responsibly raising the next generation and then express dismay that kids feel no real connection to their families or even the concept of a family. We scoff at the need for mothers and fathers to make it their priority to train their children to be strong in spirit and soul and responsible for right and wrong and exalt instead the virtue of having things and providing expensive toys, games, and electronics that substitute for parenting and then don’t understand why our kids would rather have ear buds dangling from their ears, fingers attaching to a smart phone, and face attached to a computer screen than to have an extended conversation with their family at dinner. And we don’t teach them there is a Creator God who sets immutable rules, a God who is knowable, and to whom we are ultimately responsible. Instead we teach that God was not involved in our origins, that our very lives are biological happenstances and in fact are disposable should they be inconvenient to us, and that any outrageous behaviors are not sin, but disorders for which we should be excused and accommodated. I realize my viewpoint sounds out-dated and archaic, but when that world view was the foundation of our nation’s social contract, we got in trouble at school for talking in class, chewing gum, pulling a girl’s pigtails, or slouching in our school desks. We took guns to school, to be sure, but they were in the gun racks of our trucks and we used them to hunt before and after school. It never occurred to us to use them to murder our teachers and fellow students. So yes, I can stand the contempt and criticism of the left. I’ll gladly accept their scorn as they substitute creative language with a steady stream of profanity-laced tirades that I’m an idiot, a throwback to the past, and a person who should be forever silenced. But when we as a nation feared God, we didn’t fear that a 20 year old with a high powered rifle would gun down our children in their schoolrooms.

December 15, 2012

Governor Snyder, Sign the Legislation on new gun free zone!

Michigan Governor Snyder, you are contemplating the newly passed legislation that changes no carry zones to an option for the locations, making them free to carry unless signs are put up to say no. The recent killings in a school would have not been massive had the teachers been armed. It is time to arm up the innocent and not give free reign to evil. Sign this liberty, for the children!

German raid on scam surrounding co2 certificate trading

This needs to become a tidal wave sweeping the World, cleansing us of fraudulent leadership.  Lock them all up!!!  Al Gore, you are about to get burnt by your carbons.

December 13, 2012

Governor Huckabee~ Get your family this FREE Christmas gift

Mike Huckabee

Here's your last chance to get a FREE gift for the kids in your family!

The FREE 3-Video Adventure DVD Set is guaranteed to be a favorite gift of your kids or grandkids!

lohatop Friends,
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Speaking of gifts, I'm thrilled to let you know that you still have time to take advantage of a very special FREE Christmas offer that my friends at Learn Our History have put together. Our team has created a fun, 3-Episode DVD Gift Set called "America's Greatest Adventures" just in time for Christmas. And, now, I'm giving you one last chance to reserve your family's FREE copy!
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Mike Huckabee
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