December 25, 2012

How the Great Awakening takes over Congress via FairTax

When the Federal Government will not cease and desist and return to Constitutional conduct spending, it is imperative the States do. Our Federal Government is about to impose a tax increase on an economy that is nearing a collapse and at the same time are about to impose a slew of new mandate regulations and spending that will make it look like the Federal Government is wielding a fatal blow to our Nation, making for the imposition of martial law imperative.

How do we view what has happened to our economy the past 30 years?  The worst part is the growth of free trade while keeping the punishing production tax, as it handicaps domestic production has been the responsible act that sent our manufacturing over seas the past 30 years. Jobs, good paying jobs are the most vital need. By going to a consumption tax, we make free trade fair to our own industry and beingas the US Dollar is the default world reserve, by fixing the USA economy, we will go a long way to healing the world fiscally. We need FairTax.

It may be that we have a reprobate mind as a Nation for not seeing the fact that we installed open trade with a closed trade tax structure. It is hard to believe that our Federal Government would intentionally destroy us. Thus, why would we be blinded by the Lord? Abortion is in demand to acquire what? The Personhood act can be adopted at the State and Federal Level. It may be that this is the act of repentance needed to bring clarity to what we need to heal us fiscally.

Personhood Act, FairTax and Constitutional Conduct by State and Federal Governments is our saving grace and if you look deep enough, it will also be a providential Blessing never seen before on this Earth.

This is one of the most important steps to Constitutional character we can take in conjunction with the implementing of FairTax which ends payroll taxes:

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