October 01, 2014

HOGWASH, Rogue Michigan Gov tyranny stopped, but left suffering #migop #migov #tcot #sgp

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From: Greg Groninger

Mark & Jill Baker are closer to getting their heads above water after 3 years of wealth extracting litigation by the Michigan DNR who dropped their $700,000.00 fine a couple months ago saying the Baker pig were now legal! [Go figure!]  Mark and Jill's pigs are getting close to going to market but their feed supply is critically low. Below are two ways you can help the Bakers.  By the way, I have seen the movie and it is great.


From: Tom Dunn 
Subject: Help the Bakers (Mark & Jill) Please distribute to your List of Liberty Minded Friends!



What authority authorized the unelected officials in Lansing to determine that Mark would no longer be "allowed" to market his private property, his locally raised hogs, on his farm in Missaukee County?  Where the Department of Natural Resources discovered that Michigan was in imminent danger of possibly being overrun by pigs out in the woods.  HOGWASH!


First Public showing of the struggle of Mark and Jill Baker, Bakers Green Acres Farm in Marion Michigan , Missaukee county caused by the overreach of Department of Natural Resources.

Where:                 Beaverton Theater

Time:                     Doors open at 6:30

Date:                     Monday, October 6th

Admission Free!

Q and A by Mr. Mark Baker after the showing.

Sponsored by Concerned Citizen of Michigan / We the People of Gladwin Co.




Please donate $10, $20, $50 or $100 to Bakers Green Acres and assist Mark & Jill in feeding their pigs so they can get them to Market after 3 years of wealth extracting litigation by the Michigan DNR.  The family is barely surviving and the animals are low on feed.  Please help the Bakers with as much support as possible.  Do not let the machine destroy the Family Farm and our way of life.  If the DNR is successful in putting the Bakers out of Farming just think what they will try next.  It could be as simple as you cannot have pork in your possession or in your freezer that is not stamped approved by the DNR and a large fee for having it.

Please help us get the Bakers through this trying time, your donation will be deeply appreciated by not only the Bakers but all of us who support Property Rights and the Family Farm and the Right to Grow and raise food for our families.




and hit the "Donate" button in the upper right corner.

After you donate read Mark's Adventure and you will understand why we are asking for you HELP.




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