April 14, 2010

Center Right Invite for Special Policy Forum April 15 8:30 to 11AM by @MackinacCenter in Lansing

Go to this event before heading to the Capital steps.

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Center Right Coalition Announces...
A Policy Forum
Sponsored by:
Mackinac Center for Public Policy
Americans for Prosperity-Michigan
Thursday, April 15, 2010, 8:30 - 11:00 a.m. EST
The Lansing Center, 333 East Michigan Avenue
Lansing, Michigan 48933

8:30 am: Opening Remarks, Peter Fotos, director of government relations, The Heartland Institute.

8:35 am: The Fiscal State of Michigan, Michael LaFaive, director, Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative, Mackinac Center for Public Policy

9:05 am: How Taxes Are Taking Over Michigan like Kudzu
John Nothdurft, budget and tax legislative specialist, The Heartland Institute

9:35 am: How the Political Class Is Destroying Michigan,
Jack McHugh, senior legislative analyst, Mackinac Center for Public Policy

10:05 am: How Auto Insurance Regulations Are Hurting Michigan, Eli Lehrer, senior fellow and national director, Center for Risk, Regulation, and Markets, The Heartland Institute & Matthew Glans, Midwest director, Center for Risk, Regulation, and Markets, The Heartland Institute

10:35 am: What "We the People" Can Do, Scott Hagerstrom, Michigan State Director for Americans for Prosperity

10:55 am: Closing Remarks

Please RSVP here.
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Go to this event before heading to the Capital steps.

Leftist Goal: Dismantle the Tea Party Movement-onenewsnow |Defensive measures~Miike Ford, OK

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Subject: [mikehuckabee-153] Goal: Dismantle the Tea Party movement

Goal: Dismantle the Tea Party movement
FYI- They have been doing this on an increasing basis for a few years. We saw this at McCain/Palin rallies recently in 2008. A classic Saul Alinsky tactic. They are getting good at it, too.
I have some defense ideas below that all conservative groups should use...especially the Teas. The liberals are very afraid of the movement. They will not stop, and have no shame. It would be interesting what the reaction would be if Conservatives began infiltrating Code Pink, Unions, MoveOn.org, NAACP, Organizing for America and of course...the National Socialist/Communist Party and did the same.
Organizers should lay down rules of conduct posted online, in team emails as a press release, and then make sure they are visibly posted at public events. This issue should be highlighted as a reason why. Volunteers, protesters and organizers should be asked to bring cameras and video-cams, and be vigilant.
The standard operation, should an outburst by a supposed member take place, should consist of an immediate filming and photos of the situation. The violator should have their face filmed, and be questioned regarding identity, and ON FILM be rebuked and warned by an organizer who specifically cites the rules of conduct. Should it happen again, the same procedure applies, in addition to the organizer asking the violator to leave. Efforts should be made to capture the make, model and tag number of their vehicle.
This individual should become famous on organizational websites, Facebook pages, etc, with the press notified as well, with Conservatives Beware label. They should be publicly rebuked by the organization. An effort should be made to identify the agitator, and find any possible affiliation with the Democratic Party and other left wing groups. Perhaps a website or FB page should be made where a collective database can be updated by all conservative orgs who have these issues, to work together and keep one another informed.
This organization below must be ratted out to the media TODAY, and is subject to Federal Law regarding the violation of peaceful protest, in accordance with the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, as well as local and state ordinances regarding lawful protest.
Please read, respond and pass along FAST!
Mike Ford

Goal: Dismantle the Tea Party movement
Opponents of the fiscally conservative Tea Party movement say they plan to infiltrate and dismantle the political group by trying to make its members appear to be racist, homophobic, and moronic.

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