February 20, 2010

Get ready to march Online on Washington, D.C.

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Sent: Saturday, February 20, 2010 2:05 PM
Subject: Get ready to march Online on Washington, D.C.

Dear Friends,

Get ready to march Online on Washington, D.C.!

FairTax.org is launching the Online Tax Revolt: March for America that merges digital advocacy with grassroots activists who will physically travel to Washington, D.C. for a huge tax protest on April 15th.

Today Neal Boortz unveils our Online Tax Revolt: March for America. That's right--online. It's a fantastic new technology that will allow everyone to select an avatar to march with tens of thousands of others to Washington, D.C. and add their voice to a live tax revolt protest. 

Here's how it works -you go to www.OnlineTaxRevolt.com from your own home or office and pick an avatar--a graphic representation of you. Every day from wherever you live, your avatar will be shown on a Google Earth map of the United States in a growing crowd moving toward Washington, D.C. 

We all arrive April 15th and join a massive live protest rally there. Both our avatars and a huge crowd will be nationally webcast in what could be the most powerful tax protest since Boston Harbor.

Michael Reagan, Neal Boortz, Joe the Plumber, me (Ken Hoagland) and others leading our march on Washington. Patriots across the country will be invited to join in whether they have embraced the FairTax or not.

We all know, after all, that the tax system is broken and fuels huge debt, dishonesty with the public and the hobbling of our economy. We all have that in common. Now we need to wake up Washington and correct the destructive habits of the political class. This is how we do it and add millions of voices who would otherwise not be able to travel to the national capitol on April 15th.

Tell your Tea Party friends, tell your local candidates, tell your FairTax friends that this is their march on Washington. Everyone can form a team or join one that is already formed, and everyone can now come to Washington to wake up the political insiders who are sending our nation down a path of almost certain ruin. Do your local candidates for Congress want to prove that they are "of the people"? Here's how. It starts with our unanimous rejection of the tax system that we all agree is badly broken and corrupted.

Now you can add your voice to the national chorus of Americans demanding responsibility and common sense from Washington. Veterans, Tea Party activists, the homebound and all those who are too busy raising kids and earning a living to come to Washington, D.C. can join a historic march. Our nation was born in a tax revolt and our nation can now be saved in a tax revolt.

Pick your avatar today and begin your journey to Washington, D.C. Spread the word to your friends, you will meet them in Washington, no matter where they live-this is how we bring together the many American voices who understand that it falls to us to take back our country! Take a giant step today toward a better future by going right now to: www.OnlineTaxRevolt.com

Yours sincerely,