December 18, 2012

FairTax will lower property taxes

FairTax will lower property taxes as wages will diminish for service about 24%, lowering property tax need by about the same amount. There are on average 29% of service price, cost, as embedded federal taxes.  Under FairTax, all cost and sales are tax free.

FairTax vs. Flat tax
~Michigan Founding President Roger Buchholtz

Message to Governor Snyder on SB-59 Free Gun Zone Bill


UPDATE: We hear from many of you trying to contact the Governor t
hat the line is busy and the voicemail box is full. We hope you'll keep trying -- it's that important!


The bill has now passed the Michigan Legislature and awaits the Governor's signature. After Friday's tragedy in CT, the Governor may be a bit shy about signing a bill that would allow people to carry in criminal empowerment zones. Won't you
call him to give him the courage to do the right thing?

We hear anti-gun activist, mostly from out of state, are bombarding the Governor's office with correspondence. This makes it that much more important that he hear from you, even if you live out of state!

Call (517) 373-3400 and ask the staffer to ask the Governor to sign SB 59. This can't wait until tomorrow.

You can also use this form to contact the Governor:

Select "Michigan Concealed Carry Laws" for Issue Type. Gently encourage Governor Snyder to sign SB 59 into law today!

*Extra training required

The message I sent to Governor Snyder on Gun Free Zones SB-59 Bill:

Governor, it is as if Providence has landed at your feet with this SB59 Bill.  The direction this Nation needs to take is what this Bill reflects and with the tragedy in Connecticut at it's Legislative passage, you can be instrumental in leading our nation to an attitude change towards what the Founders knew we needed.  Please be of Statesmanship stalwartness and turn your back to political correctness and it's dark wind.

Sign SB59.  May God guide and protect you,

R. George Dunn