February 29, 2012

The path to saving America is not Mitt's as SSI needs replaced by jobs * Newt is

Romney wants to keep SSI in government so they can steal it again.  Not smart enough to realize what is coming so think tweaking by age will work, when the problem is the size of 67 Trillion set aside for the huge influx of baby boomers. 

Only full employment can sustain SSI and two other steps. We must make it so this misuse of our Treasure never happens again bu privatizing Federal Entitlements and end the handicap production tax which places the Federal tax burden into the price of our own product to ourself, let alone export.

We need to go to States allowing for IRAs with HSA Ryders to be an alternative to Federal entitlements and for The Federal Government to make a date certain no new entries into the system allowed and plan a transition to privatize all. I&HSA Plan spoken to by up Coming Congressman Don Volaric~

By putting healthcare under the pension plan replacing SSI, you provide the youth with a plan that provides healthcare immediately and it also lowers cost by the competitive nature that will result. Remember what Pope John Paul spoke to, how license is a form of slavery. Free up healthcare and let the grassroots control of self responsibility blossom into individual freedom. You can also make the Income & Health Savings Plan be locally invested as an option. 

Go to FairTax, vetted for 15 years and 22 Million in research and development to give we the people a 22% tax cut from our double taxation via production tax, done with only one benefit. Einstein would say something about this repetition of keeping the IRS. 

With workers investing in their local economy and American Product getting a 15% advantage with imports, we will get to full employment where employers will bid for your services.