May 04, 2009

Jeb Bush, GOP: Time to leave Reagan behind - Washington Times

R. George Dunn
4:14am May 4th
Jeb Bush, GOP: Time to leave Reagan behind - Washington Times
These guys stand in the middle of a grassroots firestorm and cannot help but be arrogant. How big of them to say they will have to listen to the American People. That should give them and us a clue as to whom they who lead the GOP are?

Reagan began a movement back to the Founding Fathers principles an values and now we are hearing how we must forget that? How about finishing the job? How about doing what is necessary to get American prosperity back? How about giving the corporate greedmasters the boot? How about the GOP becoming grassroots and give those big government politicians also known as RINOs the door. We will draw so many Americans to our GOP if we center on we the people, not whether you are of some ethnicity. The number one priority is changing the Tax structure and provide a level playing field with free trade.

Anyone who associates with the icon for big government corporate greed Romney is not doing themselves any favor. If that angers you, sorry, facts.

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If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

Fwd: An Open Letter to Republican Chairman Michael Steele on Reaching out to Hispanics

R. George Dunn
6:21pm May 4th
An Open Letter to Republican Chairman Michael Steele on Reaching out to Hispanics
Reality is, those who have been here illegally have done so by the auspicious actions of both Parties. Gov. Huckabee has the right approach, that the people could be processed easily by our modern technology. But those who are in line doing it right must go first.
We cannot pack up 12 million people, that is nuts. Getting them to volunteer makes more logic, but even that is a waste of energy if most will come back anyway.

But close the borders. Open borders to our economy is like no trespassing laws allowing people on the street to come into your home at will. Imagine what that would do to your homestead? If we end abortion, we will not need more workers and if we put in place the Fair Tax, we will gain from this workforce and their cultural values in our Quest. I agree with this open letter. What say you?

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If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

With whom will the grassroots coleus, RINOs or true conservatives

******* just left * National Discussion Group.

For your convenience, we asked ********why he or she was leaving the group. This is how ********answered:

We've been rather disappointed with some of the comments lately, especially *****.  e.g. hinting about Miss
California's phone number and saying that Palin being a "babe" is a good reason to vote for her.  ... Also at times it seems like
several of the members are more supportive of other candidates, especially Ron Paul and Palin, including you.  
 This was supposed to be a Huckabee support group.

Interesting comments. 
The strength of the GOP is in centering on the values of truth and being conservative means to not compromise on truth.  We have been lead by a group in the GOP, or a coalition, that has been for the big government growth coming from the left.  Shall we find it more appropriate to stay loyal to such a group or would we find greater strength from befriending the right of our fledgling grassroots?
Sarah Palin has great value.  The question of her Court appointments brings questions.  But Sarah is of our Quest and the passion that threatened you before was fed by the MSM for the most part.  Amazing, when the talk was of where the tea parties started, many of the Liberty Group felt it started years ago.  In truth , Doctor Paul supporters are way ahead in this Quest of liberty and freedom.  Here in Michigan, when we grassrooted the Tea Parties, we joined together with the Liberty Party who was already set up to have tax protests in front of every post office on 4/15.  Joan and Rose formed a media Pac and got the job done well.
So who is it we should bind our Quests to , those against it or thows already in full campaign to save our Nation?
Governor Mike Huckabee is the purpose of this Meetup and forming a coalition to win in 2012 is our greatest goal.  The Governor has held the Liberty Party at arms link, but his own body is drifting into coalition with them and with the Glenn Beck Coalition as well as many independent groups all centered on the tea parties.  The Palin Coalition has many Huckabee supporters, many.  Our Quest is one, to take back the Constitution and change the tax structure, literally getting rid of the IRS monster.  Fair Tax is our saving Grace for our fiscal blunders as well as re-instituting State Sovereignty as Constituted.
If this is wrong, then there is a need to check the Status.  As to the Social conservative plank, what does it mean that it is more important to find favor with feeding the people then following the Social Values?  The GOP has led us into a pit of no jobs, pretending to be for the working man while at the same time gorging on import wealth and abandoning the American dream for Greed. 
Michael Brown said,  "we lost the Reagan Era when we followed the man and not the Quest."  Those words alone put the Reagan Quest back on the table, nothing fledgling about it.  Let's finish what he started and move this Nation back to the Constitution, as he said and our history demands.  With the favor of God, Mike Huckabee is the Stalwart of this task, being molded from day one.  That's my Story and I am sticking to it.
R. George Dunn

I laughed I cried it moved me Bob!

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Subject: I laughed I cried it moved me Bob!

TOO good not to pass along.

The best 30 second of Bob Hope I have seen yet!

I listened to it twice it was so funny!


JACKSON CITIZEN PATRIOT -- Human Relations Commission sees chance topass "gay rights" ordinance

A conservative community leader thinks it must keep up with the progressive movement?  Sounds like what got us to where we are as a Nation and as the GOP, lost in the wind.
R. George Dunn
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Subject: JACKSON CITIZEN PATRIOT -- Human Relations Commission sees chance topass "gay rights" ordinance

Jackson, Michigan
April 23, 2009
Jackson Human Relations Commission sees chance
to get anti-discrimination ordinance approved
by Fredricka Paul | Jackson Citizen Patriot
Members of the Human Relations Commission are prepared to let the public weigh in on an anti-discrimination ordinance if the Jackson City Council fails to support it.

It was brought to the council in 1999, but eventually stalled in 2002. Members of the Human Relations Commission hope the ordinance stands a better chance of being approved with the current council.

"(Past councils) didn't want it on the agenda. Now we have a slightly different council," said Ed Peterson, a member of the commission. "I hope the time is right."

What it says

The ordinance, drafted by the HRC in 1999 and last brought before the council in 2002, would prohibit bias based on age, race, religion, disability, familial status, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, educational association, political affiliation, source of income, height or weight.

Mayor Jerry Ludwig is not so sure.

"I don't think it is a good time to bring it back up," Ludwig said. "It was rather controversial the first time it came up. I just don't think it is worth it. It is not a real big priority right now."

Councilman Carl Breeding is the only council member who has said he will support the ordinance.

Councilmen Daniel Greer, Robert Howe, Andrew Frounfelker and Kenneth Gaiser have said they are undecided.

The ordinance is up for discussion at the HRC meeting in May. From there, it could go before the City Council.

If the council does not approve the ordinance, Peterson said the HRC will seek referendum and would have to collect about 350 signatures on a petition to get the issue on the ballot, possibly in November.

Previous points of contention about the ordinance centered around the sexual orientation protections it provided. It also was criticized by business owners, who were concerned about the potential for lawsuits from job applicants who were not hired. They felt rejected applicants might sue based on any of the protections in the ordinance.

HRC Chairwoman Kathleen Conley said employers are offered recourse through provisions that state an applicant must be able to fulfill the job description.

"We are still allowing someone as an employer the opportunity to say with your situation, this particular job is not a good fit," she said. "We are also giving a person with limitations some recourse."

Although business owners previously had concerns about the cost of discrimination complaints, Conley said the same provisions are included in civil rights ordinances throughout the state.

"What we are looking at now is tried and true," she said, adding that when it was drafted in 1999 the issue was almost uncharted territory.

George Brown, a member of the HRC, said many other communities around the state, including Ann Arbor, Detroit and Flint, have already adopted similar ordinances.

"I kind of felt like we were behind the times a little bit," Brown said. "We all know Jackson is a rather conservative city, but we are still trying to be progressive and move forward so we can at least look like an inclusive city."

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