April 14, 2009

The Big Business/Big Government Axis Of Evil

The Big Business/Big Government Axis Of Evil
By Chuck Baldwin
April 14, 2009

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Self-proclaimed "conservatives" love to tout themselves as ardent supporters
of the "free enterprise" system. In the name of "capitalism," they support
any and every piece of legislation or governmental decision that caters to
business--especially Big Business. Favorite policies of these folks include
anything and everything that calls itself "free trade." Furthermore, these
same "conservatives" will support just about anything and everything that is
said to advance the so-called "global economy."

Needless to say, in the name of "free trade" millions of American jobs and
thousands of American manufacturing plants have been outsourced to foreign
countries and interests. And leading the charge for "free trade,"
outsourcing, and the "global economy" is the international cabal known as
Big Business. But Big Business does not play this game alone. Joining Big
Business is its pernicious partner, Big Government.

Together, Big Business and Big Government form a tyrannical tandem that is
squeezing the breath out of our once-great republic. In fact, people need to
understand that what is passing for "capitalism" in America today is nothing
more than "Corporatism."

Corporatism has little to do with genuine capitalism or free enterprise.
Freedom and federalism thrive when true capitalism and free enterprise are
at work. But Corporatism has nothing to do with freedom and everything to do
with tyranny.

Corporatism is the marriage of Big Business with Big Government. Corporatism
uses the force and weight of government to create giant monopolies, which
strangle competition and freedom. Rules and regulations are enacted that
make it impossible for "little" guys to compete. The trade laws of nations
are pitted against each other, forcing free nations to sacrifice their own
peace and security to accommodate the economies of totalitarian regimes.
And, of course, Big Business is the recipient of gargantuan profits in the

Please understand that the movers and shakers of Big Business have no
national loyalty. They claim no country, salute no flag, and recognize no
independence but their own. They are the travel companions of the bloodiest
butchers on the planet. They have homes in every corner of the globe and are
happy to share the beds of the vilest people on earth. They would gladly
sell the heart and soul of America to the highest bidder, and have long ago
sold their own hearts and souls to the devil.

And there is no limit to how intimately Big Business and Big Government can
collaborate to steal people's liberties. A classic case in point is the
burgeoning effort to control and regulate private, homegrown gardens.

In the face of a growing recession, thousands of people across America are
planting and growing their own gardens. And this is not lost to Corporatism.
Remember, Corporatism's great goal is to create monopolies and crush
freedom, leaving the cabal controlling both Big Business and Big Government
alone atop the world of prosperity and power. Therefore, it will use every
tool at its disposal to protect any and all of Corporatism's favored
players. And when it comes to America's food supply, Big Agriculture is that
favored player.

Even as Michelle Obama plants a White House garden and encourages Americans
everywhere to do the same thing, her husband is creating a brand new tool
for the Big Business/Big Government powerbrokers: a new "Food Safety
Administration" (FSA).

At the same time, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Connecticut) has introduced H.R. 875
to "protect the public health." But it is not the public health that Ms.
DeLauro wants to protect. It is the health of the demonic duo of Big
Business and Big Government. Two other bills with similar machinations are
S. 425, introduced by Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), and H.R. 815,
submitted by Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colorado).

In a nutshell, when these bills become law, every homegrown garden in the
country will be regulated, inspected, controlled, and taxed by the federal
government. (No, I am not making it up.) In addition, small, independent
farms would most certainly be put out of business. In effect, the great
Nanny State is posturing itself to completely take over the food business in

First, the Big Business/Big Government Axis of Evil began taking over the
banking and financial institutions. Next, it was the automobile business
that was in Corporatism's crosshairs. Now, it is energy, healthcare, and
even the food business--down to the smallest backyard, homegrown
garden--that Corporatism is plotting to plunder.

It is an ingenious system: first, Big Government regulates legitimate
business to the point that it can no longer function in a free and open
market. Then it paves the way for foreign investors to gain influence or
even seize control of those same businesses. Then it forces the mergers of
smaller entities into international monstrosities. Then it passes laws
making it impossible for the remaining small, independent businesses to
compete. Meanwhile, the newly created super-wealthy collaborators in Big
Business are more than eager to share their bounty with their fellow
miscreants inside Big Government.

The obvious result of all this chicanery is the creation of a superior
ruling class and the destruction of a free and independent middle class. If
all this sounds familiar, it is because Corporatism used to be known by
another name: fascism! And this is exactly what is being created right in
front of our very eyes, here in the good old U.S.A.

If "conservatives" were more cognizant of and diligent to protect the U.S.
Constitution and principles of liberty contained in our Bill of Rights and
Declaration of Independence, they would be able to see through the fa├žade of
modern Corporatism that masks its totalitarian agenda under the guise of
"free trade."

So, in the meantime, go ahead and grow your garden, because you are going to
need it. But, at the same time, be prepared to give an account to your local
FSA agent. He'll want to know how much you've grown, how much you sold or
gave away, and to whom you sold or gave it. He'll want to inspect it; he'll
expect you to fill out the appropriate government forms, including names,
addresses, amounts, prices, etc. And this goes for all those church and
social club potluck dinners as well. Oh, yes! He'll also expect you all to
pay taxes on it.

Either that, or convince your State legislators and governor to do what the
Thirteen Colonies did: tell King George to go to Hades! But if you don't
have--and cannot get--a State legislature and governor willing to do that,
you'll need to either move or start turning your entire life over to the new
fascist America that Big Business and Big Government are creating, because
the die has been cast, and it doesn't appear that there is any going back.

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(c) Chuck Baldwin

Obama faces tea party protests

Financial Times

Obama faces tea party protests

By Andrew Ward in Washington

Published: April 14 2009 18:55 | Last updated: April 14 2009 18:55

Critics of Barack Obama plan to hold hundreds of anti-tax "tea parties" on Wednesday protest at the US president's policies, even as polls show solid support for his handling of the economy.

Multiple events are planned in all 50 states, inspired by the 1773 Boston Tea Party rebellion against British colonial taxes, which helped spark the American revolution....

...A recent New York Times poll found that only 31 per cent of people had a favourable opinion of the Republican party – its lowest rating in the 25 years the question has been asked.

A CNN/Opinion Research survey on Tuesday showed nearly six in 10 Americans felt Mr Obama had a clear plan for solving US economic problems, while less than a quarter felt the same about the Republican party.

Despite such polls, many leading Republicans have voiced support for the grassroots conservative revolt against Mr Obama.

Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and 2008 presidential hopeful, wrote in an e-mail to supporters last week that "the very fibre of the country we all love is threatened" by Mr Obama's economic and social policies.

"It seems that the attacks are coming from all sides, fast and furious," he said. "Government is moving radically to take control of our lives, from cradle to grave."

Tom McMahon, head of Americans United for Change, a liberal activist group, said such attitudes played into the Democratic party's hands.


my comment:

The low polling of the GOP is much to do with the Republican Conservatives having seen the reality of the GOP leadership during the past year.  It has revealed how much of a big government crowd they are and the people are not happy with it and refuse to support it any more.  Even Newt Gingrich is trying hard to show himself to not be of that crowd, though most remember him and his stands in the past.  It is like spitting in the wind, but redemption comes from proper actions.

The American people are waking up , thus the tea parties.  From both sides of the isle, democrats and conservatives, they are joining in force to say to Washington to stop violating the Constitution NOW!!!

Gov. Perry of Texas has come out in total support of affirming the tenth Amendment to the Constitution which states that the Federal Government's power is very much limited to the powers enumerated in the Constitution and that States are sovereign Nations under this Republic of Nations.

As Gov. Huckabee has stated, "...attacks (on the Constitution) are coming from all sides, fast and furious.  (Federal) Government is moving to radically take control...". 

 After the Tea Parties on 4/15/09, the momentum will continue to grow.  The democrats are saying what they hope, that the American people are by majority for them, but the further the Obama regime takes us down the road of this despotism, the higher pitch the buzz will get from We the People.  When his policy, that has decreed that those Americans who support the Constitution are a considered a Homeland security threat, becomes known and how his new Army of 200,000 civilians are being added to coincide with the ACORN establishment he has already gleaned by being one of their educators, people will wake up to the threat of jack boots coming down the streets and that is totally unacceptable.  Germany did this by indoctrinating though a youth Corps.  Not again, not here.  That Tom McMahon, is the attitude you are facing. 

The best resolve is for the States to each individually cause the Federal Government to cease and desist, by putting all but military defense into escrow and that no other tax will leave their individual State.  That is the peace that the Constitution has designed and it is our Hope for the future in liberty and Freedom fought for over and over and over. 

Let not the blood of our forbearers be for naught and your future fruit find a land full of decay.

R. George Dunn

Parental Rights Amendment

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 7:41 PM
Subject: Parental Rights Amendment

Dear friends,


Rep. Pete Hoesktra is a person to be watching for the next Michigan governorship (as well as Mike Cox), but I love the idea that parents shall have the liberty to direct the upbringing of their children.  Why do we need a Federal Constitutional Amendment for this???  Isn't this common sense?   We know this is where our government is headed in that we are losing our freedoms one at a time.   Please contact Mike Rogers (MI-8) if you live in his district.  If you don't, perhaps you can contact your Rep. through the link below.  I like the fact that every Rep. listed at the bottom of this page also was in support of the Federal Marriage Amendment a few years ago and the Lord knows pro-family leaders are what we need.  Please send them a brief, encouraging note asking them to support this amendment.  http://www.govtrack.us/congress/findyourreps.xpd?state=MI


Here are the exact words of Section 1 of this amendment:

"The liberty of the parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children is a fundamental right." 





PS.  If you're on Facebook, join this group so you can be kept up to date.  I would also keep a close eye on Pete Hoekstra and keep him covered with prayer.


From: ParentalRights.org [mailto:info@parentalrights.org]
Sent: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 12:29 PM
To: tberryer@yahoo.com
Subject: Action Email: Going For 100


It's Time to Get 100 Cosponsors!


Thanks to the leadership of Rep. Pete Hoekstra and the diligent efforts of grassroots Americans to urge their congressional representatives to become co-sponsors of the Parental Rights Amendment, HJR 42, we now have 73 cosponsors.


The PRA will need 290 votes to pass the House of Representatives, so it is obvious that we still have a long way to go.


However, it is important that we continue to make strides. Politics is often a matter of momentum, and our best opportunity is found in continuing to add members of the House to the co-sponsor list.


Our next goal is to get 100 co-sponsors. Rather than aiming at everyone right now, we have selected a target list of 106 members of Congress whose voting record suggests that their philosophy should line up with the Parental Rights Amendment.


The following members of Congress voted in 2006 for the Federal Marriage Amendment, but have not yet become cosponsors  of the Parental Rights Amendment. Even though these two amendments are legally distinct, this vote from 2006 does illustrate a willingness to vote for a constitutional amendment for a traditional, pro-family purpose. Accordingly, we view these members as key potential supporters and allies.


If your congressional representative is listed below, we would urge you to call or email their office today. Here are some ideas you could use in your message:

  • You appreciate the fact that he/she has voted for pro-family legislation in the past.
  • It is essential that we stop international law and preserve the idea that only American law should be used to make our public policy on families and children.
  • Government should not be allowed to intervene in family decisions until there has been proof of harm such as abuse or neglect.

The core ideas of HJR 42 are:

  • American families get to guide their children's upbringing unless there is proof of harm.
  • State law and not international law should be the basis for our public policy on families and children.

If your Congressman is not on the list, or if you have already called your member of Congress and they have not responded, now is the time for you to network with your friends.

The 10-and-2 campaign asks you to find:

  • 10 friends who agree to become citizen co-sponsors by signing the petition.
  • 2 of these friends who will agree to find 10 others.

Remember, the chief job of citizen co-sponsors is simply to call their members of Congress and the Senate. Networking works. Please help us find others who will join in this battle to preserve the right of good parents to raise their children in freedom. 

Target Representatives

Aderholt (AL-4)

Linder (GA-7)

Bachus (AL-6)

LoBiondo (NJ-2)

Barrow (GA-12)

Lungren (CA-3)

Barton (TX-6)

Mack (FL-14)

Berry (AR-1)

Marshall (GA-8)

Bilbray (CA-50)

Matheson (UT-2)

Bilirakis (FL-9)

McHugh (NY-23)

Bishop (GA-2)

McMorris-Rodgers (WA-5)

Bonner (AL-1)

Melancon (LA-3)

Boren (OK-2)

Mica (FL-7)

Boucher (VA-9)

Miller, Jeff (FL-1)

Boustany (LA-7)

Miller, Candice (MI-10)

Boyd (FL-2)

Miller, Gary (CA-42)

Brady (TX-8)

Murphy (CT-5)

Brown-Waite (FL-5)

Myrick (NC-9)

Burgess (TX-26)

Nunes (CA-21)

Buyer (IN-4)

Nye (VA-2)

Calvert (CA-44)

Ortiz (TX-27)

Capito (WV-2)

Peterson (MN-7)

Chandler (KY-6)

Petri (WI-6)

Coble (NC-6)

Poe (TX-2)

Cooper (TN-5)

Putnam (FL-12)

Costello (IL-12)

Rahall (WV-3)

Crenshaw (FL-4)

Rehberg (MT)

Cuellar (TX-28)

Reichert (WA-8)

Culberson (TX-7)

Rogers, Mike (AL-3)

Davis, Artur (AL-7)

Rogers, Harold (KY-5)

Davis, Lincoln (TN-4)

Rogers, Mike (MI-8)

Dent (PA-15)

Rohrabacher (CA-46)

Duncan (TN-2)

Ross (AR-4)

Edwards (TX-17)

Royce (CA-40)

Ehlers (MI-3)

Scott (GA-13)

Emerson (MO-8)

Sensenbrenner (WI-5)

Etheridge (NC-2)

Schuster (PA-9)

Flake (AZ-6)

Simpson (ID-2)

Forbes (VA-4)

Skelton (MO-4)

Foxx (NC-5)

Smith, Chris (NJ-4)

Gallegly (CA-24)

Smith, Lamar (TX-21)

Garrett (NJ-5)

Spratt (SC-5)

Goodlatte (VA-6)

Stearns (FL-6)

Granger (TX-12)

Tanner (TN-8)

Graves (MO-6)

Taylor (MS-4)

Hall (NY-19)

Thompson (MS-2)

Hastings (WA-4)

Thornberry (TX-13)

Herseth-Sandlin (SD)

Tiberi (OH-12)

Holden (PA-17)

Turner (OH-3)

Inglis (SC-4)

Upton (MI-6)

Issa (CA-49)

Walden (OR-2)

Jenkins (KS-2)

Young, Dawn (AK)

Johnson (IL-15)

Young, Bill (FL-10)

Jones (NC-3)


King, Steve (IA-5)


King, Pete (NY-3)


Latham (IA-4)


LaTourette (OH-14)


Lewis (CA-41)


Mail Your Postcards!

If you have completed the 10-and-2 Campaign and are holding the postcards to your Senators and Representative, the time has come to mail those cards in now! (If you haven't finished yet, mail the cards as you get them signed.)

Tracking Our House and Senate Sponsors

The Parental Rights Amendment (H.J.Res. 42) today has 73 sponsors in the House and 2 in the Senate.  Look for your Congressman on our Sponsors List.

Last Week's Results

Last week we challenged you to take action on your social network, whether live or online. As a result, we have 920 new friends on our Facebook profile (total=964); 252 new fans on our fan page (total=440); 3634 new members of the Parental Rights Group (total=6728); and 1567 new members of our Cause (now at 3217).

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NRSC formally backs Specter in 2010

Senator John Cornyn, you are not living up to the new principled GOP that we need.  This action has further divided our party.  Senator Specter is not worthy of our support.  We need to find a replacement that will support the principles of the Constitution.  By this very recommendation, you have made it clear as to the continued character of the GOP leadership.  NO MORE!!!
We need main street conservatives who will draw from the democrats in blue states and turn them red.  We also need those blue collar leadership types in the red states or they will turn third party.

NRSC formally backs Specter in 2010

Letter sent by Senator Cornyn

March 26, 2009

Dear Friend,

I write today to you and other Pennsylvania GOP leaders on behalf of my friend and colleague, Arlen Specter. His re-election in 2010 is vital if we are to regain our majority in the Senate.

As I survey the political landscape of the upcoming 2010 elections, it's clear we need more candidates that fit their states. While I doubt Arlen could win an election in my home state of Texas, I am certain that I could not get elected in Pennsylvania. I believe that Senator Specter is our best bet to keep this Senate seat in the GOP column. A vote for Arlen Specter is a vote for denying Harry Reid and the Democrats a filibuster-proof Senate.

The political math for Republicans in 2010 is tough. We must defend 19 of our Senate seats — six of which are in states (such as Pennsylvania) won by President Obama. The Democrats have to defend just 17 of their 59 seats, only two of which are in states Senator McCain won. With just 41 Members in the Senate Republican Conference, it's vital that we focus our limited resources on growing the party and beating Democrats.

The fact that Pennsylvania has become a reliable "blue state" for the Democrats isn't the only reason they're targeting Arlen. For example, they didn't like it when he:

  • Declared recently he would vote against cloture and oppose the Employee Free Choice Act, also known as 'card check'
  • Voted against the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" (which would enable government censors to prevent local radio stations from carrying conservative talk radio)
  • Cast the deciding vote to defeat a bipartisan tax hike in December 2007
  • Led the GOP's effort to repeal the Democrats' increase of the Alternative Minimum Tax rates
  • Voted for the Reagan and Bush tax cuts
  • Sponsored the Flat Tax, the Balanced Budget Amendment and Line-Item Veto
  • Sponsored the Flag Protection Amendment
  • Voted to keep "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Voted for the Partial Birth Abortion Ban and Defense of Marriage Act
  • Sponsored the Religious Freedom Restoration Act
  • Stood up for Israel's right to protect her citizens against terrorist attacks
  • Protected the individual right to bear arms enshrined in the 2nd Amendment
  • Sponsored the bill to deport convicted felons who are illegal aliens

Arlen and I do not agree on every issue, but as Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), I rely on Senator Specter for advice and counsel on key issues. As a fellow member of the Judiciary Committee, I've seen Arlen's strong leadership first-hand. His work shepherding through the confirmations of Chief Justice Roberts and Associate Justice Alito was unparalleled.

My job as head of the NRSC is to guide the GOP back to a majority in the Senate. I can't do that without Arlen Specter. With him as our nominee, I can target our campaign resources toward beating Democrats and growing the Senate Republican Conference. Please join me in that effort.

Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Senator John Cornyn

Can-Do Conservatives are TEA'd off, Demand the FairTax!

Can-Do Conservatives are TEA'd off, Demand the FairTax!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, 
April 15th (Tax Day) hundreds of thousands of Americans will be taking the streets in what could be the largest single-day peaceful protest in many years. From the big cities of New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Los Angeles to the post offices in our smallest towns - the ire of the "Silent Majority" has been awakened! We have watched as our National Debt has grown by leaps and bounds with bailouts and unnecessary pork barrel spending in bills that have come one right after another. And how are we going to pay for all this? Naturally our leadership (or lack thereof) in DC wants to raise taxes. Well, we have one message for you. We are TEA'd off (Taxed Enough Already)

One may wonder why the disabled also consider themselves to be taxed when most of us don't file. We are taxed every time we go to the store. When we buy a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk, we are not only paying for those items.  There is an embedded tax in the price of everything we buy which represents the tax burden carried by everyone who produced that item. Times are tough for everyone and especially for the disabled.  If taxes are increased, it is just going to get tougher for all of us at the bottom.  this is due to the fact that prices for the basic necessities are just going to increase to cover the increased tax burden at the production level.   Is the Democratic leadership listening or are they just interested in promoting "Class warfare" to advance their "Socialistic" goals?

Our economy is in shambles! In many areas unemployment is climbing at an alarming rate. The answer to this grave problem is not deficit spending and it is not raising taxes either. Doing either of those things (or both) would fast-track us on the road to ruin. The time is come for a true economic stimulus! It's time to shutter the doors of the Internal Revenue Service for good and end the moronic tax on productivity that has handcuffed our economic growth for the past 90 years. The solution to our woes can be found in the FairTax. 

The FairTax replaces our current tax on productivity with a fair, flat, finite, and family friendly consumption tax. The plan was developed by our best economic minds to be revenue neutral. While a 23% sales tax would be added to every new item we buy, the difference will be nullified because the embedded tax in everything we currently buy is about the same. In addition, under the FairTax everybody gets their entire paycheck. Nothing will be withheld any longer! The poor, and disadvantaged will be untaxed since every legal American will receive a prebate for the basic necessities (up to the poverty level). Better yet, April 15th will become just another beautiful spring day! How great would that be? 

Under the
FairTax, the United States would become the world's tax haven. All the money and jobs that have left this country because of our tax on productivity will come back and then some. More Americans will be able to seize the American dream. The quality of life for the disabled and everyone will increase. It's time that we follow the leadership of Neal Boortz, Chuck Norris, Joe the Plumber, John Linder, and Governor Mike Huckabee and get the FairTax enacted It's a no-brainer!   That is why we hope that you will join us at the many Tea Parties and FairTax Rallies around this nation on April 15th and show your support for the plan that will best save our nation from economic ruin, the FairTax!

Supporters can find their local Tea Party at http://taxdayteaparty.com/ and at http://www.teapartyday.com.  For info on the FairTax Rally in Columbia, SC (with Governor Mike Huckabee and Iowa US Rep Steve King): http://www.fairtax.org/site/Calendar/233754393?view=Detail&id=107141

MISSION STATEMENT: The Can-Do Conservatives of America is a new political organization founded by Brian Donegan, a legally blind citizen of Lawrenceville, GA. The goal of the Can-Do Conservatives is to make sure the voices of the disabled are heard. They are advocates for freedom and economic liberty, The FairTax, a veterans bill of rights, affordable preventative health care, and the sanctity and value of human life from conception until death. Please visit our website http://candoconservatives.com/

President Obama Surrenders To Islam & Socialism

Now That The Dust Has Settled..

President Obama Surrenders To Islam & Socialism

Now that the dust has settled and President Barack Hussein Obama has
returned from his eight-day trip to Europe and Turkey, what really
happened? The answer, to be blunt, is nothing but damage to America's
economic interests and monetary policies.

In his speeches and actions in London, Paris, and Ankara, Turkey,
President Obama:
. apologized for America's past sins and U.S. arrogance;
. bowed to a Muslim King and the White House staff lied to cover it
. outsourced our capitalistic system to a bunch of socialist bankers
in Brussels;
. cleverly avoided discussing Turkey's murdering of 1.5 million
Armenians from 1915-1918;
. refused to visit Normandy to pay tribute to our fallen World War II
soldiers for fear of offending the Germans.

That's his trip in a nut shell. Americans were outraged for our nation
--- they watched Obama bow before a Muslim King and describe America as
"arrogant." The President is clearly the new Jimmy Carter.

President Obama's "Surrender to Islam And Socialism Tour" is over, but
the damage he has done will last decades.

The articles in this email provide more details on this shameful trip

Obama Agrees To Outsource Capitalism To European Socialists

April 13, 2009 -  Most Americans are probably unaware that President
Barack Hussein Obama has shockingly agreed to place America's free
enterprise system under the control of a world financial government to
be ruled from Brussels, Belgium.

Obama quietly agreed to this system while attending the G-20 Summit in
England earlier this month. During the recent meetings of the G-20, the
nations issued a proposal for a "Financial Stability Board" and an
International Economic Union that would control all financial
institutions around the globe. This includes the U.S.

TAKE ACTION: Contact your U.S. Representative and two U.S. Senators and
ask them to explain what they will do to resist Obama's effort to turn
our economic system over to socialists in Brussels.

Surrender To Islam & Socialism Tour

Obama Trashes America In France & Gives Kumbaya Islam Speech In Turkey

April 13, 2009 - While on his "Surrender to Islam & Socialism Tour"
recently, President Barack Hussein Obama gave a speech in Strasbourg,
France that condemned America for its arrogance and "dismissive"
attitude toward Europe.

During his speech in Strasbourg, Obama said that he would end the U.S.
"arrogance and derision" of "Europe's leading role in the world." And,
during the same speech, he indirectly referred to President Bush's
policies by saying that America has now "emerged from an era marked by

He also claimed that he was upholding American values by closing down
Guantanamo where hundreds of Islamic prisoners are held. His reason for
doing so? Because America "does not and will not torture."

Obama Administration Seeks World Currency

April 13, 2009 -  Tax cheat Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner has
indicated support for a world currency to be managed by an
international group. This is after he testified before the House
Financial Services Committee and said he would renounce any attempts to
have America move away from the dollar.

After giving Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) assurances he would not
support a global currency to replace the dollar, Geithner spoke before
the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York and responded to a
question about whether the dollar could be replaced by a global
currency. His answer:
.we're actually quite open to that suggestion" and added that this
would be "evolutionary" and "building on the current architecture" of
the world's currency.

Tax cheat Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner has
indicated support for a world currency to be managed by an
international group. This is after he testified before the House
Financial Services Committee and said he would renounce any attempts to
have America move away from the dollar.

Tea Parties are American and all political parties best be waking up

Three cheers for DontGo founder Eric Odom's handling of the latest high profile effort to politicize the Tea Party movement.   Here is the full press release from DontGo:

Is the Tea Party tied to the GOP? Of course not.

In fact, that couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is, the RNC has been about as effective as a lead balloon in actually engaging the free-market minded grassroots with regards to political action. The RNC, as well as all but two Republican members of Congress, have been eerily silent over the past few weeks.

RNC Chairman Steele's office did reach out to me on Tuesday (although rumor has it that he is now denying such a conversation took place) morning and the person I spoke with asked if we would be interested in having him speak at the Chicago Tea Party. This request was, of course, at the last minute and only after national media eyes became involved.

But that was the first time the RNC had really injected itself at the national level into any part of the Tea Party Movement.

Why do we use "Silent Majority" as our national brand?

Because the vast majority of those involved in the Tea Party effort are people who have sat at home yelling at their TV's for the past few years. This is a group of folks who have gone on with their lives in attempt at the American dream, only to be shell shocked by a sudden and bold surge towards full scale socialism… and we've had enough!

Most of those involved in the Tea Party Movement do not wish to see something with RNC or DNC involvement. We do not want the failed two party structure injecting itself into this movement for political gain.

That's not to say that there aren't Republicans or Democrats involved, because we have people identify themselves as both involved all across the country.

But there is certainly no evidence whatsoever that the Tea Party Movement is some kind of orchestrated GOP effort disguising itself as non-partisan. In fact, the evidence suggests quite the opposite.

Take Chicago, for example. A hand full of local young Republicans have been trolling and following me all over the web in an attempt to attack me at every opportunity. They hunt me down on Twitter and Facebook, lashing out at me because I refused to promote their REPUBLICAN sponsored event happening later in the day on April 15th.

Indeed, the FUNDED organizations and media outlets of the left are swinging at this movement from all angles, attempting to paint this as a GOP backed effort. But the reality is that thousands of free-market minded Americans don't see it that way.

The DontGo Movement was attacked last year by these same groups who claimed that we were taking oil money (still waiting on those magical checks, BTW), and now they claim we're under the spell of the Republican Party.

What part of "we're just Americans and we're mad as hell" do they not understand?

As a Tax Day Tea Party organizer myself, it is so frustrating to be fighting the accusation of partisanship on multiple fronts.  Of course, the Left assumes that this is an orchestrated attempt to smear their administration. That assumption was a foregone conclusion.  What's so funny about that is their claim that the Right Wing Machine has "astroturfed" this campaign.  That we're not grassroots.  That this is a top down effort.  (snort)  Tell me who might the be mastermind of such a campaign?  The internet savvy and grassroots connected RNC?  Perhaps it's Newt Gingrich and American Solutions, because, you know, they were such a force to contend with in the last election.  Maybe this is all being orchestrated by Rush Limbaugh.  You know, he's a Twittering, social networking machine.  Please, people.  The GOP, in any of its incarnations, is not savvy or effective enough to pull off something  of this scale.

In fact, the ineffective partisan organizations on the Right are feeling the momentum of our movement and running to jump on to the bandwagon.  From local politicians craving photo ops and platforms for speeches at Tea Parties, all the way to the RNC Chair, the partisan hacks on the Right are serving to undermine our commitment to non-partisanship.  Thus far, I have had more problems with die-hards in my own party trying to co-opt the Tea Party for the GOP, than with agitators from the other side.

I am so proud of Eric Odom for putting the RNC in its place.  Chairman Steele and the RNC just don't get it - on so many levels....