April 14, 2009

Obama faces tea party protests

Financial Times

Obama faces tea party protests

By Andrew Ward in Washington

Published: April 14 2009 18:55 | Last updated: April 14 2009 18:55

Critics of Barack Obama plan to hold hundreds of anti-tax "tea parties" on Wednesday protest at the US president's policies, even as polls show solid support for his handling of the economy.

Multiple events are planned in all 50 states, inspired by the 1773 Boston Tea Party rebellion against British colonial taxes, which helped spark the American revolution....

...A recent New York Times poll found that only 31 per cent of people had a favourable opinion of the Republican party – its lowest rating in the 25 years the question has been asked.

A CNN/Opinion Research survey on Tuesday showed nearly six in 10 Americans felt Mr Obama had a clear plan for solving US economic problems, while less than a quarter felt the same about the Republican party.

Despite such polls, many leading Republicans have voiced support for the grassroots conservative revolt against Mr Obama.

Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor and 2008 presidential hopeful, wrote in an e-mail to supporters last week that "the very fibre of the country we all love is threatened" by Mr Obama's economic and social policies.

"It seems that the attacks are coming from all sides, fast and furious," he said. "Government is moving radically to take control of our lives, from cradle to grave."

Tom McMahon, head of Americans United for Change, a liberal activist group, said such attitudes played into the Democratic party's hands.


my comment:

The low polling of the GOP is much to do with the Republican Conservatives having seen the reality of the GOP leadership during the past year.  It has revealed how much of a big government crowd they are and the people are not happy with it and refuse to support it any more.  Even Newt Gingrich is trying hard to show himself to not be of that crowd, though most remember him and his stands in the past.  It is like spitting in the wind, but redemption comes from proper actions.

The American people are waking up , thus the tea parties.  From both sides of the isle, democrats and conservatives, they are joining in force to say to Washington to stop violating the Constitution NOW!!!

Gov. Perry of Texas has come out in total support of affirming the tenth Amendment to the Constitution which states that the Federal Government's power is very much limited to the powers enumerated in the Constitution and that States are sovereign Nations under this Republic of Nations.

As Gov. Huckabee has stated, "...attacks (on the Constitution) are coming from all sides, fast and furious.  (Federal) Government is moving to radically take control...". 

 After the Tea Parties on 4/15/09, the momentum will continue to grow.  The democrats are saying what they hope, that the American people are by majority for them, but the further the Obama regime takes us down the road of this despotism, the higher pitch the buzz will get from We the People.  When his policy, that has decreed that those Americans who support the Constitution are a considered a Homeland security threat, becomes known and how his new Army of 200,000 civilians are being added to coincide with the ACORN establishment he has already gleaned by being one of their educators, people will wake up to the threat of jack boots coming down the streets and that is totally unacceptable.  Germany did this by indoctrinating though a youth Corps.  Not again, not here.  That Tom McMahon, is the attitude you are facing. 

The best resolve is for the States to each individually cause the Federal Government to cease and desist, by putting all but military defense into escrow and that no other tax will leave their individual State.  That is the peace that the Constitution has designed and it is our Hope for the future in liberty and Freedom fought for over and over and over. 

Let not the blood of our forbearers be for naught and your future fruit find a land full of decay.

R. George Dunn

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