April 14, 2009

Parental Rights Amendment

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Subject: Parental Rights Amendment

Dear friends,


Rep. Pete Hoesktra is a person to be watching for the next Michigan governorship (as well as Mike Cox), but I love the idea that parents shall have the liberty to direct the upbringing of their children.  Why do we need a Federal Constitutional Amendment for this???  Isn't this common sense?   We know this is where our government is headed in that we are losing our freedoms one at a time.   Please contact Mike Rogers (MI-8) if you live in his district.  If you don't, perhaps you can contact your Rep. through the link below.  I like the fact that every Rep. listed at the bottom of this page also was in support of the Federal Marriage Amendment a few years ago and the Lord knows pro-family leaders are what we need.  Please send them a brief, encouraging note asking them to support this amendment.  http://www.govtrack.us/congress/findyourreps.xpd?state=MI


Here are the exact words of Section 1 of this amendment:

"The liberty of the parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children is a fundamental right." 





PS.  If you're on Facebook, join this group so you can be kept up to date.  I would also keep a close eye on Pete Hoekstra and keep him covered with prayer.


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It's Time to Get 100 Cosponsors!


Thanks to the leadership of Rep. Pete Hoekstra and the diligent efforts of grassroots Americans to urge their congressional representatives to become co-sponsors of the Parental Rights Amendment, HJR 42, we now have 73 cosponsors.


The PRA will need 290 votes to pass the House of Representatives, so it is obvious that we still have a long way to go.


However, it is important that we continue to make strides. Politics is often a matter of momentum, and our best opportunity is found in continuing to add members of the House to the co-sponsor list.


Our next goal is to get 100 co-sponsors. Rather than aiming at everyone right now, we have selected a target list of 106 members of Congress whose voting record suggests that their philosophy should line up with the Parental Rights Amendment.


The following members of Congress voted in 2006 for the Federal Marriage Amendment, but have not yet become cosponsors  of the Parental Rights Amendment. Even though these two amendments are legally distinct, this vote from 2006 does illustrate a willingness to vote for a constitutional amendment for a traditional, pro-family purpose. Accordingly, we view these members as key potential supporters and allies.


If your congressional representative is listed below, we would urge you to call or email their office today. Here are some ideas you could use in your message:

  • You appreciate the fact that he/she has voted for pro-family legislation in the past.
  • It is essential that we stop international law and preserve the idea that only American law should be used to make our public policy on families and children.
  • Government should not be allowed to intervene in family decisions until there has been proof of harm such as abuse or neglect.

The core ideas of HJR 42 are:

  • American families get to guide their children's upbringing unless there is proof of harm.
  • State law and not international law should be the basis for our public policy on families and children.

If your Congressman is not on the list, or if you have already called your member of Congress and they have not responded, now is the time for you to network with your friends.

The 10-and-2 campaign asks you to find:

  • 10 friends who agree to become citizen co-sponsors by signing the petition.
  • 2 of these friends who will agree to find 10 others.

Remember, the chief job of citizen co-sponsors is simply to call their members of Congress and the Senate. Networking works. Please help us find others who will join in this battle to preserve the right of good parents to raise their children in freedom. 

Target Representatives

Aderholt (AL-4)

Linder (GA-7)

Bachus (AL-6)

LoBiondo (NJ-2)

Barrow (GA-12)

Lungren (CA-3)

Barton (TX-6)

Mack (FL-14)

Berry (AR-1)

Marshall (GA-8)

Bilbray (CA-50)

Matheson (UT-2)

Bilirakis (FL-9)

McHugh (NY-23)

Bishop (GA-2)

McMorris-Rodgers (WA-5)

Bonner (AL-1)

Melancon (LA-3)

Boren (OK-2)

Mica (FL-7)

Boucher (VA-9)

Miller, Jeff (FL-1)

Boustany (LA-7)

Miller, Candice (MI-10)

Boyd (FL-2)

Miller, Gary (CA-42)

Brady (TX-8)

Murphy (CT-5)

Brown-Waite (FL-5)

Myrick (NC-9)

Burgess (TX-26)

Nunes (CA-21)

Buyer (IN-4)

Nye (VA-2)

Calvert (CA-44)

Ortiz (TX-27)

Capito (WV-2)

Peterson (MN-7)

Chandler (KY-6)

Petri (WI-6)

Coble (NC-6)

Poe (TX-2)

Cooper (TN-5)

Putnam (FL-12)

Costello (IL-12)

Rahall (WV-3)

Crenshaw (FL-4)

Rehberg (MT)

Cuellar (TX-28)

Reichert (WA-8)

Culberson (TX-7)

Rogers, Mike (AL-3)

Davis, Artur (AL-7)

Rogers, Harold (KY-5)

Davis, Lincoln (TN-4)

Rogers, Mike (MI-8)

Dent (PA-15)

Rohrabacher (CA-46)

Duncan (TN-2)

Ross (AR-4)

Edwards (TX-17)

Royce (CA-40)

Ehlers (MI-3)

Scott (GA-13)

Emerson (MO-8)

Sensenbrenner (WI-5)

Etheridge (NC-2)

Schuster (PA-9)

Flake (AZ-6)

Simpson (ID-2)

Forbes (VA-4)

Skelton (MO-4)

Foxx (NC-5)

Smith, Chris (NJ-4)

Gallegly (CA-24)

Smith, Lamar (TX-21)

Garrett (NJ-5)

Spratt (SC-5)

Goodlatte (VA-6)

Stearns (FL-6)

Granger (TX-12)

Tanner (TN-8)

Graves (MO-6)

Taylor (MS-4)

Hall (NY-19)

Thompson (MS-2)

Hastings (WA-4)

Thornberry (TX-13)

Herseth-Sandlin (SD)

Tiberi (OH-12)

Holden (PA-17)

Turner (OH-3)

Inglis (SC-4)

Upton (MI-6)

Issa (CA-49)

Walden (OR-2)

Jenkins (KS-2)

Young, Dawn (AK)

Johnson (IL-15)

Young, Bill (FL-10)

Jones (NC-3)


King, Steve (IA-5)


King, Pete (NY-3)


Latham (IA-4)


LaTourette (OH-14)


Lewis (CA-41)


Mail Your Postcards!

If you have completed the 10-and-2 Campaign and are holding the postcards to your Senators and Representative, the time has come to mail those cards in now! (If you haven't finished yet, mail the cards as you get them signed.)

Tracking Our House and Senate Sponsors

The Parental Rights Amendment (H.J.Res. 42) today has 73 sponsors in the House and 2 in the Senate.  Look for your Congressman on our Sponsors List.

Last Week's Results

Last week we challenged you to take action on your social network, whether live or online. As a result, we have 920 new friends on our Facebook profile (total=964); 252 new fans on our fan page (total=440); 3634 new members of the Parental Rights Group (total=6728); and 1567 new members of our Cause (now at 3217).

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