November 07, 2009

What's healthcare alternative? HSA = FREEDOM

What's healthcare alternative? HSA plan that will cure Social Security & Medicare;will create capitalizm in Med.Market= FREEDOM
R. George
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Subject: This is it... KILL THE BILL!

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Pelosi is DESTROYING this country!!!

If you haven't yet heard, Nancy Pelosi is attempting to cram a healthcare bill through today for a vote. The vote is scheduled for 6:00 PM and it MUST be stopped!

Don't let these thugs do this to us on a weekend. Pick up your phone and make some calls!

Marion Berry, AR (202) 225-4076

Ross, AR (202) 225-3772

Snyder, AR (202) 225-2506

Salazar, CO (202) 225-4761

Boyd, FL (202) 225-5235

Kosmas, FL (202) 225-2706

Costello, IL (202) 225-5661

Halvorson, IL (202) 225-3635

Foster, IL (202) 225-2976

Ellsworth, IN (202) 225-4636

Hill, IN (202) 225-5315

Moore, KS (202) 225-2865

Chandler, KY (202) 225-4706

Kratovil, MD (202) 225-5311

Markey, MA (202) 225-2836

Peters, MI (202) 225-5802

Schauer, MI (202) 225-6276

Stupak, MI (202) 225-4735

Skelton, MO (202) 225-2876

Titus, NV (202) 225-3252

Teague, NM (202) 225-2365

McMahon, NY (202) 225-3371

Murphy, NY (202) 225-5614

Kissell, NC (202) 225-3715

McIntyer, NC (202) 225-2731

Pomeroy, ND (202) 225-2611

Dahlkemper, PA (202) 225-5406

Kanjorski, PA (202) 225-6511

Herseth-Sandlin, SD (202) 225-2801

Gordon, TN (202) 225-4231

Boucher, VA (202) 225-3861

Baird, WA (202) 225-3536

For Liberty,
Eric Odom

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What's healthcare alternative? HSA plan that will cure Social Security & Medicare;will create capitalizm in Med.Market; FREEDOM

MI FairTax Director Buchholtz~We must center on the failing income tax system

 FairTax Friday

Embedded income tax costs eliminated with FairTax

November 6, 2009

Roger Buchholtz, MI FairTax Director, recently wrote to us asking that we focus on another huge problem created by the income tax system - embedded and hidden income tax costs. He's right; it's the part of the income tax iceberg that lives dangerously hidden beneath the surface of our economy and our tax structure. Every consumer pays them hidden inside retail prices, wages and benefits are often depressed because of them and American companies are at a severe price disadvantage with foreign competitors because of them. The FairTax eliminates these hidden tax costs and - among other advantages - allows retail prices to drop in their absence.

American consumers typically don't understand that federal tax costs are added into the price of domestically produced goods and services because these costs are hidden from plain view by "embedding" the costs into retail prices. But as any American business owner knows, income taxes, FICA payroll taxes, and the cost of obeying tax laws is a big part of business operating and production costs. Every employer pays half of each employee's Social Security and Medicare taxes (FICA), the second highest corporate tax rate in the world and the significant cost of filing tax paperwork and maintaining records. These costs are added all along the production, distribution and retail sales line right up to the consumer.

To some, this just represents business "paying its fair share" and political figures often direct voter scorn toward the business sector claiming that businesses are not carrying enough of the tax burden. But only people pay taxes, not businesses, and such rhetoric disguises the truth of this hidden tax cost. Business taxes are, in reality, always passed along to consumers and/or workers. Business tax costs are commonly paid for by charging consumers more for the product or service, or by depressing employee wages and benefits. Typically, it is a combination of the two strategies that is used to pay required business tax costs.

Harvard economist Dale Jorgenson added up the entire FICA payroll tax cost (the employee and employer share), as well as business income taxes paid and compliance costs, and found that the production costs of domestic goods and services could decrease by approximately 22 percent on average after embedded tax costs are removed. Arduin, Laffer, and Moore, another respected group of economists, estimated production costs could decrease by a minimum of 11.55% if businesses provided employees with gross pay (including income tax withholding and only the employee share of payroll taxes) after enactment of the FairTax.

The other self-defeating consequence of these embedded tax costs is the effect on the "Made in America" label and job creation here in the United States. Foreign producers don't suffer these costs when selling products or services here. Foreign governments typically forgive such taxes on overseas sales. It leaves American producers with a huge cost disadvantage on both domestic sales the sale of products and services overseas. By eliminating these costs, retail prices will fall under competitive pressures, taxpayers will see the tax cost of our federal government, and American companies will be freed of as much as a 22% producer cost disadvantage that typically translates into higher prices and lower wages and benefits for American workers. By eliminating these costs, more American jobs will be created with more favorable tax treatment for USA-based companies.

The FairTax eliminates embedded tax costs by shifting all such taxes into the open. It means a more honest relationship between the citizen and government and it means that American businesses will no longer have the American tax system working against job creation and competitiveness with foreign producers. Many believe that elimination of these costs will also lead to a resurgence of the American manufacturing base, which has been steadily declining over the most recent decades. It is one more income-tax-produced problem solved by the FairTax, and one more way to make the economy boom once again.


Have you noticed how living expenses have seemed to crowd out disposable income?  Many homesteads no longer have enough income to meet their cashflow needs and these people still have jobs, not to mention how those unemployed will not be finding a job soon enough.  We need an change now and by putting into the cashflow the gross pay of every employee, this will counter the hyper-inflation we are experiencing and will make American domestic products more cost effective in competing with imports, thus creating jobs for all and most assuredly bring about inflation based on worker wages as the demand for employees will cause pay increases to obtain or keep workers.

R. George Dunn

LA Times Opinion-The GOP should dump the neocons (RINOs)

LA Times Opinion-The GOP should dump the neocons

November 7, 2009 · Leave a Comment

Limited-government conservatives have been undermined by big-government neoconservatives.

The founders envisioned a federal government constitutionally limited to defending our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For that to happen, we must have at least one political party that strongly advocates limiting the power of government. For much of the 19th century, that party was the Democrats. For the early part of the 20th century and from the early 1960s through 1988, that party was the Republicans.

Today, it is difficult to find noninterventionists in either party...

...the GOP, it has outwardly abandoned the limited-government principles of Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan. Little other evidence is needed than the Medicare prescription drug benefit — with its $13-trillion unfunded liability — passed with a strong-arm campaign by the Bush White House and a Republican congressional majority.

What happened to the Republicans? Well, the two Bush presidencies didn't help. Neither did the supply-side movement, focused on tax cuts and economic growth. Supporters of those ideas didn't talk about spending cuts, much less the proper role of government. They had the effect of replacing "liberty" as the motivating force behind the GOP with "growth," a somewhat less-inspiring ideal....


It is important to realize that neocons are not just nation-building, America-first advocates. They like big government across the board. No Child Left Behind, the thinly disguised effort to nationalize education in America, was principally a neocon initiative. Consider this comment from the late Irving Kristol, self-described "godfather" of the neoconservative movement: "Neocons do not feel that kind of alarm or anxiety about the growth of the state in the past century, seeing it as natural, indeed inevitable."


my comment:

Very, very good article, right on the bleeding artery of this Nation. Thank you. Now let us map out a path for the USA to return our Federal Government to Constitutional Law.

Social programs need to be privatized, sent back to the States for their acceptance or demise. Should a National program be wanted, let it form under the wing of the Board of Governors as a voluntary act by each State.

We can roll social security out slowly, by advocating for HSA/IRA program for each State to administer for it's citizens. This will move social security out and will help Americans both obtain an affordable Health Care and create competition in the Medical Field, as well as provide individual control of retirement eliminating SSI.